Proposal to house illegal immigrants in Michigan town sparks protests

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VASSAR, Mich. — As the immigration crisis at the U.S. Mexican border continues to play out nationally, the spotlight is also shining brightly on the small town of Vassar, located in the thumb area of the state near Saginaw.

Currently the federal government is in talks with Wolverine Human Services, a facility in the town which houses juveniles, to finalize a contract which would allow the facility to temporarily house illegal immigrant children fleeing to the U.S. from Central America. The non-profit group could potentially house up to 120 teenage boys as the government works to figure out where to put the hundreds of thousands of illegal refugees crossing the borders each day.

Monday’s protests were organized by a group known as “MICE” — Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement. Dozens gathered Monday afternoon outside Vassar City Hall, peacefully holding signs before marching about a half mile down the road to protest in front of the Wolverine facility.

“I’m going to fight, whatever it takes,” said Bernard Raymond. “It doesn’t matter if this is the little town of Vassar, it’s coming your way,. It’s going to hit everybody.”

Many in the group expressed their concerns about safety and their fears that refugees might bring violence or encourage gang activity in their town.

“With everything we know about the gang violence and drug connections, why would we want to import that to our country?  said one protester who didn’t want to share her name. “Why don’t we have a sensible immigration policy and find contributing members of society?”

However, for some like Lashawna Duckworth, who lives in Vassar, the fight to oppose such a proposal doesn’t make much sense. “It’s freedom, all they want is freedom. They’re coming here because they’re running away from something horrible,” she said. “It makes me sad, because they are just being hurtful, and there’s no reason to be hurtful.”

Duckworth argued the majority of the people protesting weren’t actually residents of the small town to begin with.

“They’re not even from Vassar,” she said. “They’re from surrounding areas. I’m heartbroken, we’re supposed to be fair. Everybody’s supposed to have a chance.”

Duckworth said she’s working to personally reach out to officials with Wolverine to offer her support and to try to donate supplies or items. She said wants to make the refugees feel welcome when and if they do eventually make their way to Vassar.

As of Monday, no proposal had been finalized and contract has yet to be signed.

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  • Illegal Immigration

    The border issue is far worse then the main stream media is portraying. Please watch a documentary called "We Come to America" by Dennis Michael Lynch. My area has become so over populated within the last few years that the high school now teaches English as a second language. The school newsletter only comes in Spanish. The American people that live in the area commute our children to schools out of the district so our children can attend an English as a first language school.

    I think there is a big misconception that the majority of illegal immigrants are working in the fields. They are not! Many of them have good jobs, making well above minimum wage. They are buying houses, purchasing on credit and declaring bankruptcy, getting income tax refunds for their illegal children, claiming false dependents, not to mention collecting food and medical welfare benefits.

    I know this because I married one and know what him and his family did!

  • Susan

    In typical liberal news fashion, noticed your article gave most space to the single person who favors this invasion. (Paid spokesman, perhaps–Seiu member?) while the person who chose not to reveal her name made a very compelling argument against this latest assault on Americans. Further, calling them refugees is not accurate -they are not. Refugee status gives them innumerable benefits on the backs of hardworking Americans. Although the protesters peacefully protested and walked a mile or so to draw attention to this invasion, Ms. Duckworth drove up in her car at the end if the rally to talk to the media.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Also I would like to on add that NOBODY SHOULD DONATE OR CONTRIBUTE A PENNIE TO WOLVERINE HUMAN SERVICES until they get their heads out of their ASSES!!!!!!!

  • Daves

    The WHS stands to get money for housing these ILLEGALS, WHS is just another money making group that stands to get serious money to do this. It is all about the money. I will not agree to give the government any more of my taxes to fund this madness.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    I just found out also that Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids is also housing these illegal immigrants, FOX GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND DO SOME NEWS WORK!!!!!!! And get rid of thoes fucking Obama ad’s on your mobile site, makes me want to vomit! !!!

  • anne

    I have no problem with immigrants, these are not. they have skipped any steps to be here legally. we are all shouldering this. if i wanted to live in another country, a would expect that there would be things required of me. this is happening because they heard immigration reform, and thought it meant open borders, and lunch.

  • Yup

    Founding fathers breath…… The word is illegal that’s it we don’t want illegal we have a overly taxed structure already and I don’t care where in the world they are from send them back ..

  • karen

    why did they not STAY IN MEXICO? why come to america? WHY? because infiltrate from the INSIDE. destroy from WITHIN and soon they have another country just like the one they left.

  • NotaConservativebiggot

    They are not Mexican. They are from Central America! They are not illegal aliens. They are children refugees fleeing for their lives! You right wing nut jobs need to turn off Fox News with their warmongering crap and get your heads out of your asses already!

    • clefty1

      It is uninformed people like you that get things wrong! Stop watching MSNBC. These people are not refugees they are border jumpers which is ILLEGAL and what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand? How do these people pay thousands of dollars to get here, they obviously have money somewhere, can it be so bad where they live in fact violence is down in Central America, the one that started this mess is your boy Obama with his BIG MOUTH! The government does not even know who these people are and they have found MS 13 gang members, drug runners and people with diseases, who knows what other criminal element is among the illegals. Of course you do not take into consideration the American taxpayers that are footing the bill for the illegals. Here is an idea how about you open your door to some of these people and you can feed, house and pay for medical and their education because the American taxpayer does not and in case you missed it there is a right way to come to America which is a process and jumping the border is not it. You are a typical LIBTARD that thinks money grows on trees and has no clue about anything!

  • NotaConservativebiggot

    Most people commenting need to take a few classes in geography and maybe another in social ethics……but I realize most of you rightwing neocons HATE the thought of a college education…..”Down with obummer! we need to stop the Liberal agenda!”
    You idiots are the real problem in America!