Tip leads police to marijuana grow operation in Calhoun County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MarijuanaPENNFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Deputies in Calhoun County found more than 150 marijuana plants at a home on Sharon Avenue after they received a tip about a suspected grow operation.

The Pennfield Law Enforcement Team executed a narcotics search warrant at the home around 2 p.m. on July 14. They seized grow lights, electrical equipment, and the marijuana plants.

Once the evidence is processed, police will submit an arrest warrant to the Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    Great more taxpayer money pissed away! When are these losers going to catch an ACTUAL BADGUY? Nobody gives 2 shits about weed anymore! We want the Meth, Heroin, Crack, off the streets! When has anyone that is high on weed caused a problem"other than at the buffet line" most are to busy eating junk food to get off the couch. Go catch some criminals you worthless assholes! The only vicious crime I can recall involving pot I can recall over the last 20 years or so, was that ni@@er going and killing the man in the basement to "steal his weed and money" to go buy crack!

  • Anonymous

    Going after weed growers must be the laziest way to police, more people approve of weed than don’t so just leave them the fuck alone and go bust meth houses, lazy fucking police wasting our tax money
    This is just stupid.
    Do a better job.

  • Robert Frayer

    Thats some pretty Generic looking Weed. Nice to know the police prioratize Weed over Murderers who seem to be escaping arrest in BC. Welcome to Battle Creek, home of the lazyest, most corrupt Cops in the state.

    • Free Michigan Man

      Bill you only say this because your still think of pot smokers and growers as criminals ,like many of the police. Right now they use the gray areas of the law to seize cash and assets to support their departments through civil forfeiture . Half the time they don’t even charge anyone. This incentive has twisted the polices role in michigan communities. This will not end until the legalization taxation model for marihuana is implemented in 2016 by petition or by legislation. Then law enforcement can gain back the respect and trust they have lost with this decades old injustice against personal freedom. Stop the abuse of civil forfeiture against the medical and otherwise personal use marihuana users.

    • Er1c S

      you sir, are an idiot. I have glaucoma, and without cannabis I would have been blind already. I also have a 300K a year business… so I do not advertise that I use it.

      Because then our government would come take my assets – and my freedom.

      Why? To protect me? No. Their alternative pills cause liver, kidney, and other organ damage. So I would be able to see… my organs fail and kill me. Wonderful!

      To protect the public at large? No. alcohol is more dangerous when abused than cannabis, and many of us, like me, do not abuse it.

      Lets be reasonable one moment. It is proven safer, cheaper, and more effective than their alternative. They do this for money – because they can, and convince you it is the “right” thing to do.

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