Details emerge in sexual conduct case against former prosecutor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– A former Kent County assistant prosecutor is scheduled to be in court Wednesday, but not for working on a case.

Mark VanderMolen is accused of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct involving a woman.

During a probable cause hearing Wednesday morning, a detective detailed what the victim reported.

According to the probable cause, the victim is a woman who recently moved to Grand Rapids from Iran. She told police she met VanderMolen at a swing dancing event last week in downtown Grand Rapids.

The probably cause goes on to say that the victim agreed to go to dinner with VanderMolen later in the week, but that she only wanted to be friends.

She told police he persuaded her to go back to his house after dinner to watch a movie, and it was then that VanderMolen is accused of taking the victim’s clothes off and assaulting her. The victim said she was able to push VanderMolen off of her and demanded he take her home.

During a recorded phone conversation Monday, the probable cause states the victim confronted VanderMolen about the incident to which he responded by saying there was no doubt what would have happened next. According to detectives, VanderMolen apologized and explained he had not been with a woman in a while, and it was a reflex.

The former assistant prosecutor stepped down in 2011.

The punishment for fourth degree criminal sexual conduct is up to two years behind bars.


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  • cosmo's moon

    [quote]VanderMolen apologized and explained he had not been with a woman in a while, and it was a reflex.[end quote]

    I’ll bet old witchipoo there has prosecuted other bastards who have had the same “reflexes” and had those scum bags hung out to dry-
    What makes him think he is any better?
    Reflex? (like thats an excuse- Puleeease!)
    Try violence and attempted rape because that is what it is when you force yourself upon someone without consent! Rot you little stringy headed hag faced hypocrite!
    Anyone who does these things deserves prison!

  • Er1c S

    If I ever met this man- I will kick him in the balls and hard as I can and then go “Sorry, I had not done that in a long time – it was reflex”.