Had a tough time cancelling a service? Listen to this call to Comcast

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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NEW YORK – CNN – Comcast never wants a customer to go – but says one of its representatives went too far trying to convince one account-holder to stay.

On Tuesday, the cable company apologized to Ryan Block and his wife, Veronica Belmont, after the couple’s attempts to cancel were stymied by a phone call with a customer service representative that Block called “straight up belligerent.” The incident garnered attention because Block and Belmont posted a partial recording of the conversation on the Internet.

In the eight-minute recording, the unnamed Comcast employee badgered Block with questions such as “Why is it that you’re not wanting to have the No. 1-rated Internet service, No. 1-rated television service available?”

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  • Melinda

    My boyfriend and I experienced similar problems with comcast although they pretty much tricked him into continuing services with them by promising a better package and no cost transfer to our new residence. After which I called and asked why we were being charged for things we didn’t have and after being hassled for 45 min they said they would transfer me to someone who could help and that was this Spanish line, (and I am not Hispanic). We ended with a $600 bill and when I brought my equipment in they claimed to lose it even though I had brought it straight to their store. All in all I really don’t believe that comcast is surprised in any way of their employes behavior seems over the year and a half that we had them they were completely unprofessional and not just their phone reps. All the employees the installers the reps the field agents all of them. The installers actually left pieces of equipment and cable all over our house and yard. The last installer that installed at our new address left a cord that ran from our neighbors yard to our house which was on the other side of the block. Once I figured out that it was actually our cable feed I called and they said they would send someone out but that never happened! Comcast is a company of scam artists and rude employees that don’t have any concern for their customers.

  • Cecilia

    I have had a couple of bad encounters with Comcast. The first was many years ago when I moved from an apartment to a home and upgraded to get free installation. Paid higher bill for 2 years and found out I was not receiving all the channels I was entitled to because the rep had not entered something right. No refund or comp service was offered.

    Next, they were installing new wire in our area and service would be out for hours and sometimes, days. They were supposed to turn it off in morning and then back on by 6. Had to call everyday it was off/out to get credit. Sorry, if I pay for it and cannot use it due to the company’s fault, I should get credit.

    After that, I called for something minor ( question about a channel, I think) and was on hold for over 3 hours. No, I am not joking.

    Next, our line was blown down in a bad wind storm. I called to ask about putting it back up. I was told, several times, not to attempt to put it back up myself, they would send someone. Called back 2 weeks later and was told there was a backlog to have cable buried. I told them my cable line was not buried, it ran from the power pole to my house. The woman rep said I was lying. Since I lived in a subdivision, my cable line had to be buried. Could not convince her that my line was not and have never been buried. Ended up putting it back up ourselves. When the digger crew came out, I explained the situation and they just shook their head, made a few comments about dumba** call center people and left.

    The final straw for me was the SEC Network thing. No one in the call center has any idea what the channel is or if they will have it. They offered to Google it for me! I could have done that myself.

  • Michelle Schnicke

    I have had a lot of problems with Comcast customer service. I am on the phone with them and they send me to four different people and then I end up being disconnected. They have also sent me to the branch, stood in line for an hour and was told they couldn’t help me that I need to call my sales person. TERRIBLE customer service and I have only be a customer since March.

  • ron

    You know a written letter mailed leaves no room for arguements. And once sent can be used as evidence of cancelation request. If they fail to cancel.

  • grace

    This is a common practice with Comcast. Also, adding fees that are fraudulent. If you want to be on the phone for hours and go around and around, call Comast. They have the worst customer service ever. Check your speeds on your internet as well. Guarantee you are not getting what you are promised!!

    • moonstruck-starlight

      Comcast Customer “non service” has been rated worse than the IRS!
      We finally “cut the cord”
      because of their incessant lies! We went through the retention department to lower our bill and we finally came to a figure that would be acceptable , Sent a confirmation email only to have the bill escalate back to the initial amount that was in dispute to begin with… Be careful people, Comcast will go into your comcast emails and delete these on their own so you as a customer has no verification of the lower prices agreed upon!
      This is all it took for us to cut the cord with these shifty shysters!
      We have other options for entertainment and have not missed comcast at all!
      You must expect trouble when you shake hands and do business with evil greedy entities like comcast.
      Happy to be rid of them!