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Slocum’s family on internet activity: “Secret part of Brooke’s life”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SARANAC, Mich. -- The family of Brooke Slocum, 18, said on Monday evening that what they call “evil forces” had recently pulled her away from her family. They also said that her internet activity was a “secret part of her life.”

A small memorial sits in the front yard of Slocum's mother's house near Ionia.

Slocum’s great uncle Rod Knepper said that his family isn’t only mourning the loss of Brooke but also her unborn daughter Audi.

“There is a pile of all the supplies needed to get started with a newborn that now only serves as a painful reminder of what was to be," said Knepper.

Knepper said that Brooke had planned to move home with her mother once Audi was born, but said that  “evil forces” had returned into her life and drove her away from her family.

“As fate would have it, the same evil forces that had pulled her away from our family had once again pulled her away recently and changed her mind from that plan," said Knepper.

Slocum’s family searched the area near Gezon Court after the body of her boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, 25, was found on Wednesday.

Knepper said that Slocum’s curiosity on the internet has gotten her into trouble before, after meeting strangers online.

“Yes, Brooke had made previous mistakes within the world that is online including those that led to her involvement with the other victim in this situation, and yes the family had tried to curtail, inform, protect and advise against the evils that this tragedy had brought forward," said Knepper.

Slocum’s family said that she was a creative, loving person who was naive like many her age.

The family said that they want to warn other parents of the dangers than can come from someone mixing with the wrong crowd over the internet.

“We want to be an advocate for informing how important it is to not allow your children to have unsupervised access to the internet. It is now everywhere as you are well aware including in our schools, etc," said Knepper.

Knepper also went on to speak critical of Michigan law, stating anyone 17 years of age is seen as an adult, making it harder for parents to keep an eye on their children if they choose to leave the home. This hinted that Slocum had left home without her mother's approval, but Knepper wouldn't comment further on the situation.

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  • say-what-u-mean-mean-what-say!

    Craigslist and those like it needs to be closed/shutdown!
    But oh no, The Government goes after things that are safe!
    Go figure.

  • Bryan Hudson

    i am sorry for the slocum families loss but her trolling the internet and prostituting herself is how she met charlie, she pulled him into her world and it got him and her and they’re unborn child killed ,if anything can be learned from this just know what your children are doing on the internet .

  • a spectator


    charlie was a consenting adult aware of his decisions, too. nobody is innocent in this situation but the baby. if you think a pregnant 18 year old dragged a grown man into the middle of nowhere against his will, then you might want to take charlie off of the pedestal you’ve placed him on in your mind. even if the entire ordeal WAS the female’s idea and brought upon by her persuasion, there’s something to be said when a man lets his pregnant girlfriend drag him into a sketchy cragislist hookup instead of trying to talk her out of it for the sake of her and their child. brooke corrupted charlie no more than he corrupted her. a tragedy is a tragedy. i hope you find the strength to deal with it without pointing fingers to lessen the pain of knowing charlie was murdered because he was chasing ass.

    • Countess

      Except for the baby, They are all [including the killer who I hope rots in the bowels of hell] sickening disgusting amoral pigs!
      Anybody who engages in that kind of wretched BS should take a slow ride to hell! What is the deal with the killers parents?
      How do they feel about bringing a gun and sword toting parasitic pumpkin headed baby killing monster into the world like they did?
      Great parenting you losers!

  • Brian Osborne

    I know it really doesn’t matter much now but Brooke really wanted to name her daughter Midori but Charlie wouldn’t let her. She was a good friend and she will be missed. It is crazy that i talk to her a few days before this happen and never seen this coming. :-(

    • Countess

      So, What is the truth? A door mat mother to be, OR a controlling freak loser boyfriend? Do tell.
      Audi…(poor little innocent baby) What, is that for an automobile the loser father would never be able to afford?
      From what tbe media has portrayed, They ALL sound like white trash!