Wyoming triple murder: Suspect’s friend speaks out amid disturbing discoveries

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WYOMING, Mich. -- For Andrew Weener, it's a time of shock and mourning.

He said the man who was his best friend and served as a groomsman in his wedding is the same man Wyoming police named a suspect in the killings of a local couple and their unborn child.

"I'll never be able to put this entirely behind me, but just to know what happened exactly so I can explain it to myself," Weener said.

Like so many across the state, Weener wants answers as to what went wrong.

On July 16, police found Charles Oppenneer beheaded in a wooded area off Gezon Court in Wyoming. By the following day, Oppenneer's girlfriend Brooke Slocum, 18, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was reported missing. That same night, police got into a chase with the suspect, Brady Oestrike, which ended in a crash where police said Oestrike committed suicide.

Brooke's body was found inside Oestrike's trunk. She was strangled.

"It's just hard to process the way things come together and if they planned to go this way," Weener said. "I don't know if other people were involved or if someone was trying to get back into the picture and it got into a big mess. I really don't know."

Police said Slocum and Oppenneer met Oestrike on Craigslist. They tell FOX 17 the trio arranged to meet for sex, which Oestrike would pay the couple for on the night of July 12.

After searching Oestrike's home on Taft Avenue, investigators said they found more than 400 pieces of evidence, which included firearms, ammunition and knives.

"I heard all the details at first and I'm like this doesn't fit, there's something missing here," Weener said.

While Weener told FOX 17 that Oestrike had some firearms and collected swords, he said it was all part of a hobby. ,Oestrike enjoyed renaissance festivals and was never violent, he said

"There were a couple times, like ya know, I came on hard times, and I could always talk to him," Weener said.

It's an ending for Oestrike that Weener said he can't make sense of after meeting him at church more than a decade ago.

"He always wanted to meet a good woman, settle down and have a family," Weener said. "I lost my best friend, and I know they [Oppenneer and Slocum] had friends, and that's got to be hard, too. Whatever the situation was, a lot of people died and it's just never--it's not good any way you look at it. It's gonna be sad for everyone involved."

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  • Debbie Swiderski

    WYOMING, Mich. – A friend of the man accused of killing three people after meeting them via Craigslist is speaking out. IT WAS A DOUBLE HOMICIDE AND A SUICIDE. Oestrike committed suicide.

    • Lilly rose

      The three people include the unborn child ~ that child was a person too even though she hadn’t given birth yet.

        • Lilly rose

          That is your opinion but in the eyes of the law it counts as a human life ~ so take it up with them if you have a problem with that. Although I am curious, at just a few weeks away from her due date when, in your opinion, does it become a baby? Not until the second it comes out and some magic switch is flipped making it a human? Hate to break it to ya but at that point, that baby is a living breathing human with a beating heart and functioning organs, etc

    • Bubb

      You are absolutely right. Homicide is way different than suicide. Lilly Rose should get the facts straight before taking her opinion to social media.

      • Lilly rose

        Excuse me? I believe what I said was in agreement ~ the three people count the two victims and the unborn child. What facts do I need to get straight? It was a homicide of 3 and a suicide of 1.

  • say-what-u-mean-mean-what-say!

    Sorry, But the one thing that comes to mind is: You are judged by the company you keep.
    This POS was abusive according to past relationships-He collected guns and swords- What a prince! (being facetious-)
    Never mind the adults, HE KILLED AN INNOCENT BABY!
    “if” the parents of this baby advertised for disgusting deviant behavior such as that reported in the media-
    That is one thing, But good heavens, Let the baby live!
    I don’t care what his little friend says: This killer is a monster, Don’t try the “redeemable, I did know””garbage.
    Sounds like they were all POS’s except that poor baby!

  • A hem... cough cough

    Why am I thinking If he didn’t see any of this coming after knowing what was in the guys house….hmmm? He should run for state senate. He would be really good at that job.

  • Lou

    What kind of disgusting ppl meet strangers on CL when a baby is due to be born to have sex? Dont tell me that SHE was in a bad relationship. More women choose to stay with badboys than be alone. Watch any talk show and see how dysfunctional women choose to be. Its the kids that suffer the most since pregnancy out of wedlock is so accepted today. Its everyones business because you are eventually supporting these bimbos that cant take a birth control pill daily. Stupid me, I guess raising kids for 18+ years is cheaper than a pack of BC pills.

  • Uncle tom

    Oppenneer got what was coming to him… Pimping out his PREGNANT 18 year old girlfriend!!! Wtf! Heard he got his g
    Head chopped off and they haven’t found it. Serves him right. What a piece of crap.

  • Bob

    This looks like someone seeking attention and sympathy, more than someone contributing to this case. Perhaps he knows more than what was said and is trying to redirect the investigation?

    • Jane

      She was 18 and therefore I’m fairly certain capable of making her own decisions…one of which would be to say no if she did not want to partake in this type of activity. She is as much to blame as him.

  • bloosheep

    If I was “best friends” with someone who had a corpse in his trunk, I’d shut the hell up, not seek the spotlight.

  • Matt

    Michigan has a fetus homicide law. Mich. Comp. Law 750.322 and 750.323 define killing of an unborn child as manslaughter. Therefore, legally, 3 killings, 1 suicide.

  • Kristal

    Excuse my language but FUCK YOUR PYSCHO ASS FRIEND.
    Suicide was an easy way out for him!
    He’s a COWARD!
    He should’ve got the electric chair for what he did to the couple and their unborn child!
    For you to still be calling him your best friend and defending him… Leads me to believe you must be the next man that will snap and kill since you can defend someone as sick as your “BEST BUDDY!”
    He killed a baby!
    Do you understand that?!
    That’s a man with no care in the world.
    If he could do that to a child… Then he isn’t just a good guy went bad for a night…
    He’s a fucking lunatic that’s always been bad, sick, disturbed, and crazy.
    I wish that fat little piggy was still alive so he could be in our prison system getting tortured by inmates everyday.. But no. He’s a coward and took the easy way out by killing himself like a little BITCH.
    Prayers to the families of the 3 victims!!!
    So sorry for your loss! No one deserves this kind of pain and suffering you all must feel. :(
    Breaks my heart!

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