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Father of “Craigslist Killings” victim: “I forgive Brady Oestrike.”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SARANAC, Mich. — In just over a week’s time, Greg Slocum has lost his 18-year-old daughter Brooke and his unborn granddaughter — and buried both.

Now he says he’s ready to forgive the accused killer, seeking closure in a case that’s gained attention across the country.
“An amazing girl with an amazing smile and amazing spirit,” Slocum says of his daughter.
He says she’d brighten up every room with her kind heart and spirit – and a love for cameras and creativity.
“Out of so much tragedy comes so much hope.”
Greg says he won’t let Brooke and her unborn daughter’s death be in vain.
“She taught me a lot. It’s amazing what you can learn from your children if you just really listen,” he says.
Greg has been sifting through poems and drawings – learning a gut wrenching foreshadowing.
“She wrote down that she was actually going to be murdered,” he says. “She knew.”
But through the horror and hell of Brooke’s brutal murder, he says he’s found peace.
“It’s just a simple message of love and kindness in our hearts – to look out for one another.”
It’s a message from Brooke he wants everyone to learn. It’s a peace he says she’s brought him allowing him to forgive.
“I forgive Brady Oestrike for what he did because it’s not for me to judge. We don’t know the conditions in his life that made him create such a terrible crime,” he said.
Greg says that’s what Brooke would want.
“From that tragic death comes a new beginning – a new chance for a better tomorrow for all our children,” he says.
Slocum will be meeting with the FBI on Saturday. There are still a lot of answers he’s looking to get.
He says they’re planning a memorial benefit in August.

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    • Samantha

      So incredibly sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what your going through. I’m a mother myself and this whole thing makes me sick :(

  • Ella

    A memorial benefit for WHO? Why does this family keep asking for money? It’s pathetic – he’s pathetic. Take a page from Oppeneerr’s family & STFU already.

  • Fax

    This piece of trash let his daughter run homeless on the streets of GR. If anyone in her family truly gave a damn this never would have happened to her. They let her drop out of school and run rampant and now they want the rest of us to send money. They need parenting classes more than anything else.

  • Anne

    his daughter died BC she lacks problem solving skills. Lots of social service agencies to help. Instead, she chose to be stupid. Let’s call it what it is. I feel sorry for the unborn child. The child died bc he/she got a set of losers for parents.

  • Marcia Kossen

    I know that all you need to know is that God asks us to forgive and no matter what he can’t bring her back and he is doing the right thing and I say Amen to him . There is no perfect parents in this world sometimes the child just don’t want to have rules to follow and you think at that time you are doing the right thing. Nobody ever plans fir anything like this to happen to their children so be careful this could happen to you too. So don’t judge him but pray for them in their time of need

  • cosmic-mama

    Forgive? So soon? Just move on like nothing ever happened? Wow!
    Is he trying that “Progressive, I’ve move on” thing?
    Was father and daughter really close or is he just now playing the “concerned doting father”?
    I have children, And the father was a POS, Nowhere to be found when needed but once they were raised- He showed up to destroy mother/child relationships, Now playing the so called loving father-
    I just wonder if this is the case here? No investment in personal contact/relationship- But now available to play the so called grieving father that is willing to forgive so easily because of the above mentioned?
    Not a statement, Just questions.
    May this woman be reunited with her wee one on the other side and both RIP and may the EVIL PIG who snuffed out their lives, Take his place in a hot seat next to likes of Hitler and those equally evil and Rot eternally in the fires of HELL!
    May the angels of mercy shine on and bring comfort to those who are and have been at a loss for the life of the victim and her child-Godspeed

  • TheFoundingFathers

    This “so called father” is a fucking deadbeat! If he wasn’t a complete waste of life, maybe his daughter would be alive today.

  • Juli

    Not his fault every parents are like this they don’t pay attention to their kids until they realize it will be to late..Forgiving is the answer why hold grudge on. Person who is already dead I mean he’s gonna suffer so much in hell he deserved it . God has a plan for him and hopefully he will reunite with his daughter and hi unborn granddaughter… Forgiving is the answer

  • The Judge

    1) I find it ironic that I know with certainty that some of you are pro-choice, yet mourn the loss of a unborn life in this particular case.

    2) After you show criticism for a father forgiving the one who murdered his daughter, maybe youll understand when you lay off the hate through harsh profane words. . .you’ll discover there is no place in heaven for such persons.

    3) Those who are atheists, stop talking about such a thing called “hell” where you and others alike think Brady went. In order to condemn someone to hell you have to believe in a biblical hell, and take it serious enough to live according of not being sent there. FYI.

    On a side note, may God be with all of whom was hurt and let His justice prevail.

  • Buzz

    WOW, its unbelievable that ANYONE would talk like that about someone that just lost there daughter and granddaughter, I just can’t believe it. I happen to know most of the family, the mom and dad, the aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas and I will tell all of you negative people out there that all of these people are very good hard working people that has just lost two young loved ones so let these good people grieve, what If this happened to your family no matter what the circumstances, do you want us to talk to you that way.
    By the way, as far as the benefit is concerned, after the funeral expenses are paid, the balance will go to a charity, that may help from this happening again, (maybe one of your family members, just FYI)

    • Ray

      If they are all so hard working, why, between 2 sets of parent, 4 sets of grandparents, the many aunts & uncles can they not manage to pay for the funeral themselves? It’s called an “unexpected” expense in life. What if she had died giving birth? Or in her sleep? This so called “father” is milking this tragedy for all he can. He immediately started asking for money.

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