Man arrested for pooping on foot path in broad daylight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HASTINGS, Mich.- A man from Hastings has been arrested after police say they caught him defecating on a foot path.

Check out the release from police below:

On July 27, 2014 at approximately 11;30am , Hastings Officers were dispatched to the area of Mill St and Hanover St on an intoxicated person carrying an open can of beer. Hastings Officers made contact with  WILLIAM PATRICK ROUNTREE, 51 years old, of Hastings, and had ROUNTREE dump the remaining beer. Hastings Officers left the area only to be called back to the same area at approximately 2pm and located ROUNTREE with his pants down and defecating on the foot path which leads to the Thornapple River. ROUNTREE was placed under arrest for indecent exposure and lodged at the Barry County Jail.

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  • ditty

    Its called WASTINGS for a reason!!!!!! Don’t feel bad the bums Crap ten feet off of Michigan Ave in Lansing four blocks from the Capital!!! Not that there isn’t ten tons of it IN the Capital

    • Cindy lou Vanzandt

      It is only called Wastings by immature people who cant pronounce HASTINGS!!! Hastings is growing into a great place to shop and other things, By your statement it sounds like you dont even live in HASTINGS??? sounds like you live in Lansing with the bums, you seem to know right where they relieve theirselfs! Mean uncaring people like you sure dont help this world!!

  • kristen

    She has garage sales with things that were donated and supposed to be sold in a non profit store and makes a profit for herself. Can you say CROOKED?

  • Cindy lou Vanzandt

    Kristen, His mother is a wonderful person and has tryed her best with her son, you have no right to accuse her of being a crook!! She had that non profit store years ago back in the 80s. I know for a fact that things from that store went all over for donations! LYNDA you are right people need to get their FACTS right !! I feel so sorry for his mother and his sons who have to be embarrassed by this!

  • Cindy lou Vanzandt

    His mother has NEVER mistreated the disabled! Yes Roy works for her and is happy as heck with his pay, so you need to keep your mouth shut Kristen, You know nothing!!!

  • Rose Nichols

    The sad thing about this is NOW he will be labeled with the CSC (Criminal Sexual Conduct) Category and NOT with the label of “exposing” himself in public and possibly having to wear a tether the rest of his life with the label of CSC. Anyone who potties outside, clothes down or off are being categorized in that area of labeling.

  • Pretty Pumpkins

    Man arrested for pooping on foot path in broad daylight
    So, By reading your headline, is it better that he “poops” on the path at night instead of “Broad daylight”?
    Plus, Would it not have been more classy to say “Defectating” on path instead of “pooping”?
    Just wondering.

  • Cindy lou Vanzandt

    Pretty Pumpkin, you are so right about how they worded their headline, evidential the news media have no class or maturity. No concern how his family member’s would feel. Yeah if they felt the need to put a time ok but to word it BROAD daylight. You suck channel FOX 17 !!!!!


  • Susan Satterfield

    The man obviously has mental issue and needs help. Every city, town has their share. Why act like you are not very intelligent and just feel sorry for this man. The town is not at fault

  • True up-

    All this talk about the treatment of the “disabled” from self righteous bleeding hearts…
    Well, as a physically disabled person, I can tell you for a fact that no one gives a flying shit UNLESS they are being paid….
    In my opinion, it’s all a bunch of BS, no one “cares” unless they are making a buck or getting funding.
    So stop with the shit

    • Cindy lou Vanzandt

      So sorry you feel that way TUNE UP, there are people who care and even volunteer their time because they have real hearts and feelings.. i myself have volunteered my time to help disabled persons. i am so sorry that you have not been showed that kind of love and caring..

  • Cindy lou Vanzandt

    Amen Susan! Nothing to do with the town.I hate it when immature people call it wastings and blame the town…