Young Dowagiac Mom Missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DOWAGIAC, Mich. -- A young mother, Rose Marie Morris, has been missing since July 24.

Tuesday, the Dowagiac Police Department  investigated a few tips and a canine unit was brought in to search for clues but nothing became of either.

Morris' friends posted a Facebook page to information and generate tips.

Friend of the missing mother, Amber Ridley said, "she is a loving mother, a good friend and she'd always at least let you know, contact friends or her family, but she would never leave her kids more than a few days."


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  • me

    why would you say things like that about a women that is missing.. it took the news channels 5 days to cover that she was missing in the first place, then when you do you make her sound like a monster. You should be ashamed of yourself. You just wanted to cause drama. typical news.

  • Kymberly Helton

    What are you going to say if she’s found dead and was really in danger, sorry like the news has said before when they failed to have the tornado sirens go off when one hit right by my home. A women is MISSING how bout have a stake out at her house askneighbors everything like yyou’ve been doing with the Brady oestrike crap. They were all found not his head, he murdered them end of story find something better to do like find a missing women before some crazy person gets her or already has her!!