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Where should you get your cheesecake on National Cheesecake Day?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company

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  • Christy Tusing- Borgeld

    The Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company is our cities sweet treasure in desserts. There isn’t nothing that this company can’t make or bake…and they, “BRING IT,” when it comes to any order. When it comes time for your special event, or a gift, or simply a dessert to pass, Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company will handle everything for you, you simply just need to pick it up. Happy National Cheesecake Day!

  • Jamie Boyer

    I love that Lyn let the viewers know that Caitlin is not a factory. There is a face behind each and every piece of yumminess that leaves those doors.

    I have used GR Cheesecake Company for a few different occasions, now, and I won’t be going anywhere else. I sent Cait a picture of the Minnie Mouse plush that I want to base my cake off of for my daughter’s 2nd birthday…she nailed it. I sent her a photo of a beautiful rosette cake, she made one even more amazing. She even made macaroons for me! They will literally do anything you ask them to do. They’re such special people.

    Everyone who attended my events where GR Cheesecake products were served loved the flavors of them. They melt in your mouth and have a perfect balance. I can’t wait to throw another party to see what else GR Cheesecake Company can do next!

  • Judy Stegehuis

    I LOVE Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company!!! We had Caitlin make a Mini Mouse cake for my grand-daughters 2nd Birthday and it was a smash hit!!! Highly recommend this fine Grand Rapids Company to anyone who LOVES Cheesecake.What a variety they have!!! Will definitely be using their services again in the near future!!! Kudos on your spot on today’s show ladies :)

  • Kayla Browneye

    Grand Rapids Cheesecake is an AMAZINGGG company who serves their customers with the upmost respect. They always make sure your satisfied with your order they get everything right. Their cheesecake, cannolis and cakes are to die for!!!(: please go there and order your cheesecake or birthday cake awesome experience πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Andrea Jacobson

    I have use Grand Rapids cheesecake multiple times. And every time I have it at an event I always get so many compliments on the cake! I would highly reccomend to everyone!

  • Kayla Browneye

    Btw…. The baker Caitlin, MY BESTFRIEND. So extremely proud of her and all she’s accomplished. And she’s for real when she said “this right here, all me” TRUE!!! She does it all. Hard worker (: lovee her.πŸ’œ

  • Patty Wilson

    Although they make amazing cheesecake and other amazing desserts, they also make amazing cakes. Been following this young lady for some time and her creations are just breath-taking. Her 1st birthday smash cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes are done with great detail. I highly suggest Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company for all your dessert needs. You won’t be sorry one bit!

  • Jessica Hopkins

    Caitlin is one of the most gifted and talented cake decorators. She truly cares about meeting the needs of your special cake. She gets excited to created and take part of your cake. That is amazing customer service. She’s a sweetheart! For all your dessert needs, Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company is the first place to call.

  • Ashley Brothers

    Not only can caitlin make great cheesecake she is an AMAZING cake decorator as well. Anything you can thi.k of she can do! Highly recommend:)

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