5 Things to know for Thursday, July 31

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The top five stories FOX 17 is covering on Thursday:

1. GOP-led House authorizes lawsuit against Obama Administration

obama vs boehnerThe Republican-led House approved a resolution on July 30 to authorize House Speaker John Boehner to file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, claiming that he abused his power at the expense of Congress and the Constitution. The resolution passed with a vote of 225-201. Read more: GOP-led House authorizes lawsuit

2. Sean Phillips, father of “Baby Kate,” expected in court

Sean Phillips, the father of Katherine, better known as “Baby Kate”, is scheduled to appear in court for a Ludington Baby Kate 01hearing to decide if there is enough evidence to send him to trial. Phillips is currently serving time for kidnapping charges related to the child’s disappearance. He now faces open murder charges in connection to the case. Kate’s body has never been found. Read more: Baby Kate case

 3. Suspect crashes car following theft at Walmart

Police in Portage arrested one man suspected of being connected to a theft at a Walmart store on Shaver Road. Employees reported the theft just after 4 police-car-light-bar-generica.m. on July 31. The suspect drove off after one employee tried to confront him. He lost control of the car on Shaver, and was arrested and taken to jail for driving under the influence of drugs. Read more: Suspect crashes car following theft

4. 625 lb man says he is unfit to appear in court jeffery klein

Jeffery Klein faces a felony bomb threat charge, but has missed several appearances in court in Kent County for claims that his weight and health make it too difficult. In 2012, Klein says he called in a bomb threat to the Cedar Springs Mobile Home Estates after he was fined for littering and other offenses. Klein claims he cannot function without pain killers and oxygen. However, his attorney tells him a decision could come from court as early as August 1. Read More: Bomb threat suspect defends absence

5. Did you see this? Spider crawls across FOX 17 reporter during live report

On Wednesday night, FOX 17’s Troy Campbell was doing a live report, like any other night. However, what he did not realize was that a huge spider was crawling across his arm and chest while he was on camera. Read more: Spider crawls across FOX 17’s Troy Campbell or watch the video below:



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