Princess runs red light in Grand Haven Township; hospitalized

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND HAVEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Aero Med was called to help at the scene of an accident that involved two vehicles early Thursday morning, one of the drivers was a suspected shoplifter.

The crash happened at around 6:15 a.m. at the intersection of Comstock Street and 172nd Avenue.  Crews at the scene describe the accident as a t-bone style crash between two vehicles.

The following information is part of a news release from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department:

Preliminary investigation at the scene shows vehicle #1 a 2004 Chrysler Sebring drive by 27-year-old Princess Warren, Muskegon Heights, was traveling southbound 172nd Avenue.  Ms Warren was driving with no lights on as she drove through the intersection at Comstock St. on a red traffic signal.  Ms. Warren’s vehicle was struck in the intersection by vehicle #2.  Vehicle #2 is a 2008 Dodge Dakota driven by 59-year-old Donald Richardson.  Richardson was traveling westbound on Comstock St. entered the intersection on a green traffic signal and struck #1 in the driver’s door area.  Ms. Warren was unconscious and pinned in her vehicle. 

Subsequent investigation and evidence at the scene indicates that Ms. Warren was involved in a shoplifting incident at Meijer, 15000 U.S. 31 and was fleeing the scene when the crash occurred.  This incident remains under investigation by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.  


Warren is hospitalized in critical condition.  The driver of the other vehicle has minor injuries.

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  • tracyd112

    Great stop hope you survive so you can go to PRISON where you belong.You did not care about your life or anyone else on the roads.To drive without lights and then run a red light because you were stealing in the first place.I PRAY the courts show this person NO MERCY.

  • Jack H. Allen Jr

    Ain’t any more businesses LEFT in the Heights to rob! (lol) I DO find it rather ODD that if she lives/works in Muskegon/Muskegon Heights, and she had allegedly just shoplifted at Meijers (and was fleeing the scene)…WHY would she be traveling SOUTH on 172nd, and going THROUGH the Comstock intersection, which runs east and west? Muskegon/Muskegon Heights is NORTH of Grand Haven! The fastest way to 31 NORTH (to Muskegon/Muskegon Heights) would have been 172nd SOUTH to Comstock…WEST on Comstock (a right turn)…and a block up to 31 NORTH (home)! A right turn at Comstock would NOT have taken her into the path of the truck!? Just doesn’t make SENSE!?!? Anybody ELSE find this ODD?

  • Johnnie Tyson

    You guys should be a shame of your selfs yes what she did was wrong but I wouldn’t wish death on no one she was an good person in heart in one of my good friends fuck all of yall she is a parent of 3 handsome young boys I hope in prsy that my friend is ok and come home to her family that s waiting for her love u P

  • Angie

    Where doesn’t anyone get the right to judge this woman?
    Not saying stealing is right by any stretch of the imagination. But name calling, wishing she would have died? Please.
    Glad the other driver is ok. Sorry the whole thing happened

  • John Doe

    The only one’s who should die is all the racist p.o.s. who are making ignorant comments. This is America, and it’ll will always be a melting pot. Kill yourselves. 🙏🙏🙏Prayers for the woman fighting for her life while being defamed by ‘allegations’… smh. *SN* I’m glad CNN didn’t buy FOX news.

  • fred

    hey johnnie if she is such a great person why was she shoplifting shes just one more nig who takes whatis not theres to bad a bigger truck didnt hit her

    • John Doe

      And you’re just another coward who hides behind your computer. You wouldn’t dare express your feelings in person. ;-) LOL

    • Ursula

      Interesting, to display your ignorance while addressing another ignorant situation. you are more than likely trying to incite a debate, but you sound like trailer trash, which Im sure you know by now, is the equivilent to what you disgracefully denounce. Represent your class…by descriminating against another. Truly brllliant!

    • Jazzy J

      I’m so sad that this whole incident happened however, no she should of not been shoplifting and ,I’m glad the other driver wasn’t critical injured. If she lives she will haveto face the consequences for her actions. but these racial remarks r totally wrong he who dig a ditch will call in the same ditch.

  • Sarah

    Wow I really can’t believe what some people say. This is person we talking about. She may have taken something but wishing her dead. UGLY people like you all are why the world is like it is. Oh and unless you are 100 % american Indian you have no business judging anyone for race we are all immigrants.

  • Rich

    She’s a 27 year old mother of 3 who teaches by example to steal rather than work for what you got, but she has a good heart. Don’t tell me this was a one time thing. I’m sure her mother shoplifted and I would bet her children will be thieves too. Just another example of Muskegon Heights, Wasteville, family life. SMH.

  • mzhershey

    All u people on here that are talking about her are some racist ignorant folks…. So all of you are telling me that y’all are just perfect and haven’t done anything wrong? And for y’all to say that cause she MIGHY HAVE stolen something mean her kids will be thieves or her mother was one is just the most DUMBEST IGNORANT thing I’ve ever heard. It shows just how smart y’all are. How are you going to judge a whole city base off of one person too? Cause I bust my ass EVERYDAY for my child, never smoked before, don’t go out a lot, and I stay in Muskegon Height. I’m trying my hardest not to just cuss allof yy’all our but y’all real do deserve it. You guys sound so dumb.

    • Jazzy J

      There r a lot of other races that steal and on crack . maybe if they stayed out of MH maybe they would have lived. Get crack in your own neighborhood.

  • John Doe

    Everybody black is suspected of shoplifting when you go in Meijers, especially the one in Grand Haven. They follow me every time I go in and I always pay with my debit card, get cash back and smile. I once watched a well-dressed Caucasian male walk out with a full cart of merchandise unnoticed and they didn’t even give chase when I told them he just left he hadn’t made it far. Due to prejudices and racism, the true, Big time thieves are never caught. The innocent get accused.

  • tedra

    The things LoSErs say for Attention smh how daré u pREJUDICE FOOLS Juste that poor Girl regardless of what that woman Did she has three beautiful children and a family Or Did yall KKK asses think yall the only ones With a family bet yall wouldnt come to the heights LBVS…. Have a fucking heart…. Im praying for u my friend…………….