18-year-old stabbed and killed; 16-year-old suspect in custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Ottawa Co sheriff cruiser panel night

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. — An 18-year-old man is dead, and police now say that the 16-year-old boy accused of killing him is now in custody.

According to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were called to Riley Street for a report of a stabbing around 11:00 p.m. on July 31. They found Japaris Rodgers, 18, at the scene with multiple stab wounds. According to police, Rodgers was walking with friends down Riley Street near 132nd Avenue when the suspect, Victor Donaldson, 16, walked up to him and stabbed him multiple times.

Rodgers was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Donaldson was not immediately located.  However, investigators later received information that he was at a home on Boer Run in Holland Township.  He is now at a juvenile detention facility and is expected to face charges for Open Murder, with the possibility of more charges to follow.

Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Observer at 1-877-88-SILENT.

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    • neneee_pooh

      Watch what you say because that worthless nigga . Is my homeboy that died , have some respect too because you wouldn’t like if your mother died and people were talking shit about how she died . You are the worthless one you have no life commenting on here like you about shit .

    • Jazzy J

      Keep killing like the Craig list killing, shooting up your family, am on other crazy things. Oh I wonder why u all r getting a sun tan to answer that, u all hate yo color and jealous of our natural color whish is beautiful . I can’t help if I are pink.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Stupid little monkeys, these worthless little cowards are pathetic. You can’t handle your business like men so you turn to “gangs” to make you feel powerful, well I have news for every single one of you fools. You are WEAK, you will never amount to anything, you have absolutely no place in society, the faster you little wimps kill each other the better because the taxpayers are sick of feeding you and cleaning your cages!

    • Jazzy J

      Keep killing like the Craig list killing, shooting up your family, am on other crazy things. Oh I wonder why u all r getting a sun tan to answer that, u all hate yo color and jealous of our natural color whish is beautiful . I can’t help if I are pink.

  • dj

    Im not one to comment on these but does the color of skin or ethnicity really matter? Im white and realize that people of my race do the same things if not worse. At least the second comment had a valid point. Saying racial slurs and making this a racial thing makes you an idiot and gives you no place in society. YOU are the reason i moved out of that town. Not them.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Actually you, sir are the idiot! Why don’t you look at the cold hard facts and numbers and do the math! All violent crimes here in Michigan, over 68% are done by African Americans under the age of 30! Facts are facts the numbers do not lie! And by you saying that this is the reason you left the area just proves the point! I’m sorry you disagree but remember what country you live in, it’s called FREE SPEACH…..well for now it’s kind of free only 2 1/2 more years until we can get our country back!

        • TheFoundingFathers

          Lol all you can come up with is a missing letter, sorry but there is no option to edit comments on this jacked up website I was trying to type but was interrupted by some spam link that fox put on my screen. …

          • Andrea

            People on here make me sick with some if the comments you leave! Just because of the color of skin he should die you make me sick no one should die and sure not like this! These are 2 young children that should be schoold and learn that this is not okay!!

  • chill

    Its sad to see all these negitive racial comments. “Lil monkeys” or “worthless niggs” it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. Its already sad enough to read a artical about a young man losing his life and another one losing his freedom though he possibly did it. What really makes me sick is the fact that some of you cant look at the situation for what it is and jump straight to skin color. Bet if it were caucasians you would send all of your blessings. You may think its okay because you dont know any better, but us “lil monkeys” or my favorite “worthless nigs” are human beings before we are african american. We hurt too just like you do. We eat, sleep, shit, work JUST LIKE YOU DO. if you didnt want us here in the first place you shouldnt have forced us to come. So unless you got a way to ship us back. Shut the fuck up because we are here to stay just like you are. Peace. P.s not every fallen black kid is a “gangbanger”

  • chill

    Gangs arnt even that serious in this area anymore. Insted of standing outside looking down at the facts and digits (which anyone can make up). Think about standing inside and look around. At what is really happining. There are still kids and young adults of this generation that still have morals and values other then twerking and taking selfies. We also got a group of kids that are spoil, sensitive, spineless,and reckless, though they are still my peers. Living life in the fast lane will eventually catch up with you maybe behind bars or 6ft under or maybe a serious reality check. So skin color is not a facto because in reality whites, asians, hispanics are all doing the same and the facts and statistics dont mean anything they could be made up for all we know. Its the way some of my generation function live fast and die young (im not saying that this is this brothers case) i dont even know him. Us “90’s babies” need to wake up because life isnt about how many likes on facebook you get. Or how many dumbass challanges you can do. Its about living, learning, and teaching (At least for me). I honestly agree with thefoundingfathers about handling situations like a man insted of cowardly killing someone for the price of screwing your life up. We all gotta WAKE UP

  • Original

    Nothing are misguided youth does can ever amount to what you reptilian Human cacuzoids have done to this planet alone. This was a system put in place for my people to kill THEMSELVES off in confusion threw stress and lack of economic support. United States of America is the thr real bully and what do you think the army etc is?…Gangs! Since when do they fight for are freedom when they are the ones stealing it every law thats passed. This planet was good untillyou white folks were CREATED! Founding fathers of what?…lies and stealing! Just like this nation thats now called a country after it was stolen like every invention and everything else the whites have claimed to be their own. You will bow down to the original GODS and learn your place. Your not welcome here. This is a place of unconditional love and that’s something you’ll never have lacking a soul! Show respect to the ones that brought your race here. Black is power. We are the original people. GODS children. Peace and Love to us ALL and non existence to those full of hatred.