Multiple injuries, sexual assault following Mecosta Co. ‘rave’ attended by 2,000+ overnight

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HINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — At a party police say was attended by more than 2,000 people overnight at a farm in Mecosta County, six people had to be hospitalized and one woman says she was sexually assaulted.

Deputies from the Mecosta County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a traffic complaint due to cars parked in the roadway late Saturday night, which lead to the discovery of a large rave party at a Hinton Township residence located on 70th Avenue south of 5 Mile Road.

The crowd of more than 2,000 consisted mostly of people under the age of 21. EMS units from Mecosta and Montcalm County were on scene treating multiple alcohol patients and drug related injuries and overdoses. Individuals were sent to Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview, Mount Pleasant Hospital, and Spectrum Health in Big Rapids.

"It was insane," said Charrelle Dunston who was hired to dance at the party. "I’ve never seen so many people in like a gathering like that. It was amazing though."

Dunston said the party was no accident. It was organized through social media as a "Project X" type gathering, similar to a 2012 movie of the same name about teens who throw a massive house party using social media.

"It was all online on Facebook, they weren’t giving the address out til a couple hours before the party," said Dunston. "That way the cops couldn’t plan for it and try to stop it."

Jim Purdy noticed a large number of cars coming into the area Saturday afternoon. He lives about two miles away from the site but said he could hear the music and party loud and clear. "It was just a lot of boom boxes, a lot of music, people going back and forth. I figured there was a party somewhere, but I didn’t have any idea it’d be like this."

Deputies also  handled a report by a 19-year-old Mount Pleasant woman who reported being sexually assaulted in a vehicle during the party.

Police say  they are seeking multiple charges for the owner of the property and organizers of the event as the incident remains under investigation.


Invite sent out over social media to attend "Project P"

Invite sent out over social media to attend "Project P"


  • tracyd112

    Charge them with all the Overdoses and make them pay for all the Police and other emergency Personal that were dispersed there.A harsh punishment needs to be given to all involved to make sure nothing like this happens again. Also again Parents DO YOU KNOW WHERE AND WHAT YOUR MINORS WERE DOING LAST NIGHT? It could have lead to the death of your child.

    • Kristal

      Party pooper! The people. Chose to go themselves. Anytime you go to a party and drink/do drugs you risk getting hurt/bad things happening. It’s not the owners fault that other people made the bad choices to go. Pull the stick out of your ass. I’m sure you haven’t made good choices in your life either. Don’t be so mad about the fact your old self wasn’t invited ;(

  • an oldie

    If you chose to hold a party, you are responsible. A bar owner or store owner has to monitor alcohol activities , why should an individual be allowed to have an unlicensed bar/night club without any responsibilities.

  • Brittany

    I did NOT go because I knew how huge it was gonna be. Especially the invites I got on social media. I had over 60+ trying to get me to go. I did NOT & glad I didn’t but I looked very successfull especially with how many did attend!!! I feel bad for those that got hurt but thats the risk u r willing to take going to a party that has that many people.

  • jakie

    I heard jeremy brzozowski was the dj of that party and help set it all up. You can call him with any question that might need answered @ 616-272-0469

    • TheFoundingFathers

      I will say to every single child that went to this or frequents parties like this you are a complete dumbass! With that being said I will address your comment Jakie, you are also a complete dumbass and more than likely you are going to be facing a massive lawsuit for posting that name and telephone number on here, you should have informed the proper authorities instead of being stupid and posting that information.

      • Disgusted Remus/Mecosta resident

        In the person’s defense that posted the DJ’s name. Do a facebook search of him, and he talks about being the DJ for this party in his most recent post. So when he posted his name, he was right.

        • TheFoundingFathers

          Actually, you are wrong, there’s more than enough for a civil case, even though he advised it. You can pretty much sue for anything these days and win millions even if it is totally frivolous. It all depends on whom is in the jury box. Doespecially the name Jesse V. ring a bell?

  • Disgusted Remus/Mecosta resident

    Not far from here (less than 5 miles away) a similar party is held every year for an entire weekend (not just one night.) The police know about this party and it is highly advertised. People from all over the country/world come to this party. People camp and pay neighbors to park in their fields. Cars line up down M20 just to get in days before the event. This party is called The Wheatland Music Festival (otherwise known by the locals as “Weed-land.”) No one is ever held “responsible” for the overdoses, alcohol poisioning, underage drinking, drug sales, and sexual assaults there every year. And yes this is private property as well.

  • jeremiah

    For those who want to blame the owner for the overdoses that’s a croc the owner can’t baby sit 2000 party animals they had fun yes maybe went overboard but hey you were young once he didn’t force them to be dumb and take to much it’s there falt for not using salvation and moderation

  • an oldie

    You are naive asses if you think no one should be held responsible. If the DJ is taking credit for the party, he may also be opening himself to a lawsuit, either civil or criminal, for any activities that occur. The fact that the reports say that law enforcement choose not to deal with the underage drinking is interesting. Wonder if any minor caught in possession in Mecosta County can now use their inaction as discrimination if they are prosecuted.

  • an oldie

    And Jeremiah – if you let 2000 people wander your property, your insurance agent will tell you that you are liable.

  • An old person that isn't bitter.

    All you old bitter people need to stop crying about it. We made dumb decisions when we were young too. And if you didn’t, you probably weren’t a very fun person anyways.

    • GuessI'mnotmuchfun

      So what you’re saying is that if you didn’t drink to the point of alcohol poisoning, do drugs, and sexually assault someone when you were young, you weren’t any fun?! Thanks, but no thanks. I guess I’ll pass on the “fun”. smh….

  • oneandonlybabyg

    Look everyone is responsible for there own damn actions. The thrower of this party should not be held accountable, he/she did not force them to go there. When it comes to that big of a party you should know what could and could not happen it’s not nobody’s fault but there own.

  • Sure win

    Sounds to me that the organizers of this were purposely trying to avoid the cops and therefore knew what they were doing was illegal. Throw the book at them. Just thankful there were no deaths.

  • jerry

    Funny how all the people bitch about this party. Last I read there were no shootings or stabbings ect like there was on the news in your own backyard in GR last night. And how many people got kicked out of a bar by a bouncer ect. last night for being crazy/drunk compared to this 2,000 plus party 5. I’ll take those odds over ever visiting an establishment in the city The only people responsible for this are the individuals themselves who attended. Time to take responsibility for yourself kids……………………

  • jerry

    Any of you folks ever heard of Woodstock ?????
    2014 — Turn down for what?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Lesly

      Woodstock. This wasn’t Woodstock I think it’s funny they are calling this a rave.. I don’t remember seeing scum at raves. I think your confused.

  • sam

    It very unfortunate that people got hurt doing this. I for one believe that if someone hold a party they should be responsible. However going to these parties this kind of stuff is very expected. And it appears that the people whom advertised this made sure that law enforcement would hear about it until the last minute. Now I do wonder after hearing about it did law enforcement take control and stop the rave?

  • kelly

    Rothbury no different. People on drugs beat up police, underage drinking ect. No one gets arrested or charged. And at least one person dies every year. But its allowed.

  • The Rock

    Just glad that there wasn’t anymore people that got hurt I hope they charge those that gang raped the 19 year old. I think the owner of the house will be charged seems like he doesn’t care if he faces charges from the interview with Fox 17 seems like he wants to take the fall for the party.

  • 4theLulz

    Reading these comments is absolutely pathetic. They’re kids throwing a party and having fun, You guys need to get off your high horses and acting like you’ve never done a crazy thing in your entire lives.

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