“Project P” social media creator says group is planning another massive party

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MECOSTA COUNTY, Mich. -- The woman who runs the Twitter page that was created to promote this weekend’s massive party at a house in Mecosta County said that she’s proud of the event’s turn out.

The woman even goes as far to say that the group plans to host another large gathering in the near future.

Brittany Johnson, 20, said that alongside her best friend, she wanted to promote a party for another friend’s birthday last Saturday.

Johnson said that herself and six other organizers spent hours cleaning up the yard outside the Mecosta County home on Saturday afternoon, digging fire pits and cutting the grass.

Johnson said that once she announced the location of the party on social media, attendees coined the name “Project P” for the event.

She said just hours after the party,  “#ProjectP” became a world-wide trending topic on Twitter.

"We are proud we hosted it. We, I mean we are proud to be a part of it. We are glad it happened. It is definitely something that we will always remember,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that her fellow organizers hired people to work security, and the goal was to keep everyone safe.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office said that at least six drug overdoses and one sexual assault were reported.

"Stupid mistakes with obviously drug overdoses and the rape, which I mean we definitely, we didn't have any control over that. I mean people came at their own risk,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that "Project P" was round two, and that the first party took place at the end of June in Howard City.

"The first round was kind of set up all on Facebook. It was a big birthday party for a 16-year-old," said Johnson. "They were like, well we are going to make this second one ten times bigger and we were just like yeah, we are down to help, and we made the Twitter page and it just escalated from there."

Jonhson said that her group of organizers aren’t finished yet and plan on creating an even larger party in the near future.

"Will you do another one as big?" asked FOX 17. "Yes. Hopefully maybe bigger," answered Johnson.

Johnson also said that all of the money collected from parking fees will go towards the next party, but they are still in the process of choosing a location for that.


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  • stupidisasstupiddoes

    Makes me wonder if she is trying to see how many she can get to die at these parties. ODs, drunk driving, and most likely a slue of other issues. What’s next, rape, murder, or who knows what else? Worth it? Please someone with some intelligence and with law enforcement make sure if this happens in their jurisdiction shut it down before it gets too dangerous for someone, whether a party goer or some innocent driver or home owner.

    • Daves

      Why would any town allow a group this large to throw a party without a permit that would allow the police to supervise the crowd and arrest those that are breaking the law, and even shut down the party when it gets out of hand? The person or persons that are responsible for starting the party should also pay for the cost of the police to control the crowd this kind of thing should not be allowed ANYWHERE. Just saying.

    • kk

      why are you worried about what someone else does to themself? they arent affecting you in any way. last time i checked we like to proclaim this is a free country not free as long as you do what i say. calm down and focus on your own life not controlling other peoples

      • Shaun

        When they do bad things to themselves like dieing from ODing they are not alive to pay that EMS bill who pays for it? Tax Payers! When they have to organize a funeral who has to pay for it, The Family! There choices do effect other people.

        • kk

          oh if thats the reason how many people died?? because they didnt say anybody had died maybe u just assume if u od u die. also if its the taxpayer you care about how about going after obamacare or the fact that half this country is on food stamps. or how about that the illegal immigrants have even better health care than our veterans like myself have? those actually seem like real problems versus a couple of kids partying. trying to get people to bend to what YOU feel is right will never work it is just goong to make people want to do it more. if it doesnt affect you why get upset about it im sure u do plenty of things to piss people off. its time this country started caring about something thats actually an issue instead of the kardashian asses

  • Patriot

    Those crimes happen every day and every weekend in every city . Has nothing to do with the party period you just don’t here about the OD THE HOSPITOLD GET EVERY DAY whevdr you get that volume of people together you’ll get that those people did nothing wrong !!

  • anonymous

    its people like her that make me sick, knowing what she does the drugs she does, & of cource the help she needs.. acting as if shes not one of those people who dont bring the hard core drugs there, shes a minor shes not 21 shes 20 she was drinking probably driving and should have gotten an mip. silly girls theses days, its time to grow up.

  • Patriot

    You don’t know she’s high at all , your prejudging her and making ALLIGATIONS. And have not one fact . Its you and peopl like you is why the world is jacked up

  • Svan

    I saw this idiot girl on TV the other night, and just listened to her interview again. I hope she is sterile so she cannot contribute to the gene pool. We don’t need more stupid people (like her) walking the earth.

  • AD Krenz

    I saw this human rat person on TV.. she disgusted me. while I agree people have to take personal responsibility for their own actions, when you through a party that big, it should upon you to make sure there is adequate room, security, and safety measures. NONE of those were provided. Not a single one. If I saw this girl on the street I would slap her to the floor and tell her that she knew the chances and risks when she left the house.

    For parties that are the size of the ones they are having, they should be required to have a permit and proof of security and safety measures. Without those, bring in all the cops and shut it down. Anyone declining to leave should be arrested for breach of peace, attending an illegal rave, failure to comply, and any other charges possible.