Court papers reveal details of 9-year-old’s stabbing death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — On Friday afternoon, FOX 17 NEWS obtained court documents related to the fatal stabbing of 9-year-old Michael Connor Verkerke at a playground near Kentwood’s Pinebrook Village mobile home park at about 6 p.m. last Monday.

The police reports, witness interviews and autopsy contained the following details:

  • The child’s body contained 4 stab wounds plus a laceration to his arm.
  • 12-year-old suspect Jamarion Lawhorn told AMR ambulance crews that he had been planning something like this for a year.
  • Lawhorn told police he did this because he wanted to and thought if he was arrested he would be put in the electric chair or given a lethal injection because he saw this on TV.
  • Lawhorn showed no remorse for the stabbing.
  • Lawhorn said he was mocked and made fun of at school by people who called him “dumb” and “black.”
  • When Lawhorn’s mother came to speak with her son, officers said he once again showed no remorse when he found out that the 9-year-old boy had died.
  • Lawhorn shed a tear when his mother told him that he would be going away for a long time, then returned to being stone-faced.
  • Family members told police that Lawhorn had a history of lighting things on fire, that he actually lit his mother’s bed on fire at one point.

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    • ughcaucasians

      Liar. White people usually commit these evils vile crimes.maybe he wanted to be a disturbing white person. Sad and sick boy.

      • ******

        @ughcaucasions, I did not see where “Derp” indicated anything in reference to race-
        He/she said “evil” not black- “these people” I understood that meant “Evil people” But if you want to play the race card, you surely are showing your dislike for a certain race!

  • joni

    It sad any one can base this on skin color! Its clear this child needed help for some time and his parents failed him! They should hold them responsible as well!

  • Jeannie

    I wonder if his mother ever reported to even a therapist of her son setting her bed on fire. A child even at 12 years old doesn’t just grow these evil thoughts and actions, they are TAUGHT at that age. His parents needed to be more involved than it seems they weren’t which is so sad because society can end up paying the price for the neglect of getting him help.

    • ******

      Where do you get your information? I believe that some people are just born rotten. Hitler was one of those “people”
      I believe that there are some who have no souls. No conscience, Nothing.
      But with that said, Why doesn’t America look toward the so called “Entertainment” industry- When are they going to take responsibility for the violent trash they pump out continuously? Even the previews on cable and regular tv contain extremely violent images, factor in the internet and violent games to young minds and it is a recipe for trouble!!!
      We pulled the plug on cable just because of the horrible content, We did not let our children see that mind warping garbage!
      This little boy who perpetrated this horrible crime mentioned tv specifically- Parents please consider the part of what this so called “entertainment” industry has had in the crime we see today!
      These children see perpetrators get away with crime, They see police get their man/woman in 30-60 minutes- Reality garbage teaching children and some very gullible adults that bad behavior pays off-Rudeness rules and anything goes!!!
      So don’t tell me Hollywood /entertainment/media hasn’t had anything to do with crime and bad behavior!

      • Jeannie

        Where do I get my information You asked? Besides being close to being one oft j Jose children growing up, I have my Bachelor degree in criminal justice and have worked with convicted felons who, as part of their treatment had to face unthinkable mistakes they made with their families. Every single one of them that had children that were going down that part said, “they made their own choices but what I taught them is all they’ve known so how can My child make better choices when I ain’t showed them none?” I don’t disagree with your thoughts about violence in media either…however, all of it comes from the core of who and where you c o me from. This 12b year old boy was over looked, and neglected. Parents tend to be sensitive about their own parenting…prideful is my belief…which I can understand, but this boy is a victim as much a s he is a killer now…of our system and his parents. At least this is my belief and understanding. :)

  • jerry

    that worthless p o s of a kid should stay in prison tell he gets what he did. his mom is as bad as he is welfair sucking worthless blacks living off tax payers

  • Ashley

    What Jamarion did was unthinkable, but he’s not rotten and has not been evil since birth. He is my sons half brother and he has always been a loving, caring child! And his mother works hard to support her children! She doesn’t suck off the government as you stated, Jerry. And it’s spelled WelfARE, not welfAIR. Pure ignorance. What we need to worry about is what could cause a 12 year old child to hate living so much that he felt the only way to escape life was to take someone else’s so he could be electrocuted or lethally injected!

    • joshua

      monster needs to die, along with his mommy and whatever he has for a “father”…blame everyone else, but the chickens came home to roost. black out of control unsocialized uncultured ignorant trash.

    • johnb

      what sums you up to me is white and ignorant and probably mean as well. And I am a white man. This child fantasized that the relief to his problems was to be executed in prison. He has watched so much TV that this grotesquely seems an attraction for him. How the parents did not come to see that their child was getting so twisted is also a tragedy but then so is your life. A human being who grows to adulthood without any empathy for others and a community so estranged from each other that they do not notice these tragedies are the true problems of our age. Jesus is the answer but the devil has most of you so twisted that you scorn your creator who is the only one who can help.

      Before you answer, take a long look at your life. Hatred will twist and eventually destroy any mans soul, be he a white who hates blacks or a black who hates whites. Let go of your hate or die, separated from the source of life.

  • Hello


  • Gail Sophia Taraschuk

    Putting aside that he had a tough life…the kid is a psychopath now and they cannot be rehabilitated ! I grew up in abuse, alcoholism, verbal abuse, physical abuse. I never had parents as my mom was drunk all the time and my dad was abusive. I raised myself. My father even threatened to shoot our whole family and I lived in fear. I was bullied at school all the time, then bullied at home. My family was poor ! I grew up empathetic and kind ! I don’t abuse animal , I love them. I care about life and helping others. This kid tortured mice. He planned to commit a murder. He showed no remorse until he got sentenced . Murder that is planned us NOT a mistake ! The other boy did nothing wrong and was innocent. The victims family will never see their son again…ever. Put this kid away for a long time as he will never be normal and is a danger to everyone !

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