Guy passed out at rave: ‘He didn’t make me pass out on this floor’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


MONTCALM COUNTY, Mich. -- Ray Hulin tells FOX 17 that the first time he realized he had become an Internet sensation, he wasn't thrilled. Since then, he has learned to embrace it.

FOX 17 featured Hulin, 27, while he was passed on the floor of James Taylor's house in Mecosta County after a rave at Taylor's house the night before. The clip was featured on Fox News Channel, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The E! Network. Countless web articles have been published, with the interview being viewed more than a million times in less than a week.

Hulin, who goes by the rap name "Ratchet," is signed with a Grand Rapids-based record company called Morlock Records. His group PartieBoiz has been performing across the state all summer.  Hulin said that his group was originally asked to perform at Project P, but the performance was cancelled at the last minute.

"I feel like I lasted longer than anybody," Hulin said. "Yeah, I might have passed out earlier in the night, but I woke up and kept drinking."

Hulin said that he agrees with Taylor’s statement to FOX 17 about not forcing anybody to attend the massive party.

"I didn't force anything down anyone's throat. I ain't make you do what you wanted to do. He didn't make me pass out on this floor. You know what I'm talking about? I passed out on my own."

Hulin said that he lost both of his cell phones at the party and was forced to walk about five hours back to his home in Montcalm County. He said that the next day he realized he was all over national TV.

"Once I got my phones and I see everyone is plugging me, 'Ratchet, I swear to God, this is you.' 'Ratchet, is this you?' 'Ratchet, Ii swear this is you,'"

When the FOX 17 clip was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host himself made a joke about Hulin not waking up anytime soon. Kimmel said, " If he doesn't move by Thursday, call someone."

Hulin had a response to being the butt of the joke. "Hey, Jimmy Kimmel, I woke up before Thursday, and I'm still moving. PartieBoiz in the building bro," said Hulin.

Charges have been filed against three organizers of the party attended by more than 2,000 people ;and dubbed Project P on social media.

"I don't feel like they should have got arrested," Hulin said. "I understand they held a big-ass party. It's not no reason to get locked up."

Hulin said that to any critics who believe the moment on camera was edited or staged, it was real as real can be.

"I was really laying there, bro. That's where I was at," said Hulin.

Hulin said that if and when there is a round three of Project P, he better be a main performer.

To anyone looking to plan the next party for the record books, be forwarned that law enforcement is closely monitoring social media and plans to shut down any future party before it starts.




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    • AMS

      I agree, this type of sensationalism for these people is something I would expect to see from a tabloid grade, journalistic production show. I cant decide if I feel like I am smarter after watching this idiot or if I have lost some brain cells because I allowed myself to watch the whole news story.
      Come on Fox 17, this is a trash story. I have a hard enough time trying to convince my family that Fox 17 is better than WOODTV 8 but after that story you set me back a year…..

  • mk

    I’m 22 and I think this is so ignorant. Maybe it’s because my partying days are over, maybe because I’m more focused on working. This is coming from me who had no kids and just has a clear mind state. How I see it is people who can just chill and drink end up in the places, jail. . . Hospital. . Or like him random places passed out getting their pockets ran through. Call me insane but yes those who got arrested deserve it, someone got raped at that party. Started with a movie brought to reality. Dumb article seriously.

  • melissa

    I dint think any one shoulda been arrested either. Everyone brought drugs and alcohol of thier own , they supplied a place with permission to stay the night to avoid drunk driving. Yea, the party shoulda been controlled better but what do u expect with ppl thier age

    • Svan

      I bet you’re the mother of the idiot chick who has now been arrested. If not, then maybe you are related some how as you seem about as intelligent as her and her two accomplices.

    • jules2u

      Considering the people at the party aged between about 14 and 30, I would expect better of the older people in attendance. As for the individual who allowed them to use his property, I would expect a bit better if he is looking to attend college. As for those who were underage and helped in the planning and promoting of this party, granted I have no idea how they were raised, but in reality they were old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, they choose wrong, I have no sympathy for them. They encouraged a situation were people could have been seriously harmed or even killed. They proved little to no security or even a backup plan in case someone was injured or killed.

  • Josh

    This idiot makes me ashamed to say that I lived in Michigan for 17 years. He’s 27 years old and acts like this? I’m several years younger than him and have infinitely more maturity. Just another disgusting drain on society.

  • Dan

    Am I a 10 or 11??? I don’t know because this reporting rates a Zero. Sensationalizing a bunch of idiots is not my idea of a “NEWS” story. C’mon Fox 17, your better than this dribble!!!

  • T.Rex

    I don’t get the back lash. It was no different then a musical festival. No matter your age you can still party like a wild animal. Afraid something might happen to you? Don’t go.. Life is about choices. You make your own for yourself. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

  • mz chavez

    i dont even know why fox17 would put this clown on tv. this thing needs to just be forgotten like ya it was an epic party and it had alot of people but the people who thru it are now facing FELONY charges that is no joke. and partying is cool nothing bad about that when its done responsibly i mean there was a young lady raped there why hasnt there been any updates on that? this kid “ratchet” is a clown and is just fishing for his 15 mins but really he dont even deserve it….move on to the real news.