After Marshall teen was found, parents have a message for others about social media

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARSHALL, Mich.—Three days after she was last seen in her hometown of Marshall, a 14-year-old girl has been found in Georgia.

“I don’t know what makes somebody think it’s okay to do something with somebody that much younger than them,” said Amy Ellis, the mother of Hannah Amaro.

Heather was found with a man twice her age, whom she met online Tuesday night. While her family is relieved, they’re also putting out a message to other parents about the dangers of cyberspace.

“You need to have all their pass codes to their phones," said Ellis. "You need to have access to their phones, and not let them have locks on their phones. You just have to monitor them. This incident shows you how close to home it is."

Ellis said she is furious her daughter would even think about running away with a man twice her age, but she is just happy that she will see her daughter again.

“It was a nightmare, not knowing if she was safe, if she was being forced, it was just a nightmare,” she said.

Police said they were unsure what their chances of finding Amaro were, since two days had already passed before the parents reported she was missing. However, they managed to locate her at a motel with a 29-year-old man in the Atlanta area.

Police scoured Amaro’s online activity to find her whereabouts, and with the help of one of Hannah’s friends, police identified a man that goes by the name Vic. He drove all the way from Georgia to pick her up.

“My speculation is that she did get in the car willingly, but what transpired after that, we don’t know,” said James Schwartz of the Marshall Department of Public Safety.

Ellis says she wished she had monitored her daughter more closely.

Now extended family members like Hannah’s aunt, Mary Jane Marenko, who was by Amy’s side the whole time, has a new perspective on online activity.

“When I leave here, there is going to be some changes," said Marenko. "You know, we give our kids freedom, but there are a lot of things we don’t know that they do. I don’t want to see this happen to my niece to anybody. It’s scary.”

The suspect will be facing criminal charges in Michigan and Georgia. One charge will be transporting a minor across interstate lines. Police say there are possible sexual misconduct charges. The suspect does have a criminal record of domestic abuse.



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  • psycho

    let’s see, car gassed up and GPS coordinates entered, check. drive 18 hours and pick up a 14 yr. old girl, turn around and head home. get caught like the pedophile he is and do 20 yrs. in prison. works out fine…..

  • Pips

    Maybe it starts with the parents actually maturing a little. Perhaps it’s time to stop dying your hair purple and take out all the piercings in your face.

    • kari

      Seriously, because she has piercings and dyes her hair that means she isn’t spending enough time with her kids? It’s small minded, judgemental idiots like you that should spend more time learning how to be decent human beings. Unbelievable. Smh. These are good people that had something really bad happen to them. Let them recover and be happy Hannah is safe.

    • shan

      I have had hair all colors of the rainbow and I have multiple tattoos and piercings. The thought of running away at the age of 14 to be with a 29 year old man a crossed state lines has never once crossed my mind, I am a college student with a full time job. Appearance has nothing to do with the decisions that people make. Open your mind a little bit because that was truely the most ignorant comment I have read/heard all day!

    • djmichaelangelo

      @Pips you’re of course correct, although the permissive hand-wringing libtards’ hysteronics would have you believe otherwise….parents should act the part and look the part: responsible upstanding citizens, not teenaged punk rockers! what kind of decent job can you even have in the adult world with gross face piercings and unnaturally dyed hair? this woman needs a makeover pronto – dunno if that’ll make her be a better parent though :(

  • 111orchard

    Seriously – what is WRONG with you guys? It sure takes some courage to sit here and armchair quarterback parent, make fun of the parents, and discuss their parenting skills. This mom just suffered the nightmare of her life, and here you are kicking her while she’s down. Instead, why don’t you thank God that this child was found safe, that the monster who picked her up is behind bars, and all of our kids are just a little safer today because of it.

  • jerry

    take your lip pin out get ride of your two tone hair dress without leting half your boobs showing stop drinking and act like a mother and maybe your daughter will act like a lady then also

  • 111orchard

    I’m so glad we’ve arrived at what really matters here, Jerry. Thanks for being a shining beacon of what a self righteous, man of God looks like. We can all use your life as a tremendous example for how we should live ours. :)

  • jerry

    not a selfrighteous guy just a reg working man . i raised 3 daughters with there mom and my wife never looked like that mom look at her and you think a 14 girl knows how to act or be. she sees mom looking like a slut with hair , dressing to show her boobs and face pins , she wants to be just like her

  • 111orchard

    So, did your kids grow up to be judgmental blowhards who liked to kick people when their down, just like dear ole’ daddy? Road goes both ways…

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Ok so the”so called mom” looks like a total PIG, what kind of child would want to follow in the footsteps of that horse faced sea donkey is beyond logic!

  • 111orchard

    @Fox 17 I’m ashamed of you to let this sort of blatant bullying occur against the victim’s mother. Ashamed. Are these forums not moderated at all? I believe this deserves a post on my blog and my social networks. I can’t believe people are so cruel.

    • Brandine Butlicker

      Monkey see monkey do.

      The girl looks like her mom. She obviously needed attention that the mom was too lazy to give. How do we know? Because the mom had no idea.

  • Step2reality

    We need a license and a permit for almost everything we do except for the most important thing we will every do…. Being a parent. IMHO the mom needs to have a major makeover with her hair and clothes. Kids don’t pay much attention to what you say but what you do and how you act!

  • 111orchard

    There it is. The bottom line. How you look and dress makes a difference. If this were a Doctor’s kid missing, it would’ve been tragic, horrible, how could that guy do that? The blame and attention would be on the TWENTY NINE YEAR OLD MALE that abducted this little girl. But instead, since Mom’s got some funky color in here hair (that judging by the pictures she probably did TOGETHER with her daughter) and was wearing a tank top, so CLEARLY all attention should be on mom. She’s the real villain here. Not the guy that drove 4 states to abduct a 14 year old kid – that’s forgivable. Tank tops and colors in your hair – not so much.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • 111orchard

    Thank God the police started looking for Hannah before the news went out and Hannah’s mom had on a tank top or this would probably have had a VERY different outcome. You guys, you people writing this awfulness and completely sidestepping the real issue here (hello, 29 year old male kidnapper???) are what is wrong with this world. Exactly what is wrong with this world. You can’t see past the bright colors, or piercings, or whatever BS any given politician or priest is sugarcoating your truth with. All you see are the obvious details, instead of the heart and soul of the matter.

  • Step2reality

    A 14 year old girl chooses to run away out of state with a 29 year old man and gets picked up in a motel in Atlanta. The parents had NO idea what was going on with they’re 14 year old daughter and then gets on TV dressed and looking like a rebellious teenager herself. Yeah I’m sure parenting had nothing to do with the 14 year old girls decision to run away people LOL! Obviously the 29 year old man will spend time in prison for voluntarily taking a underage girl to Atlanta and probably had sex BUT parenting had nothing to do with it LOL.

  • Je

    First off wtf does hair color and body piercings have to do with this young girls mothers parenting? 2nd of all she was to be spending the night at a friends house not meeting up with a pedophile!!!!! Where the hell is all the judging for the perp? Oh wait he did no wrong!!!! You judgemental freaks are something else!!!! This is NOT the first young girl to end up in this situation. I hope and pray none of you have to endure the heartache and nightmare this family has!!!! Oh and I am a mother covered in tattoos does that make me a “poor” parent? NO!!!!!

    • sdkramer76

      Right? I’m disgusted by the complete lack of respect for this mother and what she just went though. There’s no fear for the child and what she endured. There’s no thoughts of justice for the accused. The only things that matter here are the mom’s hair and tank top.

  • sdkramer76

    So you’re going to moderate all of my posts defending the victims mom, but let others post vile things against her? That’s not moderation. That’s one sided bullying and taking away the protection for the victim…

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