New documents detail abuse of alleged child killer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENTWOOD, Mich. - New court documents are shedding light on the life Jamarion Lawhorn, the 12-year-old accused of killing nine-year-old Connor Verkerke on a Kentwood playground early this month.

The paper work details a history of "severe physical abuse" against Lawhorn at the hands of his mother and step-father.
The documents say there was a minimal amount of food, no sheets or bedding on children’s beds, and clothing scattered throughout the home where Jamarion Lawhorn lived with Anita Lawhorn, Bernard Harrold and his three siblings.
Those papers also say that utilities at the home had just been turned off and, despite a monthly household income of $3,000, they were in the process of being evicted.
The documents reveal that Lonnell Washington Sr., Jamarion’s biological father, has failed to provide financial and emotional support - and both parents had ignored warnings from child protective services that Jamarion needed mental health services, due to his significant behavioral concerns.
Anita Lawhorn had custody of her two daughters terminated in the 1990s in New York, citing severe physical abuse - including four unexplained fractures on her two-year-old and severe scars suggestive of cigarette burns on her three-year-old.
CPS had visited Jamarion's home in Kentwood twice, noting Jamarion was physically abused by both his mother and step-father.
Documents show when Jamarion was taken into custody after Verkerke's murder, he was covered in bruises. He told police they were cause by his step-father.
Anita Lawhorn told police that Harrold threatened Jamarion daily with a “whoppin.”
Both Anita Lawhorn and Harrold tested positive for cocaine, the same drug police found in the bathroom of their home.
All three of Jamarion`s siblings have been placed with relatives as a case to terminate parental rights moves forward.
The court documents add that the family may be a flight risk as Jamarion sits in a juvenile detention center facing charges of open murder.
He will be back in court for a pre-trial hearing on September 23rd.
He's pled not guilty and is being prosecuted as an adult.

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  • jerry

    And C P S does a great job one more time. Its time to fire the whole bunch . The worthless mother and worthless step dad should face prison time of 39 to 77 years of hard labor. the do gooders will say they need help, hang the worthless black trash from a tree alone with the p o s of a kid

  • Jessica

    I don’t get it, if these parents had prior termination on their other children why are they allowed to have more? I see a never ending cycle here. Not to put any blame on CPS, because obviously this young man was abused by his parents not them, but what can we do to make things change. Get these kids out of these situations. There has to be more we can do, laws we can get passed. I feel so bad for these kids that have to grow up this way, feeling alone and scared all the time. This while situation is just so sad.

  • DeeAnne Muz

    Guess that $3,000 a month was used on their drug of choice it sounds like. Hope these 2 get charged with drug possession AND child abuse and glad that termination of parental rights is in the works. Shame on CPS! this crap happens so much! they all need to be fired!

  • betterhave

    Someone tell me again why people convicted of child abuse can’t be court ordered to undergo sterilization ?
    Or how it is that Protective Services visit a home twice, document physical abuse and neglect and later, after the abused child kills someone, notes that parents failed to follow up on recommendations of mental health services ?
    Wouldn’t we seriously question that having documented abuse and neglect of this boy in the present, PLUS the 90’s case in New York, why the children were even left in the home? In light of that prior conviction, I don’t see where “recommendations” that involved the parents being trusted to do anything other than abuse and neglect their children made any sense at all.
    And the parents are considered a flight risk ? I trust that means they are sitting in jail with a very steep bond ? How about adding accessory to murder charges ?

  • Yup

    I agree that the c.p.s. has a hard job there are too many low life’s out there sucking money out of the system intended to give people a hand up the true problem is us standing by letting these people who are on social aid make more money than us and get bigger tax returns. They get health care free housing free food free cash assistance free file taxes more free money more kids more money. Where will it end we need to stand up against our giving tree state and government and tell them it’s enough.

  • Linda

    Not only did this child’s parent fail him as well as the system failed him. The parents should get charged and CPS should also get charged (the case worker) should go to jail. A another nine your child lost his life because of all involved in this case. Ignorance…

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