“We just want you to come home,” says mom of missing Marshall teen

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MARSHALL, Mich. — The parents of a missing 14-year-old girl going into her sophomore year at Marshall High School made a plea for their daughter’s safe return home.

The Marshall Police Department held a news conference Tuesday afternoon in Calhoun County to brief the media on the search for missing Hannah Marie Amaro.  Investigators said she disappeared Saturday and she has not had any contact with friends or family.

    Hannah's parents, Amy and Carlos, during Tuesday's news conference.

Hannah’s parents, Amy and Carlos, during Tuesday’s news conference.

“Hannah, if you’re watching this we love you, we miss you and we just want you to come home.  We just want you to be safe.  Just call one of us and let us know please.  We love you,” said Amy Ellis alongside Hannah’s father, Carlos during the news conference.

“We’re getting several different tips.  Whatever those are we follow up on.  We have not been able to confirm anything on her exact location. This search is going local and beyond, of course, because at this point we have nothing to substantiate her exact where abouts,” said James Schwartz, Marshall Department of Public Safety.  “It’s what we haven’t found that has raised our concern.” hannah amaro

A task force comprised of more than 20 officers was formed Tuesday comprised of the Marshall Police Department, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police and the FBI.

“Through this investigation you know there is certain people that you talk to more than others. She has a couple of male friends that we have spoken with.  Do we think she is in danger?  This is highly unusual for her.  She usually contacts with phone she has it with her all the time.  There has been no contact by facebook, email or texting which is highly unusual that is why we have called a task force,” said Schwartz.

“Through this investigation you know there is certain people that you talk to more than others.  She has a couple of male friends that we have spoken with,” he said.

Hannah’s mom said, “She’s a happy girl.  She loves to be on the phone.  She loves to be on Facebook with her friends.”

400 block Green Street, Marshall, Mich.

400 block Green Street, Marshall, Mich.

Earlier Tuesday, family members told FOX 17 News Hannah might have gotten into a truck with a man named Vic.  Family members said he is from Georgia and the pair met on a dating website.  The director of public safety said that information is not correct.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited children stated on its website, “Hannah may be with a male companion.”

The following is a timeline of events in the disappearance of Hannah Marie Amaro:

  • Last seen Saturday at 10 a.m. at father’s home in the 400 block of Green Street, Marshall.   That is when the father left the home to run errands.
  • Her mother said that Hannah was supposed to spend the night with her best friend Saturday night.
  • On Sunday morning, when family members didn’t hear from Hannah, they became alarmed.
  • There was no sign of a struggle at the home, said police.
  • Media were contacted Monday evening about the missing teen.

During the news conference, investigators said there is no reason to believe there were any problems at the house.  news conference

Hannah is described as a white female standing 5’3″ and weighing 130 pounds, with brown hair with red and blue stripes, and hazel eyes. Family members say she looks more Hispanic and is closer to 180 pounds and she looks older.

Anyone with any information about Hannah Marie Amaro is being asked to call 911.



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  • Brandine Butlicker

    I was wondering what kind of mom would let her fourteen year old daughter look like that.

    It all makes sense now. I hope they find her.

  • alias jones

    @Brandine haha it’s funny you should ask–that is the same mom that once criticized MY parenting style!! But hey! I know where my kids are! AND they have the sense to consult me before/instead of making stupid decisions! Just glad this girl was found and is safe!

  • 111orchard

    What kind of horrible people are you that you’re going to criticize a mom while her child is missing? Wth? Grow up. Does it MATTER what a mom looks like? Does it MATTER at all? This mom went through hell for days – and you’re here making fun of her. I think this says way more about you than it does about her.

    Shannon Dingee-Kramer
    Founder, Missing You Foundation

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