GR gun expert on nine-year-old fatal Uzi shooting: “stupid, foolish”

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – It's a shocking tragedy that's made headlines around the country: a nine-year-old girl accidentally shooting and killing a weapons instructor at a gun range in Arizona on Monday.
The weapon the girl was using - and other circumstances surrounding the accidental death of 39-year-old Charles Vacca - are stirring up controversy.
It happened while Vacca was showing the girl how to shoot an Uzi submachine gun. She and her family visited the range from New Jersey. The tragic accident was caught on video.
An investigation into the incident has been completed -- and there won't be any charges filed. Vacca's death is being considered an "industrial accident." OSHA and the ATF are both looking into it.
Even weapon experts are asking why a nine-year-old girl was using an Uzi in any situation, including Gregg Glasco, manager of Barracks 616 in Grand Rapids.
"On a fully automatic weapon - like she was shooting - once you squeeze the trigger, the gun tends to just keep sawing its way up if you’re not physically strong enough to hold it down," Glasco said.
Investigators say the nine-year-old lost control, shooting Vacca in the head.
Glasco says the child should never have been handling the automatic weapon.
"An Uzi was made by the Israelis," he says. "It’s a very durable gun made for desert warfare."
The submachine gun is capable of firing 900 rounds a minute.
Glasco says there’s a gun for everybody - and smaller children should shoot smaller guns with smaller bullets.
Children as young as 10 shoot at Barracks 616, but never a weapon that powerful. That's something gun advocates - and those pushing for stricter gun laws - seem to agree on.
"That was stupid, foolish. Too much weapon, too little of child, no experience," Glasco says.
A tragedy stirring up the gun debate - and serving as a warning to parents making that personal decision whether or not to let their child shoot a gun.
"It’s hard for an average guy who's in boot camp to get his Army-issued automatic weapon and keep it on target," Glasco says. "It takes a lot of training to keep that muzzle flat."
"Giving it to a nine-year-old is ridiculous."

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  • idunno

    idunno i think there should be a LAW making the aPARENT who TRAIN and provide weapons to children, will be LIABLE if the little demon goes on a shooting RAMPAGE???? After all they TRAINED them????? Like kids have the MENTAL CAPACITY to understand something as DANGEROUS as GUNS…..

    • Mystrymeat

      She didn’t go on a shooting rampage. It was a bad move by the instructor to put that gun in her hands. He should have known she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Watch the video. You dunno nothing. No one was provoked. It was clearly accidental. Your commentakes you sound dumb. People claim they can read, but choose not to actually read.

    • Concerned

      Kids don’t have the “mental capacity” to understand something as “dangerous” as guns? First off most adults lack a certain “mental capacity” to even put together full legiable statements as noted above. Thats evident, but as for guns and the ability to understand danger or tell right from wrong, I would hope at nine years old the ability to destinguish wouldbe there. Now it is the parents choice as weather to educate their childeren on firearms and safety this appears to be the case. However I do not believe someone with inadequate training be it either you, me, or a nine year old has any buisness on the functioning end of a fully loaded automatic weapon such as an UZI. Accidents happen is this seems to be the case here, but it could have been prevented. As for your statement to hold parents that “trained” these “little deamons” to go on shooting rampages. This could not be any mote stereotypically wrong than me pointing out that because your opinionated statement riddeled with errors must mean that you are uneducated thus you must live on welfare and food stamps and you must be fat, lazy, and sit around all day with nothing better to do than make stereotypical statements right? Wrong that might be incorrect and also wrong of me to say. However I do believe that young childeren such as the one in this case when properly educated on firearms and safety, have a far less significant chance of “going on a rampage” then those who’s parents did not care half as much and just sat their childeren in front of the TV playing “Grand Theft Auto” In my honest opinion the internet is a far more dangerous tool than a gun yet every child has access to an Ipad or computer by age six now and they can get in a lot more trouble or shall we call it “danger” with improper training and supervision on the imternet than I ever did recreationally shooting my .22 rifle at their age. So I believe that education and responsibility play a huge roll in how people treat and react to guns not stereo types and uneducated statements such as the one above. Get the facts before you form an opinion and once you form an opinion please do not push it off on someone else, let them get the facts and form their own opinion. There is no place in this world for comments such as the one listed above it is just ignorance and lack of education flowing through a keyboard.

  • idunno

    idunnoThatUrMindsAreSoJadedAndTwistedThatUdon”tEvenBegin2UnderstandTheConceptOfCommonSense….. Like TheBulletsActuallyStopRightAfterTheTarget&NooneEverGetsHitByAStray????? OhWaitAmiNuttCouldThatBulletBeConsidered a STRAY?????? LetsSee(*_*)What’sTheCommonDenominatorNallTheseSchoolShootings???? AllOfEmHadDUMBerParentsThatLetThierImmatureI”llShowULetsSayKidsHaveFullAccessTooAllThereGuns…… BeingNaive&DenseShouldNotProtectUFrom…. CommonSenseLaws. TheWholePremiseOfKidsFeelin&ShootGuns is irresponsibleOnSoManyLevels….ButTheOnlyTimeUgonnaRealizeiTisWhenTheyHaveitPointed@U?????2Late.

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