Apartment ceiling collapses; renter says management could have prevented it

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. -- Daniel Garvin lives in Oldebrook Apartments in Wyoming.

The complex is managed by Beztak Properties based in Farmington Hills.

Garvin said he and his wife informed management about his caving, cracking ceiling. He said a maintenance man was sent to take a look. However, he said no work was done to prevent the collapse.

His renters insurance won't pay. Garvin said that's because management knew of the problem. He wants management to compensate him for damages.

Watch the video for the full story.

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  • Robert Stack

    I am a former resident of Oldebrook Apartments,They have always reacted quickly to any issues myself or my Neighbors had in an Emergency situation.I am sure YOU probably are upset that this took Place, However,I can Hardly believe You and Your Family and friends had to Clean up the Mess.We had a water pipe break in the middle of the night and they were there within minutes,cleaned up the mess,fixed the issue and even had my carpet cleaned the Following day.If you had problems with them in the past,Why were you still Living there? It seems quite strange you would stay..Did you Even Have Insurance?I still am in contact with my old Neighbors and they have said the same,They are quick to react to an emergency situation..

    • Robert Stack

      After hearing all of your stories on all of the Local news Channels I am amazed!! We lived in the same building as you when you transferred to your current apartment.My wife and I on several occasions had spoken to you,listen to you complain about numerous neighbors,Overheard your conversations with other renters,and Your Very Loud Phone conversations while you stood out on your porch.Admit it,You are a Person that no matter what,You would never be satisfied.We didn’t Move because of Bad Management,but because We bought a Home.I Know Bad Managers when I see them.They would have let you sit in the after effects for months.This was clearly repaired quickly.I have friends that still live at The Apartments and they have always been treated Fairly and with Respect.I understand it was a horrible thing to happen,So is a flood or a Tornado,but to Make people look like they are not cooperating,when they clearly are is just WRONG

  • Emily

    We contacted management about the ceiling slowly sagging over a week before it actually collapsed. We sent them pictures of a crack that also formed and they wrote up a work order but the contractor never showed up. We have renters insurance but we were denied since the apartment complex had knowledge of the situation and failed to act. The ceiling in our first apartment also collapsed due to a water leak so they moved us to a new apartment very quickly but they told us we had to sign a new lease for a year and a half. They were very helpful the first time we had trouble so we decided to stay. Also it was a sunday night when this all happened and only two guys with shovels showed up to help us clean. Thanks god my family lives nearby and was able to get a trailer to put our stuff in. It was an absolute nightmare that could have been easily avoided.

  • Charlie

    that tv didn’t look smashed to me. Neighbors say you had modernistic carpet cleaners in your place to ‘professionally’ clean your ‘ruined’ couch and lazy boy and carpet. Where do you come up with 3000 in damages?

    • Emily

      Well if you want to take a look at everything yourself it will all be in the dumpster in a couple of days. You can have the broken tv and the furniture covered in cellulose. You’ll just break into a rash if you sit on anything and you can stare at a tv that won’t even turn on anymore.

  • Rebecca Guenther

    This was indeed a very unfortunate situation. As the recently hired apartment management company, we can assure you that the ownership group takes great pride in the Oldebrook Apartments community. Due to issues unrelated to this event, Beztak Properties was brought into manage this property in February of this year. The ownership group invested in a new roof on this particular building which was completed about 18 months ago under the direction of the former management company. Upon recent inspections performed under the direction of Beztak Properties, it was learned that the new roof may not have been properly vented during the roof replacement which most likely contributed or caused this incident. We have been working diligently with contractors and insurance companies to correct these issues. In regards to Mr. Garvin, we have been working hand in hand with him to properly and professionally clean his apartment and belongings and resolve his concerns regarding reimbursing him for lost items. Mr. Garvin, who clearly had no fault in this incident, should not be harmed by this incident and Beztak Properties will advance to him all of the reasonable costs to replace his belongings in exchange for all of his rights against the insurance company which has denied his claim.

  • Mandie

    I doubt the damages were that bad, and there were only a few nicks on the TV from what I saw. Nevertheless, Oldebrook apartments are a dump. I was a former tenant myself and found numerous problems in my building not to mention my unit all of which were ignored. Certain you two are owed damages by your insurance company/apartment complex. But trying to squeeze excess cash that what you deserve is appalling. Hiring a lawyer would have sufficed instead of taking this to the news stations.