Live – Sentencing of Jeffrey Willis for murder of Jessica Heeringa

Woman must testify in Dahlinger murder trial as part of plea deal

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dahlinger suspects

Danyell Thomas (left) and Dijana Kilic (right)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A 25-year-old woman was ordered Tuesday to testify against her former boyfriend in the upcoming John Dahlinger murder trial.

Dijana Kilic will also be released from jail in November as part of that plea deal, according to the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office.

Officials say Kilic was working as a prostitute Oct. 16, 2013 when she distracted Dahlinger while Danyell Thomas broke into his condominium on Krislin Dr. NE.

Kilic pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy to commit armed robbery.  She testified that she texted Thomas about the alleged crimes while she was with Dahlinger.


John Dahlinger

According to officials, Kilic fled when Thomas pulled a gun on the 56-year-old West Michigan businessman and testified that she heard a gunshot.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Kilic has been in jail since November 2013 and will be released Nov. 5.   She received five years probation in addition to the jail sentence.

Thomas is scheduled to go to trial Dec. 1 for Dahlinger’s murder.

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