Finding a forever home for Dylan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - 14-year-old Dylan walks into his interview with FOX 17 in a suit, not trying to impress our staff,  but hoping to impress that special family to make him one of their own.

“I like making good appearances,” he says.

On top of his charm and wardrobe, the eighth grader promises to cook and help around the house once he finds a family to call his own again.

"When I was little, my mom and dad had a fight, and the police ended up showing up and took me away," he says.

He's spent the last six years searching for parents to love.

Dylan says he'd like a mom and dad, a few brothers--and a dog. "I like all dogs, but my favorite is golden retrievers," he says.

Dylan says he’ll be up cooking breakfast for his forever family and already has the first dinner picked out to impress his new brothers and sisters: chicken parmesan.

Dylan is extremely polite and loves reading and being outdoors. It’s through the adventures in books that Dylan travels: He has dreams of visiting Paris one day.

But his desires are closer to the heart: "The dad to throw the baseball in the backyard, and maybe the entire family going camping, Ad also, I like kayaking," he says.

Dylan says his "go-with-the-flow" attitude will be a perfect addition for any family.

"I’m really smart, and I'm really outgoing, and also I’m just fun to be around. And I’m really helpful," he says. "I'm kind and caring, and I've got a lot of good jokes."

If you're interested in adopting Dylan or any other child, call Orchards Children’s Services at 855-694-7301.

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  • jaimie avery-lindsley

    I want dylan my husband and i would be pleased to take him please help me find out what i have to do i want him to be a part of our family

    • Casey

      You have to go.through michigans adoption process……it is a slow process and will take about 4 to 5 months to complete before visitations can begin…me and my husband have had ours waiting to be approved for.three months now

  • jaimie avery-lindsley

    I already love dylan and i used to have him as a baby and babysit him we have a family he will love and we will love him so much

    • Julie E

      My husband and I adopted a sibling group of four that I knew from working in the school system. We already had a bond, especially with the youngest who had been in my class. They prefer to connect kids with people that they have already developed a connection with. I encourage you to contact his worker via the mare website.

  • Lauren McDonald

    I called and left a message for information last night! I’m excited! I know he would love it here and having him here would be such a blessing for my husband and I!

  • Beth

    I sure hope all of these families that are saying how he would fit in great with there family will follow through, he seems like a wonderful young boy who needs a forever family sooner than later!!! Bless all of You

  • Brandi

    He is a wonderful young man! Just like he was a wonderful baby and boy! I know for a fact that everyone in his biological family does love him and would have him back with them in an instant if the state checked to see that the parents have changed and would give them a second chance! But we all know that the state doesn’t give you that second chance so now all I can hope for is that he knows that he is loved by his first family and that he will find that second family that will love him just as much as he is already loved.

    • jaimie avery-lindsley

      Were involved with the workers and process now whatever gods plan is may he be blessed and treated well wether it be with us or another family

  • Lou

    May I ask that anyone saying they will welcome Dylan into their home, if unsuccessful could you please apply to give another child a forever home as there are hundreds of kids around the world desperate for
    A place they can call their forever home.