Neighbors: Dog ‘jumped for its life’ from second story window

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. - Seven dogs and two cats seemingly living alone with only bags of dog food and on occasional visit for their owner.

That's what police said they found inside a home on East Avenue South, near downtown Battle Creek.

Sgt. Jim Martens with the Battle Creek Police Department said a dog jumped from the second story of a duplex to the cement below, getting the attention of neighbors who then called police.

"It appeared to be ematicated," said Sgt. Martens.   "Ribs showing, it was a small dog."

Police said the conditions of the home led them to believe the animals were abandoned for a week or so.

"There was garbage, there was a dog found in the closet with feces," said Sgt. Martens.  "It didn't appear there was anyone living there.  There was a bag of dog food but it appeared the larger dogs in the house had eaten most of the food."

Neighbors we spoke with were surprised that this many animals were found living in the apartment.

"It's out of hand," said one neighbor, Thomas Irons.  "I think she was just an animal lover and she just kept them close to her.  As far as letting it get out of hand I figure it should of have been handled before that."

According to police the dogs are now in the care of animal control.

Police said they are still in the process of tracking down the owners of the dogs and they could face felony charges.

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  • Freedom*lover

    Show the Bast@rds faces who did this why don’t you? What is going on with all of the abuse toward little animals and children as well?
    I have not seen as many atrocities such as this ! 2014 seems to have been the year for such horrible things! It stinks and so do these monsters who are committing these heinous crimes!

    • jewlzzz

      It’s called no accountability my friend. We are inundated with BS excuses for criminals and their behavior. They live behind the veils provided by mental health field and instead of dealing with it, it is excused. The biggest pieces of garbage in existence on this planet are the so called humans. I have no faith in there being a future for my kids…….

  • No PC for me

    How about the complete story ?
    How about a story on the RASH of dog thefts that used as bait dogs for dog fight?
    How about the names and faces of those responsible, or is that against the law now?

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