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Investigation underway after photos of West Michigan students involved in sex acts go viral

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. — FOX 17 has confirmed police in Wyoming have launched an investigation after sexually explicit pictures allegedly involving Grandville High School students surfaced on social media over the weekend.

The pictures show two individuals involved in a sexual act with several others standing nearby watching. The posts have ignited a firestorm online with hundreds of thousands of tweets and responses and have since gone viral.

FOX 17 is still working to learn the specifics of the investigation but a source close to it said it is possible police will be filing criminal sexual conduct charges against individuals involved.

Wyoming police are involved in the investigation because the incident apparently happened in Wyoming near the border of Grandville, not far from the high school football field, according to sources.

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  • Ann

    My daughter attends Grandville and she showed my husband and i the photos on FB. Absolutely disgusting and appalling to see children engaging in what we saw. I am glad we dont let our children out in public without us and glad she was home safe with us…..

    • curious

      You sound overprotective. Teach your kid values. Its up to them to out them to use. Otherwise when they hit college they’ll break out of that shell and be 5 times worse off.

    • Poule

      Sounds like a nice remake of Virgin Suicide to me. Your children will grow up and do stuff you’d frown upon whether you like it or not, so as Curious said, rather than overprotecting, smothering and locking them in a bubble, be comprehensive, teach them, and let them be. They are not toys nor princes/princesses.

    • William

      I am continuously amazed at the number of people whose attitudes about sex (teen sex?) go from ‘I can’t wait’ at 16, to ‘absolutely disgusting’ once they become parents.

      I, on the other hand, find the loss of the ability to put together a coherent sentence, by so many here, to be “absolutely disgusting”.

      > ” I am glad we dont let our children out in public without us and glad she was home safe with us”

      LOL, with that kind of sheltering, you are REALLY going to be ‘absolutely disgusted’ when you discover what YOUR children do once they are out from under your control.

      I urge you to do a little research on what happens to over-protected kids once they become ‘free range’ adults.

    • Aaron Helisek

      So you requested that your daughter show you pictures of her underage classmates conducting sexual acts? Sounds like your the one who needs help.

      • Lisa

        I totally Aaron! My daughter told me about on Saturday night but I sure as hell didn’t ask her to show the pics to me. This is a sad situation all around but any parent who think “not my kid” is in for a shock because these kids could be ANYONE’S kids. Teenagers make mistakes, as do all people. It’s not our place to judge the kids or the parents.

  • curious

    Stupid kids. Keep it in the bedroom, on the couch, or in the car… Whoever took the pictures is at fault. This generation coming up is soo messed up.

    • shocked

      I think she is actually at fault… She is proud of this as you can tell my her twitter. Shes saying she hopes she gets famous from this & shes the one who posted the pictures..

          • shocked

            Are you saying you think that could be her excuse for her actions? Or are you just throwing that fact out there to add onto it? sorry.. cant tell thru internet.

          • Decker

            Was just throwing that fact out there.

            I personally don’t agree with any of these choices made by my fellow peers. I’m sad to see my generation do work upon this disorderly conduct.

          • Poule

            “Your generation” doesn’t “work upon disorderly conduct”, we’re only living in a world where, thanks to technology, it’s much easier to hear and see the realities of teenagers mistakes. Youngster “misbehaviour” have always been a reality, we can find traces of it in 3000 BC Mesopotamia’ literature, and it was probably a reality aswell in the dozens and hundreds of thousands years before that. Even a very quiet and reasonable teenager back then (I’m now 30), I know I’ve been too. It’s part of the process of growing up.

        • BRE

          Unless she has been on drugs and drunk non-stop since the incident, neither of those things are an excuse as she was very proud of herself days after the event. Should we feel sorry for her? Illegal drugs, under-aged drinking and proud of public display of sexual acts…her parents must be so proud. Raised a winner there.

        • Alysia

          That’s what I said it is her fault for doing it and getting that messed up but the person who took the pictures are at fault becuz she was intoxicated maybe the shouldn’t take advantage of ppl

      • Johndeer

        This girl is so proud of herself. It doesn’t matter who took the pictures she posted them to HER Twitter and HER Instagram as well. Drunk and high or whatever she was does not make this okay at all. those pictures will be with her for the rest of her life.

    • Poule

      Yeah, because the former generations were so much different. Oh wait, actually they weren’t. They just weren’t living in a world with mobiles, facebook, twitter and such.

      • jem major

        It’s not the fact that many other people do things such as what happened, it’s the fact that there were photos taken and posted…this is considered child pornography which is NOT OK. Also maybe it’s not the generation to blame, but the people who are raising these kids.

        • Poule

          Yeah, now that’s something I can vouch for. It’s a matter of education and prevention. I just don’t like that simplistic point of view about how “the new generations are worse, the society is going down the drain, blah blah blah”. Nothing new, as far as we know about human history and parents-children relationships.
          Also, adolescence is that particular age when you learn and make a lot of mistakes. As a 30 years old guy, I know I’ve had my share of silly behaviours when I was a teenager. I’ve learned and changed.
          People and things are not “better” or “worse” then before, they are only changing, which can be uncomfortable and disturbing to a narrowminded spirit. I’m no better: even though I still feel young, I’m already in discomfort with some novelties. Fortunately, I’ve learned to step back and have a wider perspective about it, it helps to understand and embrace a more realistic view on life, people and society.

        • Poule

          Yeah, a claim as old as mankind, from the times of the invention of writing to modern days, with a worldwide literature full of these complaints about “sons not obeying their fathers and provoking the wreck of the civilization”, from ancient Greece to Mesopotamia, from ancient China to modern America. It was always “better before”, good ol’ story.

      • Sab

        It not that the older generation is better or anything like that, because all generations have their own wild ones going through their little phases. It’s just that this generation is growing up in a time that has everything “instant” .. sending pictures, videos, texting, posting what they’re doing, uploading through apps, etc. With all that easily at their fingertips, they thrive on e-fame, and they will do anything for the attention. They have grew up with the internet, some basically raised by it.

        What it all boils down to, is the fact that THAT is what the girl was going for. Internet “stardom” (in their heads they see it that way, of course). Regardless how stupid it is for when she gets older, all she is worried about is how many followers she will get, how many people will talk about her, and what kind of attention she can bring towards herself. Why else would she do this? Her Twitter alone has raked in 16 followers over the weekend .. just from this incident, and most of it is people praising her for what she has done (as if it is something to be proud about). Who KNOWS what else she will do to keep herself relevant once her 5 minutes are up.

        I believe that is the difference most are trying to say.

  • Cardinal

    I no longer attend Grandville, but I as a senior in high school still consider this my home territory..and I knew a lot of crap in Grandville happens.. but nothing of that scale. As party of the generation being brought into the adult world, I can say, I partake in adult activities..because I am nineteen and I do it privately with his I know won’t take advantage of me.. you can’t stop your kids from growing up, but you can change how you keep your eye on them.

  • concerned

    the fact that all your children have seen this should be an indication to get the hell off the internet and raise your children stop arguing about how vulgar it is and focus on your little ones

    • Poule

      “Getting off the internet” is not an answer, it’s putting your head in the sand. The answer is to educate your children and explain to them the consequences of such behaviour. It’s always been that way.

  • Bystander

    Lol I think it’s so funny that grown ass people have nothing better to do but sit around and talk about this child who obviously has issues if she is sending out pictures of herself engaged in sex acts… Go get a job or something. Judging a CHILD! And another big LOL to the people who say “I’m glad my children were safe at home with us” what’s gonna happen when they get out into the big bad world and you’re not around… Pathetic. It could happen to anyone’s children no matter how you raise them. There are so many kids that come from “good homes” that end up taking a bad path. People forget that children are their own person and eventually are gonna make their own decisions be that good or bad…

    • Thunder

      Agreed. This is a child. She is clearly acting out and clearly trying to get attention. She needs therapy and support, not adults making obscene comments. I’m so glad I went through my teenage rebellious stage before social media existed.

  • noone

    it’s funny no one ever watches there kids in grandville, i blame the parents for not even caring what they’re kids are doing hense why the hell i moved out of that fucked up town.

  • Drake

    Am I the only one who notices the apparent lack of acknowledgement that the boy involved had played a role as well? This will follow him as well and I’m sure his wife someday will love this photo showing up somewhere down the line. What about his and her friends? What kind of friends allow their friends to put themselves in this position? They are all guilty of being idiots. When I was a kid we watched out for our friends…especially when drunk. I hope this doesn’t wreck anyone’s future, but there are a lot of lessons to be learned here for EVERYONE that was there that night.

  • Wow

    Wow. Just wow. I am a Grandville parent and my son was at that dance. Know what he was doing? Yeah me either. BUT I have to trust he is not getting himself into trouble. Because if he does, it’s just that. HIM getting HIMSELF into trouble. HE will have to suffer the consequences of HIS actions. There comes a point when we have to allow our kids to grow. As parents we have to set the bar high and hope we taught them well enough to not do stupid things. People say stupid things all the time. People do stupid things all the time. We are all entitled to our opinions. I just hope this girl gets help and that she didn’t just screw up the rest of her life. People please don’t be naive. Just because your child’s school is not on the news for this, it doesn’t mean that it is not or has not happened. It happens everywhere! Unless you live under a rock. Then you are safe.

  • smh

    So glad i raised my kids with morals and so glad they dont attend grandville seems like there is alot of issues out there and apparently parents don know how to parent out there disgusting

    • Wow

      And it’s comments like that make you look stupid when your kids do bad things. Your right it is digusting. But again, I am a grandville parent and yes I do know how to raise my kids. I have graduated 2 sons. One was an AP student that graduated with honors never smoked or drank. He was very social and lettered in numerous sports. He attends a university with a full ride. The other is working to save for college (he slacked) that he has to pay for. My son in still in high school is a 9 time varsity letter winner, an academic letter winner and a marching band letter winner. But yeah we don’t know how to parent. I hope to god that one day I get judged based on how my kids turned out. Let’s not forget all the great students that come out of Grandville. There is good and bad everywhere. Now I’m the one SMH!

  • Lisa birtles

    This girl has Christian parents, go to Rez Life and she KNOWS better. I feel sorry for her parents for they are underserving of this. It always amazes me how the boys in these sleezy stories never get mentioned, like it’s fine for him to have a crowd around him while he’s getting oral sex performed on him like he’s a porn star. And you can tell the girl in pics has seen porn and tried to look like the girl’s do in porn. Makes me sick seeing this and know they go to Rez.

  • Drake

    Wow, just wow? This isn’t two kids going at it in the back seat after prom. There are potential consequences to that as well but whipping it out and getting it on in front of a crowd is not normal. Kids in the backseat may happen everywhere but as a spectator sport…not so much. This does not happen everywhere.

    Sure the internet enables one to broadcast their stupidity to the world, but that isn’t the problem either. All kids do stupid things from time to time. Some get caught in their own mess and suffer for it…some do not. But when they do get caught the right reaction, the one that actually helps is NOT the one that says…aww everyone is doing it you just got caught. The right reaction is to actually react in a loving way to make sure they learn from their mistakes. It is irritating to me that everyone is focused on the girl only too. She needs help, no doubt BUT Who screwed up here?….the girl, the boy, and all their friends who despite being there did nothing to attempt protect their friends from themselves. Who else? All the idiots who rebroadcast their mistake. A stupid mistake that happens to be illegal. Everyone involved screwed up and the first thing to do to learn from it is to acknowledge it….THEY ALL SCREWED UP.

    • Wow

      I don’t think any of this is normal or ok. I have no clue what was going through any of their minds. I agree that all the kids screwed up here. I should have been more clear. I meant there is bad everywhere. The degree may vary. But it’s still out there. Some people out there are missing the whole point and throwing out their judge mental statements. It’s what we are best at. Just because it’s not on the news doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And equally does not make it ok. Wether it’s drugs, sex or anything else……today it’s Grandville. Tomorrow it will be a different high school. Next year another. It’s easy to sit back and sing our shoulda coulda woulda song, myself included. I saw a cute poster that read “we used to worry about what kind of planet we would be leaving for our kids. Now we should worry about what kind of kids we are leaving for our planet”. This situation brought that poster to mind.

  • drake1967

    By the way, there are many great kids and parents at Grandville High School, more than likely including all those that did screw up. The point is, acknowledge mistakes and help others learn from them. This isn’t normal and so being defensive about your community, while understandable, is silly and avoids the real issue.

  • yup

    The truth to the story isn’t kids fucking around its that they don’t have shame or the sense to say no I am sickened that kids now don’t care it’s whatever not my problem. It’s our problem we will have kids that post sex pics and only can talk thru Facebook.

    • Poule

      Today’ kids does not “only talk through Facebook”, they are using it as another tool to communicate, the very same way we did with telephone. That “youngsters are only living in virtual worlds” claim is a misleading fallacy. I hardly understand the point of Twitter, for example, but I know for a fact that a lot of people does and make something out of it. I won’t apply a bad judgement to something for the mere reason that I don’t understand it, or the way it’s used.

    • Daniel

      Rick, how are we to know that all people involved gave “consent” to see the sexual act involving the boys private parts? These are potentially innocent children who are now associated with a pornographic image. I understand the complexity because we simply do not know how it all went down.

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