Cell phone video captures police using stun gun on bar fight suspect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A fight outside McFadden's bar Sunday ended with police using a stun gun to subdue a man before arresting him, and cell phone video is raising questions about whether or not appropriate force was used.

We took the video to Grand Rapids Police Lt. Pat Merrill, who said this is only a short clip that doesn’t represent the totality of what happened during the fight. He said the suspect assaulted the officer prior to being tased.

“Yeah, hands are exposed; whether that person was surrendering after already assaulting an officer and resisting a second officer would be something you would want to talk about, what their intent was at that moment,” Merrill said.

Three total arrests were made that night, but, Merrill said, the other two people were not tased.

Shaylon King

Shaylon King

Officers arrived to the scene for reports of a fight as the bar closed for the night, Merrill said. That's when Shaylon King, 22, allegedly brought an officer to the floor and repeatedly punched him in the head.  Eventually, King was tased, Merrill said.

Every time an officer with the Grand Rapids Police Department uses force, there is an internal review, which is underway, Merrill said.

So far none of the three suspects have filed any charges claiming police wrongdoing.

“(Officers) did an excellent job with the situation they were confronted with,” Merrill said.

None of the three men arrested nor the officers were hospitalized.  Police say they are also investigating other video of the fight that was captured that night.

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  • Taz him again

    Yeah…of course they din’t bother to video the attack on the cop.
    From what the video does show, the cop STILL had the right to taz the guy-
    Din’t yer mom teach you nuthin?

  • mr. Jones

    Well his last name is King, Rodney’s kin ??? This is another episode of an idiot getting less that he deserved. The cop should have bet the sh*t out of him the minute he made contact with the officer.

  • ky

    ARE ALL OF YOU STUPID? I mean seriously, the cops don’t give a fuck about any of you. Furthermore if you don’t know the whole story SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’ve never heard nor seen so many ignorant /racist comments in my life. How about all of you get a life. By the way this story is a lie!

  • CommonSense

    Ionia is a hotbed of trouble in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Drive in that area anytime around midnight and after and it’s nothing but problems, people fighting in the area of McFaddens and Coney every day. The only time it’s quiet, is in the cold, hard winter when people do not visit the great outdoors. Best just to skip the downtown area and what it represents these days, even with artprize in town. If people only took off their blinders and would pay attention to what is really going on around them, they would be surprised. No amount of cheap condos and rentals are going to change that area…..