Mother outraged to find daughter’s teddy bear filled with pins

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

bear-with-pinsCEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. - A West Michigan mother is reaching out to warn other parents about her scary close call.

Brianna Kreiter says she found straight pins inside a teddy bear she got for her daughter through an online yard sale Facebook page.

Kreiter says she was shocked and upset when they found the needles inside the teddy bear after her husband was poked while playing with their daughter.

“Her and my husband were playing with it and he got stabbed by a needle,” she said.

She says her mom was doing a stuffed animal drive for charity when she came across this multi-colored teddy bear, and picked it up for her daughter Paisley.

“She checked them all over made sure she only picked the best ones, the one that looked new,” she said.

She says the bear had been in Paisley's crib for weeks and when they cut it open, they found five more pins.

Kreiter says there's no way the pins could have been pushed into the bear from the outside. She said someone must have opened the bear, placed the pins inside and then sewn it shut.

She’s speaking out to all parents warning them to check their children’s new and used toys.

“She could have been poked, she had it in her crib, playing with it one day,” she said.

Paisley and Kreiter’s husband were unharmed by the pins.

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  • Anonymous

    I understand watching for pins, and I’m glad no one was hurt, thank goodness. I bet that was scary … And I guess people should check their bears … but this was not an intentional act. also -I don’t understand why Brianna collected stuffed animals for charity, but picked the ones that looked new for herself?

    • So many errors

      It says the Mother chose the best.

      Also it has been discussed on multiple garage sale sites that this was not intentional and the woman who DONATED them came forward and tried to find out what happened.

    • Jane

      I work with her mother, the donations were all for a family day at the dialysis lab, her daughter ended up winning it as a prize there. She did not take it for herself, this was worded very poorly

  • Sandra

    Well if you actually read the article, you would know that BRIAN AS mother collected the bears for a drive and SHE kept the nicest one for her grand daughter, which is Briannas daughter Paisley. Read the article first before making ASSumptions! This WAS intentional and it is obvious. Many prayers to the child and parents. May the grand mother not think too hard on herself.

    • So many errors

      Sorry Sandra you are wrong. They above text says that the Grandma checked them over and kept the best. It is implied that she kept the best for the people she was collecting them for. The actual broadcast said that as well in Brianna’s own words.

  • Brandy

    SHE didn’t pick out the best for her self her mothers was doing a stuffed animal drive for the paients at the dialysis place she works at her mother was the one who picked them up and went through them this was one that wasn’t chosen by a patient at the dialysis place and her mother gave it to Brianna for her daughter

  • amy

    If you look at the post on the facebook page, this was not done intentional. The administrators posted that the stuffed animal were tacked up on some board with pins in them. They got it all resolved a few days ago on the yard sale page. All parties agreed it was a complete accident and never intended or purposefully tried to hurt anyone. Man people will do anything to get on the news. So sad!!!!

  • Facts!

    The lady never tried to figure out what happened that’s 100% lies! Find 6 pins in your child’s stuffed animal and then you got room to talk! But yes keep ASSuming you got it all figured out!

    • ASSumer

      Oh – then perhaps that paragraph could’ve been written better. :) it absolutely was NOT intentional. It was discussed on many sites. However – intentional or not – we need to check our toys. Ps. I love how you use the word ASSume. It’s cute

  • lol

    Omg you guys are so damn funny first it was the lady who donated the bear her daughter was pinning clothes on the bear and that’s how the pins got there, now it’s they were pinned to a board wow I guess thoes Rockford admins will do anything to hide the truth to keep there reputation up, but hey that’s Rockford people in General.

    • for real?

      No one tried to hide anything. There are at least two posts about this in the group. Whoever said something about it being pinned to a board was mistaken. A young girl was pinning accessories on the bear and pushed the pins through. She forgot, and feels awful. Rather than accept a reasonable explanation, brianna would rather get her five minutes of fame.

  • pissed off mommy

    Oh that lady is lucky if that was my kids and I found pins in their Stuffedanimals iI would show up at her door with the police and press charges! She’s lucky the lady this happened to didn’t say her name on the news because I would have hell I’d take the camera crew with me as I confronted her lets see someone put needles in her kids toys and see how she feels anyone that sick to put a child in harm’s way doesn’t deserve to breath just a waste of air!!!!

  • Drama Queen

    Oh My Gosh! Guess whats happening today? oh yea, yea, this , that, must be THAT!

    (Next day)
    Oh My Gosh! Youll never believe what happened!

    (Next day)
    I can’t stand drama. Did you hear about so and so.

    TimE to stop being a high school drama queen. Theres so many witnesses with the garage sale accident. Grow up.

  • anonymous

    I do know for certain that this was an honest mistake as I have heard both sides of the story. Brianna was contacted by the individual and this individual apologized to her. She went ahead with this story anyway. We do not need this kind of fear being driven into our communities, the last thing we need is everyone being scared that there’s someone out their trying to harm our children. The only thing I got from this is that I am personally no longer donating to any kind of drive put on by someone I do not know that well. I will be donating directly to facilities only. Lesson learned.

    • anonymous

      Also, I should’ve put anonymous 2 because i am a different person than the first person who posted anonymous. After reading through this thread, I am reminded of why I don’t watch the news anymore. All the more reason to not want to watch or participate in ANY of it.

  • lol

    Yea 5 minutes of fame that’s what it was all about right? It wasn’t about her trying to warn people it could happen to anyone and warn them to check them out, not saying all people are bad but in the world we live in today I wouldn’t even trust Obama.

  • lol

    Re ANONYMOUS that’s some funny sh*t I hope you and your daughter can sleep after what you have done God I hope you never donate again if you do god please help those people there gunna need it. I will pray for you tonight.

    • anonymous

      Re: LOL, I did not donate the bear. My daughter and I will sleep just fine tonight. And as for the girl who actually donated the bear, I’m know she and her daughter had no ill intent. Also, the stereotyping about Rockford people? That is just an ignorant statement. There’s no LOL here, I think this whole thing has done more harm than good.

  • Jane

    I work with her mother, the donations were all for a family day at the dialysis lab, her daughter ended up winning it as a prize there. She did not take it for herself, this was worded very poorly

  • Thug life

    So it’s ok right cuz the b**** said it was an accident right, well then if someone shoots a dude but say it was an accident then that makes it ok right? Or if I hit someone with my ride it’s ok if I say it was an accident alls good, hell no! I ain’t no saint but c’mon lady take responsibility for ur mistake.

  • Lol

    Now there saying the lady used the bear as a pin cushion and that’s how the pins got inside the bear, I love how everytime the story is told on the fb groups how the pins got in the bear keep changing.

  • The voice of reason

    Have you ever played the game “telephone”? The more people talk about this story, the more different interpretations will be posted. It was not used as a pin cushion, that is not accurate. A young girl was pinning accessories to the bear while playing, found a place where the pins would fit in, and stuck them in there. It’s as simple as that. Mom didn’t know they were in there when she did a GOOD DEED by donating to a charity event. No malicious intent involved whatsoever. There are, or course, sensationalists who want to believe that there is some crazy person running around sewing needles into stuffed animals to intentionally harm kids, but that just isn’t the truth. And I find it a huge shame that Fox did a disservice to their viewers by promoting this sensationalist attitude and not investigating the incident further.

    • Amy Quiñones

      Amen! While I agree with what SHOULD have been their underlying message: All online sales sites are buyer beware, so please check your items carefully, even from thrift shops and second hand stores as ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN!!! Unfortunately, that was not the route FOX 17 took. Too many times stories that are not reported responsibly have a way of tearing a community apart and destroying lives. I would like to thank FOX 17 for one thing, they provided my children with a perfect example of a knee jerk reaction and how not getting all the facts, and making an uneducated statement/assumption, has consequences and side effects that can be devastating. I can’t even begin to imagine how the other person involved feels right now after being publicly humiliated and trashed, both online and now on the news, even AFTER they contacted the lady who found the pins, apologized, explained what happened and that it was a horrible accident, and that lady was relieved that there was no ill intent and that the mystery was solved. That should have been the end of it. This story has gotten way out of hand. FOX 17 owes the other person involved and the community a PUBLIC APOLOGY for not being more responsible in their reporting.

  • Lol

    Re: the voice of reason, omg REALLY how dare fox shame shame lol what a crock the girl found a spot they went in and then STUCK another 5 in the bear then didn’t say anything? Man you Rockford ppl sure do care about your reputation more then the fact that the girl KNEW they were in the bear then the FACT that SHE donated the bear KNOWING the pins were INSIDE the bear and instead of doing the RIGHT thing and telling her mother they were in the bear waited almost a MONTH when someone got poked to FINALLY come out with the truth, Smh, it’s all BS maybe that mother should actually supervise her child and KNOW what is going on before playing victim because if therws any victim here it’s that baby who was put in danger having that bear! So SHAME on that mother and her daughter for WAITING so long to tell the truth and Seriously she wouldn’t have come forward had the pins not been discovered. Sick sick sick!

    • Really?

      Why are you so hung up on reputation? I am not sure what that has to do with anything? Why would this affect “our” reputation, and why would we care? Oh, because everyone that lives in Rockford is rich and stuck up, right? Who is being judgmental now?

      The girl and her mother responded right away, they did not wait for anything.

  • Sarah

    What in the world is wrong with all of you, the fact is this lady found pins in her daughters bear. Accident or not I’m glad they wrote about this, I never would have thought to check for this sort of thing. You all should all be ashamed of yourselves for being to hateful. I complete agree with the above comment, no one deserves to be upset but this poor mother . Shame on you all

  • Sick of made up stories

    1. She found needles in the Bear (the way she found them is different in all her stories she said she found them before giving it to her daughter then changed to her husband found it but she found them)
    2) It was a donation (not paid for)
    3) when Brianna posted about it the donater came forward because she was generally sorry. Brianna then understood it was an accident so why go on acting like she had no clue how they got there
    4)She was kicked off of the garage sale page ( i heard not sure if she did because i can not see who she blocks but i heard she blocked admins from the page so that is why she was kicked off because one of the rules is you can not block any of them)
    5) The way she got the bear is different in many post even in hers
    6) an admin from the page tried on some of her build a bears and it is possible to stuff the pins through so it is possible the child forgot about them
    7)the news needs to get the whole story before reporting on it yes its good to check any toy new or used because honestly it can happen with new stuff too
    8)this lady who donated it said sorry and feels aweful so why make up a story for the news to report (its made up because even Brianna can’t say the same story , and i know stories can vary but the way she has gotten the bear has changed in her posts)
    9) I would love to see more research done on this story and an update
    10) I do not live in rockford so its not “rockford people” trying to cover it i saw the posts

  • Sarah

    I’ve seen the original posting and never once did she say she found them before giving them to her daughter, she said they checked them all over before bringing them to the dialysis lab, her daughter then got it there, not kept for herself. Her husband was playing with her daughter and was then poked after having it for a few weeks. Accident or not, why would you all not want to be made aware it could happen?!.
    As far as I’ve seen Brianna’s story has not changed

    • Kim

      The original post from the garage sale page or the one on her personal page because she has posted it in a couple places? Just wondering which post is all :)

    • story

      The story has changed on how she got it one place she said she got it because her mom picked it put for her, then she said she got it because it was left over amd now someone said she won it….i am not saying that she is bad for having this story its an eyeopener to all but it should atleast be the same story and how she believes it was intentional (because she said they can’t be pushed in they had to sewen them in when the issue was resolved and she agreed it was an accident is pretty hurtful to the person who donated it because that mother felt aweful about it and said how sorry she was she didn’t even have to come forward but she felt the need to apologize) Brianna could have warned people without saying that tid bit to make it sound like it was on purpose is all if she was just trying to warn everyone

  • Lol

    Briannas story hasn’t changed, and to clerify ALL BUILD A BEARS ARE DIFFERENT thank you, but like the rest you read what you wanted and believe what you wanted, everyone has there own oppinion and mine is that the mother and her daughter should be held more accountable for this situation! And as far as the news story FOX 17 contacted Brianna to do a story.

  • ABC

    If it was a terrorist attack it would be dressed as a muslem and have a bomb not pins, must be Bin Ladin back from the dead this is so GAY get a life PEOPLE you think posting your comments here is going to change anything? NO I’m opinions are like a$$holes. EVERYBODYS GOT ONE!

  • Ashley

    Come on people grow up, what is wrong with you? Is this really what our world has come to so much HATE and arguing over who’s right and who’s wrong? What happened to neighbor’s helping neighbors? Communities doing stuff together, it doesn’t matter if your black/white/blue/green, rich or poor we all need tocome ttogether it takes a village to raise a child but we have all lost sight of that it’s a sad cold cruel world we live in today very disappointed in everyone may god bless you all,

  • Brent

    I bought a stuffed animal from Kings Island and got stuck by a needle inside it. These things happen. Especially when quality control is non-existent.

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