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“Out of the Blue” ArtPrize memorial for dog attack victims stirs breed controversy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. –The ArtPrize entry, “Out of the Blue,” memorializes victims of fatal dog attacks; most of them were killed by pit bulls.

A row of crosses stands at Calder Plaza, displaying flowers and posters of the faces of dog attack victims.  The victims are people ages 10-weeks-old to 93-years-old who were killed this year.

Spectators gave FOX 17 mixed reviews: either agreeing with its message or saying  that it further stereotypes the breed.

The artist Joan Kowal called her art a pay-it-forward piece.  She is hoping to raise awareness for dog attack victims and educate pet owners on proper pet management.

“These people need love,” said Kowal. “We cannot keep forgetting about these people.”

The victims in the memorial were attacked by Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs and mixed breeds, but mostly by pit bulls. Kowal said she is only reporting what the family of the victims have reported.

“The way we have dealt with the increased attacks by bullied breeds is by this kind of strange dysfunctional family stuff that says hey, let’s just hide it, and persecute the people who bring this to light,” said Kowal.

Former pit bull owners like Ramona Farmer visited this exhibit with her family. Farmer said it brought tears to her eyes knowing that these people were killed and how loyal her pit-bulls were.

“When I would walk her anywhere she was always right next to me,” said Farmer. “So (pit bulls) are very loyal dogs, but like I said, I think that some of them are misunderstood.”

Yet the picture the art paints Farmer said is accurate. She said she has seen many types of personalities in the breed, and chooses to keep her young children away from them.

“Me being a person that likes pit bulls, I don’t see anything wrong with it because it’s true,” said Farmer.

At the end of the exhibit, Kowal placed fliers advocating for proper pet management. Research studies are quoted, including research from the Journal of Veterinary Medical Association that said there is “no evidence that one kind of dog is more likely to injure a human being than another kind of dog.”

Kowal said a pastor will be at the exhibit on Saturday at 6 p.m. to lead a prayer for victims of dog attacks.

Then on Sunday at 10 a.m. a group will lead a protest at the exhibit, see their Facebook page, ART PRIZE: Don’t bully my bully.

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  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    In North America, from 1982-2013, Pit Bull breeds and mixes have seriously attacked 2,990 humans that resulted in 1,777 maimings and 275 deaths.

    The bullmastiff is a Pit bull type dog with the same genetic makeup and danger of a pit bull.
    The Bullmastiff was a cross of 40% Old English Bulldog or pit bull type dog and 60% English Mastiff

    In North America, from 1982-2013, Bullmastiffs have been responsible for 105 serious attacks on humans, resulting in 61 maimings and 15 deaths.
    In North America from 1982-2013, Rottweilers were responsible for 514 attacks on humans, resulting in 81 deaths.
    Rottweiler mixes were responsible for 30 attacks on humans, resulting in 4 deaths
    The following is a list of the top 10 dog breeds involved in dog attacks in the U.S. and Canada involving humans from September 1982 to December 31, 2013, based on a larger table compiled by Merritt Clifton, former editor of Animal People, an animal rights charity/news group. Clifton now is the editor of Animals 24-7.

    A Bullmastiff is considered a pit bull type dog and a pit bull mix between a pit bull and a mastiff and is 40% pit bull.

    Breed ****** Attacks doing bodily harm ****** Maimed ****** Deaths
    1. Pit bull **********2792 ***********************677 **********263
    2. Rottweiler *******514 ************************294 **********81
    3. Bull Mastiff ******105 ************************61 ***********15
    4. German Shepherd 102 **********************63 ***********15
    5. Wolf Hybrid ******85 *************************49 ***********19
    6. Akita **************68 ************************50 ************8
    7. Boxer *************62 ************************29 ************7
    8. Chow *************58 ************************39 ************7
    9. Pit bull/Rottweiler mix 50 ********************15 ************15
    10.Labrador ********50 *************************39 ************3

    The report states that the numbers are compiled from press accounts dating to 1982. It only includes attacks by dogs of clearly identified breed type or ancestry, as designated by animal control officers or others with evident expertise, which have been kept as pets. All accounts are cross-checked by date, location and identity of the victim, according to the report.

    Attacks by police dogs, guard dogs and dogs trained specifically to fight are not included in the report.
    About 31,400 dogs attacked about 61,500 other animals in the U.S. in 2013, killing 43,500 and seriously injuring 18,100.
    The animals killed included about 12,000 dogs, 8,000 cats, 6,000 hooved animals, and 17,000 other small domestic animals, primarily poultry.

    The seriously injured included about 12,400 dogs, 4,000 cats, and 1,700 hooved animals. Few small mammals and poultry survived reported dog attacks.

    Pit bulls inflicted 99% of the total fatal attacks on other animals (43,000); 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520); 95% of the fatal attacks on livestock (5,700) and on small mammals and poultry (16,150); and 94% of the fatal attacks on cats (11,280).
    About 30,000 pit bulls were involved in attacks on other animals, many of them killing multiple other animals.

    There are about 3.2 million pit bulls in the U.S. at any given time, according to the annual Animal24-7 surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption via online classified ads.
    Thus in 2013 about one pit bull in 107 killed or seriously injured another animal, compared with about one dog in 50,000 of other breeds.

    Nationally, fatal and disfiguring attacks by dogs from shelters and rescues have exploded from zero in the first 90 years of the 20th century to 80 since 2010, including 58 by pit bulls, along with 22 fatal & disfiguring attacks by other shelter dogs, mostly Rottweilers & bull mastiffs.
    Altogether, 33 U.S. shelter dogs have participated in killing people since 2010, including 24 pit bulls, seven bull mastiffs, and two Rottweilers.

    The only dogs rehomed from U.S. shelters to kill anyone before 2000 were two wolf hybrids, rehomed in 1988 and 1989, respectively.
    Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to May.25, 2013.
    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Study highlights
    Pit bull type dogs make up only 6% of all dogs in the USA.
    The combination of Pit Bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids and other Pit Bull Type Dogs:

    84% of attacks that induce bodily harm.
    75% of attacks to children.
    87% of attack to adults.
    72% of attacks that result in fatalities.
    80% that result in maiming
    Merritt Clifton Editor Of Animals24-7:
    I have logged fatal & disfiguring dog attacks in the U.S. and Canada since September 1982.
    Of the 4,999 dogs involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks on humans occurring in the U.S. & Canada since September 1982, when I began logging the data, 3,453 (68%) were pit bulls; 556 were Rottweilers; 4,285 (85%) were of related molosser breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, mastiffs, bull mastiffs, boxers, and their mixes.

    Of the 567 human fatalities, 299 were killed by pit bulls; 87 were killed by Rottweilers; 430 (75%) were killed by molosser breeds.
    Of the 3,040 people who were disfigured, 2,126 (68%) were disfigured by pit bulls; 327 were disfigured by Rottweilers; 2,606 (84%) were disfigured by molosser breeds.

    Pit bulls–exclusive of their use in dogfighting–also inflict more than 70 times as many fatal and disfiguring injuries on other pets and livestock as on humans, a pattern unique to the pit bull class.
    Fatal and disfiguring attacks by dogs from shelters and rescues have exploded from zero in the first 90 years of the 20th century to 80 in the past four years, including 58 by pit bulls, along with 22 fatal & disfiguring attacks by other shelter dogs, mostly Rottweilers & bull mastiffs.

    The only dogs rehomed from U.S. shelters to kill anyone, ever, before 2000 were two wolf hybrids in 1988 and 1989. 33 U.S. shelter dogs & one U.K. shelter dog have participated in killing people since 2010, including 24 pit bulls, seven bull mastiffs, and two Rottweilers.

    Surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption indicate that pit bulls and pit mixes are less than 7% of the U.S. dog population; molosser breeds, all combined, are 9%.

      • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

        The point is, other dogs bite and release causing a band aid or a stitch or two, it is only Pit bulls and Pit bull crosses and others like Bullmastiffs, Rotts etc. that attack and can not change their Genetic reality to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

        These are the kind of attacks that BSL is designed to stop and they do so very successfully, they are not meant to stop everyday minor fear bites from normal dogs as those are not the attacks that pit bull type dogs carry out.

        That is the big difference in the outcome and should result in a completely different attitude towards these dogs and why they should be banned outright.

        The stats are very clear and accurate and show this reality even if you want to put your head in the sand, it still is what it is.

        • Debra

          Of course, Tom, you are a DBO advocate. Only those who have something untrue too prove look so long and hard at statistics. They live and breathe stats, as that is all they have. Since you love stats so much, have you ever looked at the reverse side? Not all stats support bad behavior. If you present one side of the story, you should in due diligence, present the other side….unless you are afraid to.

          Yes, dogs do bite. Yes, the bully breeds are strong, as are many of our large breed dogs. Do I advocate that everyone own a bully dog – NO! You should always be smarter than your dog, and too many bully owners have no understanding of any type of dog – human interaction. People are responsible for these dog bites, just as the shooter is responsible, not the gun.

          The fact of the matter is, a dog is a dog is a dog. There is absolutely no truth in the myth that pit bulls jaws lock, there is no evidence that this entire breed is evil or inherently vicious. Your unfounded fear is based in your lack of education and exposure to this breed. Colleen Lynn has an agenda, always has. She wants one thing and one thing only – total inhalation of a breed of dog. She will not rest until she fabricates enough lies to support her case.

          Instead of trying to kill off every pit bull, or bully type, we should all be doing what we can to advocate for the end of dog fighting, the end of irresponsible dog ownership, the over breeding of dogs for profit, the torture and killing of innocent animals in the name of BSL. These are worthy causes! These are causes that promote the “good”, not the “fear” and “hatred” that DBO promotes.

          I pray that one day the people of this great nation will stop listening, and following, hearsay as truth. I pray that we each take the time to find the truth, and not believe everything we read or hear. I pray that one day we see the light, and stop living in unfounded fear.

    • Christy

      I’m so glad that those within the artistic community are able to bring attention to the victims of fatal dog attacks. This is a very thought provoking project. I hope we see more from this artist.

      • Debra

        Joan “Jaloney” Kowal or Caldwell is not an artist. She is a anti-pit bull activist who is using Art Prize, the great City of Grand Rapids, the public , and the victims she claims to memorialize, to further her personal propaganda of hate and fear.
        She has lied, and taken the media and it’s stories out of context to support her POV.
        Joan, whatever her real name is, is a liar and a fake!

    • Megan

      Human Males in the US commit 90% of homicides and violent crimes in the US. Should we be afraid of all males?? We are the higher intelegence that know right from wrong. Dogs, any breed rely on humans to learn right and wrong. Most of these dog attackes come from bad owners, and yet no one is holding them accountable. Stop spreading hate if you’ve never owned a Pit Bull. I have three and they are so kind and gentle.

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    32 People dead by dog attack in 2014
    Pit bull type dogs killed 29 of them.
    17 killed by pit bull type dogs of the 30 dead are children.

    Stars indicate people killed by a ‘family’ pit bull – ones that had
    been raised and cherished as an indoor pet, ‘never showed aggression
    before’, and knew the victim.

    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (17):

    Kara E. Hartrich, 4 years old, Bloomington, Illinois. **
    Je’vaeh Maye, 2 years old, Temple Texas. **
    Braelynn Rayne Coulter, 3 years old, High Point, North Carolina. **
    Kenneth Santillan, 13 years old, Patterson, N.J. by a Bullmastiff
    Raymane Camari Robinson, 2 years old, Killeen, TX by a Bullmastiff **
    Mia Derouen, 4 years old, Houma, Louisiana **
    Christopher Malone, 3 years old, Thornton, MS **
    John Harvard, 5 year old, Riverside, AL **
    Kassi Haith, 4 years old, Felton, Del.
    Demonta Collins, 13 years old, Augusta, Georgia
    he dashed into traffic as he was running from a pit bull attacking him and was hit by a car and was killed.
    Davon Jiggetts,17 years old, Riverdale, Georgia
    he dashed into traffic as he was running from a pit bull attacking him and was hit by a car as was the pit bull, both were killed.
    Holden William Garrison-10 weeks old, Springfield Township, MI **
    Friends of family state that the dog is a Pit bull Mix a Catahoula Hound mixed with Pit Bull.
    Logan Shepard, 4 years old, Riverview, Florida **
    Jonathon Quarles Jr, 7 months old, Dayton, Ohio. **
    Joel Chirieleison, 6 years old, Fanning Springs, FL **
    Deriah Solem, 22 months, ST. Charles, Mo. **
    Javon Dade, Jr, 4 years old, Goulds, FL **

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type (11):

    Christina Burleson, 43 years old, Houston, Texas. **
    Klonda S. Richey, 57 years old, Dayton, Ohio. by two Bullmastiff’s
    Nancy Newberry, 77 years old, Phoenix, AZ. **
    Dorothy Hamilton, 85 years old, Kaufman, TX **
    Petra Aguirre, 83 years old, San Antonio TX **
    Betty Clark, 75 years old, San Antonio TX **
    Katie Morrison, 20-years old, Smiths Station, AL **
    Rita Pepe, 93 years old, Branford, Conn by a rescued pit bull
    Craig Sytsma, 46 years old, Metamora, Mich.2 cane corsos and Italian Pit bull type dog.
    Cindy Whisman, 59 years old, Madison Township, Ohio **
    Daniel Glass, 51 years old, Lamar, Mississippi.

    That’s 91% killed by attacking pit bull type dogs.
    Pit Bull type dogs are only about 6% of the entire dog population.

    Summer Sears, 4 years old, Tallassee, AL by Husky/German Shepard Cross
    Nyhiem Wilfong, 1 year old, Caldwell County, N.C. by Rottweiler. **
    89-year-old Annabell Martin, Corona, CA. by her grandson’s three Rottweilers.**

    Non-bite fatalities:
    Carlos Eligio Trevina – 54 y.o. – Idaho Falls ID ** – [Jan 9] – Died of a heart attack immediately after breaking up a fight between his seven pit bulls / pit mixes
    33 People dead by dog attack in 2013.
    Pit bull type dogs killed thirty of them. sixteen of the twenty-nine dead are children.
    Stars indicate people killed by a ‘family’ pit bull – ones that had been raised and cherished as an indoor pet, ‘never showed aggression before’, and knew the victim
    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (16):

    Christian Gormanous – 4 yrs old Montgomery County, TX
    Isaiah Aguilar – 2 yrs old Sabinal, TX
    Ryan Maxwell – 7 yrs old ** Galesburg, IL.
    Dax Borchardt – 14 mos old ** Walworth, WI.
    Monica Laminack – 21 mos old ** Ellabelle, GA.
    Tyler Jett – 7 yrs old Callaway, FL.
    Jordyn Arndt – 4 yrs old ** Prairie City, IA.
    Beau Rutledge – 2 yrs old ** Fulton County, GA.
    Ayden Evans- 5 yrs old ** Jessieville, AR.
    Nephi Selu – 6 yrs old ** Union City, CA.
    Arianna Jolee Merrbach – 5 yrs old Effingham, SC.
    Daniel (surname as yet not revealed) – 2 yrs old (Gilbert, Arizona) **
    Samuel Eli Zamudio – 2 yrs old** Colton, CA
    Jordan Ryan– 5 yrs old Baker city, Oregon
    Levi Watson-Bradford-4 years old** White County, Arkansas
    Jah’niyah White – 2 years old ** Chicago, Ill

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type (13):

    Betty Todd – 65 yrs old ** Hodges, SC
    Elsie Grace – 91 yrs old ** Hemet, CA
    Claudia Gallardo – 38 yrs old Stockton, CA.
    Pamela Devitt – 63 yrs old Littlerock, CA.
    Carlton Freeman – 80 yrs old Harleyville, SC.
    Linda Oliver – 63 yrs old Dayton, TX.
    James Harding – 62 yrs old -Baltimore, MD
    chased into traffic by two attacking pit bulls
    Juan Campos – 96 yrs old Katy, Texas.
    Terry Douglass 56 years old. **Baltimore, MD
    Katherine Atkins-25 years old ** Kernersville, NC
    Nga Woodhead-65 years old Spanaway, WA.
    Joan Kappen, 75 years old Hot Springs Ark
    Michal Nelson, 41 years old Valencia County, New Mexico **
    (1 non-pit type killing) [Rachel Honabarger – 35 yrs old – mauled to death by her own GSD mix] Coshocton, OH.
    (1 husky-mix killing, unknown if the other half of the dog was pit bull) [Jordan Lee Reed – 5 yrs old] Kotzebue, AK
    (1 Shiba Inu killing) Mia Gibson – age 3 months, of Gibson, OH – mauled to death by family Shiba Inu.

    Three of the pit bull type dogs were BULL mastiffs, ie 40% pit-fighting bulldog.
    If 27 of 33 dead were killed by pit bull attack, that’s 82% dead by pit attack, 9% dead by ‘molosser’, 3% by some kind of GSD mix, 3% by a husky + possibly pit mix, 3% by Shiba Inu.
    If you count the pit-mix mastiffs as pit bull types, that’s 91% killed by attacking pit bull types. Pit types are only about 6% of the entire dog population.

    The man who ran into traffic kept pit bulls himself. He knew perfectly well what the two stranger pit bulls that were chasing him would do if they caught him, so he preferred to risk a swift death by oncoming car.
    534 maimed by pit type dogs 2013 (as of November.28).

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    Ottumwa, Iowa
    Population 24,998

    In July 2010, Police Chief Jim Clark said there had been no recorded pit bull attacks since the city’s 2003 pit bull ban. Between 1989 and 2003, the city had a pit bull ordinance, but still allowed pit bulls as “guard” dogs.
    “Police Chief Jim Clark says since the ban, there have been no recorded attacks by the animals.

    “We haven’t had any attacks since then for one thing because it is illegal,” said Clark. “Most people are keeping their dogs inside their house or inside their basement and not letting them out loose so therefore they’re not around other people to attack them.”

    “In the two-and-a-half years before the 2003 ban, Ottumwa police recorded 18 pit bull attacks, including the death of 21-month-old Charlee Shepherd in August 2002. There were at least three other attacks on children during this time.”
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Population 189,515

    When the City of Indianapolis was discussing a pit bull sterilization law in April 2009, Little Rock Animal Services Director Tracy Roark spoke about Little Rock’s successful 2008 pit bull ordinance:

    “There was a day when you could walk down any street in center city Little Rock, you could see several pit bulls chained up. You don’t see that anymore,” said Tracy Roark with Little Rock Animal Services.

    Roark told Eyewitness News over the phone that pit bull attacks have been cut in half and credits their new law with getting them there.
    “This is the most abused dog in the city,” said Roark.

    The Little Rock law passed last year and requires pit bulls to be sterilized, registered and microchipped. Also dogs – regardless of the breed – are also not allowed to be chained up outside.”
    Fort Lupton, Colorado
    Population 6,787
    When the City of Fort Collins was mulling a pit bull law in March 2009, Fort Lupton’s Police Chief spoke about Fort Lupton’s successful 2003 pit bull ban, including zero pit bull biting incidents since the law’s adoption:

    “Fort Lupton Police Chief Ron Grannis said the city hasn’t had a pit bull bite since the ban was enacted, but it still has the occasional pit bull that is picked up and taken away.

    Although he said the ban has not been well-received by every resident, he thinks it was the right decision for the city.

    “I believe it makes the community safer,” he said. “That’s my personal opinion. Pit bulls are not the kind of dogs most people should have. They are too unpredictable. … These dogs have been bred for thousands of years to be fighters.

    You can’t take it out of them. A lion cub may be friendly for a while, but one day it can take your head off.”
    Reading, Pennsylvania
    Population 80,560

    After an 8-year legal battle, pit bull advocates dismantled a pit bull law adopted by Reading in 1998. It was reported in the same news article, in February 2008, that the law had significantly reduced biting incidents:

    “Reading’s 1998 law required that aggressive or dangerous dogs, when outside the home, be muzzled and kept on a leash shorter than three feet long with a minimum tensile strength of 300 pounds.

    The law also punished violators with fines of up to $1,000 or 30 days in jail.
    The law is credited with helping to reduce dog bites from 130 in 1999 to 33 in 2006. As a result, the law – or at least elements of it – were not being actively enforced, the Reading Eagle reported last year.

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    Recently Denmark made it’s Ban on 13 pit bull type dogs permanent across the country.

    Carroll County, Miss. recently enacted a pit bull Ban as well with all grandfathered pit bull type dogs having to be leaches, muzzled, kenneled with liability insurance.

    Reynoldsburg, Ohio & Yakima WA both recently reaffirmed their pit bull type dog BSL Bans and kept them in place.!

    FORT THOMAS, Ky, A 26 year ban on owning a pit bull in the city of Fort Thomas was kept in place Aug.4th after attempts to have it over turned were rejected by city council.

    Over 700 Cities, Towns & 40 Counties in the US currently have BSL against pit bull type dogs as do over 40 other countries.

    Cities, county’s, Provinces, Military Services & Towns where Pit
    Bulls type Dogs are Banned or severely restricted:

    http://www dot scribd dot com/doc/56495216/Estimated-U-S-Cities-Counties-States-and-Military-Facilities-with-Breed-Specific-Pit-Bull-Laws

    Animal Planet
    Pit Bulls Already Banned in a Dozen Countries
    By Terrence McCoy Wed., Feb. 27 2013

    Pit bulls have been banned the world over as well as over 700 cities, towns and counties in the US alone.

    The prohibition on the pit bull type dog wouldn’t be anything unusual.
    In 1989, Miami may have been one of the first communities to ban pit bulls — but it sure hasn’t been the last, raising questions as to whether it’s only a matter of time before every municipality imposes some sort of regulation on the animal.

    Already, more than a dozen countries have banned pit bulls, making it, quite possibly, the most regulated and feared dog in the canine world.

    Composed from various online resources, here’s a breakdown of the bans and regulations:

    Countries that have enacted regulation on pit bulls (or some deviation):

    **In 1991, Singapore prohibited the entry of pit bulls into the country.

    **In 1993, the Netherlands banned pit bulls.

    **In 1997, Poland enacted legislation enforcing pit bull owners to display “clear warning signs” and keep the animal behind reinforced fencing.

    **In 2000, France banned pit bulls. The goal was to let the breed “die out.”

    **In 2001, Germany banned pit bulls.
    **In 2001, Puerto Rico banned pit bulls.
    **In 2003, New Zealand banned the importation of pit bulls.
    **In 2004, Italy banned pit bulls.
    **In 2009, Australia prohibited the imports of pit bulls.
    **In 2009, Ecuador banned pit bulls as pets.
    **In 2010, Denmark banned pit bulls and pit bull breeding.
    **In 2014, Venezuela will ban pit bulls.

    Nationwide, a ban on pit bulls is also far from exceptional.

    Cities that have laid down some sort of legislation:

    Sioux City, Iowa
    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Independence, Missouri
    Royal City, Washington
    Denver, Colorado
    Springfield, Missouri
    Youngstown, Ohio;
    Melvindale, Michigan
    Livingston County, Michigan.

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    Myth #1: It’s the owner not the T-rex

    Myth # 2: It’s impossible to identify a T-rex

    Myth #3: Human-aggressive T-rex’s were “culled”

    Fatal attack statistics about T-rex’s are false

    The media conspiracy against T-Rex’s

    T-rex’s are not unpredictable

    T-Rex’s do not have a locking jaw, they just eat you alive

    T-Rex’s used to be the most popular dinosaur in America

    T-rex’s pass the American Temperament Test

    Punish the deed not the breed (of dinosaur)

    T-rex’s originally were “nanny dinosaurs”

    T-rex’s were once known as nanny dino’s.

    T-Rex’s will lick you to death.

    There’s no need to muzzle and leash your T-Rex in the Doggy Park.

    Don’t forget to attend our ‘Million T-Rex March’ on The White House. President Obama loves T-Rex’s and he thinks everyone should own one. Except him.

    Its not an attack if the T-rex is wagging its tail.

    There no bad T-rex’s…only bad owners.

    I’ve seen chihuahuas more aggressive than my T-Rex.


    TSL has been proven not to work in Denver

    Best babysitters ever….NOT

    MY T-rex is the sweetest dino ever.

    T.Rex’s make the BEST Therapy Dinos ever. And are wonderful as Guide-Dinos for The Blind.

    velociraptors bite more than T-rex’s.

    Let’s set up a T-rex kissing booth for our kids.

    Let’s bring a T-rex into school and let the children read books to a perfectly trained T-rex

    Let’s bring our T-rex to the walk for the victims of T-rex’s in Houston to show them they don’t have to be afraid of T-rex’s

    T-rexBite dot org

    Hey now…educate yourself guys.

    My T-Rex likes coconuts!

    you’re all just racist against T-Rex’s!!!

    please leave t~Rex’s alone my family had bred them for years and the only time i was bitten was by a pibble.

    educate yourself you hater,I hope get mauled by a chihuahua.

    t-rex make the best nanny dinosaur, its all how they are raised don’t you know.

    I will be posting this at the dinosaurs love kids and kids love dinosaurs.

    don’t you know the famous dinosaur barney?

    president roosevelt had a dinosaur and fred flintstone.

    helen keller had 25 of them.

    wiggle tails?

    educate yourself its haters like you that give dinosaurs a bad name.

    come over to my house and meet my t-rex

    awww you really hurted my feelings, Im going to go eat worms!!

    My brontosaurus bites and my T-Rex never does. In fact the T-Rex is scared of him!

    T-rex only bite if they’re trained to

    my vet says t-rex is the only dinosaur that doesn’t bite

    I have 8 t-rex and I’m a vet tech

    I’am a vet tech too and i have a therapy dinosaur, it reads to kids at schools

    64 kids crawl all over my t-rex, and he’s never shown aggression

    Get the FACTS!!!

    there’s no such thing as a t-rex

    people are so quick to label anything 20 ft tall with a 5 foot neck and muscular as a so called “t-rex”

    all dinosaurs have teeth

    Their are over 30 types of dinosaur mistaken for a T-Rex, not only that, their is a media conspiracy against them. T-Rex attack stories sell.

    My T-Rex saved my life; he roared at a bit of smoke & we evacuated the house. Last week I read that a T-Rex killed a child; that is SO rubbish – there is no such thing as a T-Rex! Get educated! I’m so done with this – I’m going to feed my T… I mean my Giant Lizard. Goodbye!

    t-rex aren’t real. nothing is real.

    omg u ppl r so ignorent!!!!!!! i had a terradactle an that little basturd was way meaner than my t-rex!!!!!! only ppl who fight t-rexes make them mean an bite so dont judge the hole bread just cuz a few buttwipes train there dinos to attack i raise my t-rex with love an he kisses us all the time!!!!!! U PPL R RACIST AN U MAKE ME SICK!!!

    t-rex built this great nation


    You haters only have 153 likes. Our T-Rex breeders club has 4000! TAKE THAT, HATERS!!!

    It’s a nannysaurus!

    Parents need to teach their brats proper kindness and respect around t-rex. ANY dinosaur has it’s breaking point when TERRIFIED!!

    Good news, T – Rex went extinct and no longer prey on communities.

    T-Rex’s are as safe as any other dinosaur. You guys are just racist.

    more kids are injured falling down, so what are we going to ban falling down next?!!!

    My T-Rex smiles at me every time I walk in the door. He even lets my two year old ride his tail. Was this T- Rex neutered??? This wouldn’t happen if he was. Do not spew your hate towards MY T-Rex! Responsible T-Rex ownership 101. WE ARE WINNING. OUR T-REX’S ARE WINNING. SUCK IT HATERS

    My T-rex pulled a baby from a burning building. He is the best nanny t rex god ever made. He wouldnt hurt a fly.

    My T – Rex is an ambassador for the breed. He passed his T – Rex Good Citizenship test performed by my best friend and passed with flying colors. I bring him to dog parks and he is a perfect angel. He even loves cats!

    my t-rex is gorgeous and sweet but would defend me to the bitter end

    It isn’t my T-Rex you need to worry about; it’s ME. They might have culled the man-biters out of HIS lizard-lineage, but they let them live in MY ancestors! Grrrrr!

    sorry to have to report this but

    my T-rex just killed my Dino dog, it had always been sweet and had never bit anyone before.

    The -Rex will be going to the flintstone dinosaur rescue farm for unstable dinasaur’s

    My t-rex is tattooed on my *#@!

    omg did you vagazzle it too!?

    My T Rex lets my 5 year old put press on nails on him.

    My t rex only wants to love and kiss you all over . Lmbo

    see you later i am off to see the T-rex fights tonight.

    The owners need to wash the T-rex’s before the fight so that proves they are safe? right???

    T Rex’s are not fighting dinosaurs!!!!!! Please educate yourself about the bread!

    blame the deed not the bread

    my great grandaddy JP Colby bred game T-rex in the 1920’s

    all your fat over weight pigs have nothing on a real all american game bred T-rex.

    Darn Dino mommys

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    KEVIN COUTTS, Head Dog Ranger, Rotorua, New Zealand

    There was concern among dog authorities about American pitbulls being allowed into New Zealand as they were dangerous, unpredictable animals, Mr Coutts said.

    “A lot of people in this town get them because they are a staunch dog and they will fight. They are perceived as vicious … It’s frustrating they were ever allowed in the country … we can’t go back now though,” Mr Coutts said.

    COUTTS’ comment on a pit car mauling

    This sort of thing happens when people own this breed of dog and then don’t look after them.

    VICTORIA STILWELL, celebrity dog trainer

    Presas are not to be fooled with, they’re dangerous. You’ve got a fighting breed here. You’ve got a dog that was bred for fighting. You’ve got one of the most difficult breeds to handle.

    CESAR MILAN, celebrity dog trainer

    “Yeah, but this is a different breed…the power that comes behind bull dog, pit bull, presa canario, the fighting breed – They have an extra boost, they can go into a zone, they don’t feel the pain anymore. He is using the bulldog in him, which is way too powerful, so we have to ‘make him dog’ (I guess as in a “regular” dog) so we can actually create the limits.

    So if you are trying to create submission in a fighting breed, it’s not going to happen. They would rather die than surrender.”. If you add pain, it only infuriates them pain is that adrenaline rush, they are looking forward to that, they are addicted to it…

    That’s why they are such great fighters.” Cesar goes on to say…”Especially with fighting breeds, you’re going to have these explosions over and over because there’s no limits in their brain.”

    GARRETT RUSSO, dog trainer

    I estimate Medical & Veterinary bills related to injuries caused by pit bulls in the Tompkins Square dog run in 2011, $140,000.00. Estimated Medical (human) & Veterinary (canine) bills from all other breeds and mixed breeds combined during the same period, $5,000.00. (Estimate gathered from reports to by owners to the dog park association.)

    STEVE DUNO, dog trainer, pit bull owner

    “The dogs that participated in these attacks weren’t Pekingese. You don’t have herds of Pekingese roaming the city attacking people. When someone says all breeds are created equal, well then they’re denying the definition of what a breed is. Breed serves a particular purpose.”

    “I like them. They’re eager. They’re athletic. They’re aesthetically pleasing. But even if they’re bred perfectly, they can be problematic, particularly with other dogs.”

    “When you combine the breed specific behaviors … with owners who either don’t give a rip, or with owners who (have) too much dog, you have a problem.”

    JEAN DONALDSON, dog trainer

    Most commonly, she sees dogs with aggression problems. While she’s a fierce opponent of “breed bans” like the proposed outlawing of pit bulls that San Francisco debated two years ago, she believes it’s undeniable that some breeds are predisposed to violence.

    Many breeds that were bred as guardians or fighting dogs were carefully designed to not like strangers, she says. She thinks it’s disingenuous of breeders to further enhance this trait, and then expect owners to compensate with training.

    ARLENE STERLING, Newaygo County, MI Chief Animal Control Officer

    “It is genetically inbred in them to be aggressive. They can be very nice dogs, but they are very prey driven and they are extremely strong. It makes them high risk dogs and it makes them extremely dangerous.”

    BOB KERRIDGE, New Zealand SPCA executive director

    “That is the only real way to solve this problem – is to license owners and to give them the responsibility that goes with owning a dog. It would be extremely useful when you have a neighbour who is concerned about that dog next door. You can look at it and see they don’t have a license and take it away. That’s owner responsibility.”

    “We led the charge to stop the importation of the pitbull because of the concerns they would be crossbred with other dogs… But there’s not a lot we can do about that because it’s happened. We wish someone had listened all those years ago.”

    JIM CROSBY, pit bull hired gun

    “Line breeding tends to concentrate recessive traits. The propensity for violent attacks by a dog would be a recessive trait.”

    MELANIE PFEIFFER, veterinary assistant

    Working in a veterinary hospital, you are exposed to all kinds of animal trauma. One of the more common ones is dog fights. I can honestly say that in three out of four cases, an American pit bull terrier is involved. Many times, we are able to save the life of the afflicted, but yesterday, we were not.

    I propose that all owned American pit bull terriers be registered and all breeding be halted indefinitely. How many mutilated faces, mangled limbs, butchered pets and even human deaths does it take to convince us that this breed needs to be phased out?

    DIANE JESSUP, Washington pit bull owner and expert

    “It’s not sensible to get an animal bred for bringing a 2,000-pound bull to its knees and say I’m going to treat this like a soft-mouth Labrador,” says Jessup, the former animal-control officer. She blames novice owners, as much as actual criminals, for bringing the breed into disrepute. “It’s a capable animal, and it’s got to be treated as such.”

    JOHN ROCKHOLT, South Carolina dogman

    “It’s inhumane not to allow them to fight. If you have to encourage them to fight they are not worth the powder it would take to blow them away. To never allow them any kind of combat…That’s inhumane.”

    RAY BROWN, former pit bull owner, breeder, dog fighter

    Pit bulls didn’t become dangerous because we fight them; we fight them because the English specifically bred them to be dangerous.

    MARK PAULHUS, HSUS southeast regional coordinator

    If it chooses to attack, it’s the most ferocious of all dogs. I’ve never known of a pit bull that could be called off (during a fight). They lose themselves in the fight.

    F.L. DANTZLER, HSUS director of field services

    “They’re borderline dogs. They’re right on the edge all of the time. Even if the dogs are not trained or used for fighting, and even though they are generally good with people, their bloodline makes them prone to violence.”

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    Council Bluffs, Iowa.
    Pit bulls are not only problematic in large cities; they threaten mid-sized cities and small towns as well. Located in the heartland, Council Bluffs, Iowa has about 60,000 citizens.
    After a series of devastating attacks, beginning in 2003, Council Bluffs joined over 600 U.S. cities and began regulating pit bulls.

    The results of the Council Bluffs pit bull ban, which began January 1, 2005, show the positive effects such legislation can have on public safety in just a few years time:1.
    Council Bluffs: Pit Bull Bite Statistics.

    Year Pit Bull Bites % of All Bites.
    2004 29 23%.
    2005 12 10% (year ban enacted).
    2006 6 4%.
    2007 2 2%.
    2008 0 0%.
    2009 0 0%.
    2010 1 1%.
    2011 0 0%.
    From the CDC (1998 report, page 4):
    “Despite these limitations and concerns
    (about identifying the exact ‘breed’ of pit bull type dog responsible for a
    killing), the data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted
    for 67% of human DBRF in the United States between 1997 and 1998.
    It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the
    United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a
    breed-specific problem with fatalities.”
    In June 2013, after a Bay Area child was killed by a family pit bull, San Francisco Animal Care and Control cited the decrease in pit bull bites and euthanasia since the adoption of a 2005 pit bull law.

    After 12-year-old Nicholas Faibish was fatally mauled by his family’s pit bulls, the city adopted a mandatory spay-neuter law for the breed. The reasoning was that fixed dogs tend to be calmer and better socialized.

    Since then, San Francisco has impounded 14 percent fewer pit bulls and euthanized 29 percent fewer – which is a “significant decrease,” said Rebecca Katz, director of the city’s Animal Care and Control department.

    Another significant indicator, she said, is that there have been 28 pit bull bites reported in the past three years – and 1,229 bites by other breeds during the same period. In the three-year period before that, there were 45 pit bull bites and 907 incidents involving other breeds.

    Results of mandatory breed-specific S/N in SF: success in San Francisco, where in just eight years there was a 49% decline in the number of pit-bulls impounded, a 23% decline in the number of pit-bulls euthanized, and an 81% decline in the number of pit-bulls involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks.
    When the City of Auburn debated enacting a pit bull law in January 2010, Sgt. Bill Herndon of the San Francisco Police Department weighed in about the success of San Francisco’s 2005 pit bull law:

    “Since requiring all pit bulls to be neutered, they say they are finding fewer pit bulls involved in biting incidents.

    Sgt. Bill Herndon, of the San Francisco Police Department’s vicious dog unit, said the numbers and severity of pit bull attacks are down since San Francisco enacted an ordinance in 2005 after the mauling death of 12-year-old Nicholas Faibish.

    “The number of complaints of mean pit bulls has dropped dramatically,” Herndon said.
    San Francisco’s animal control department reports more than 30 percent fewer pit bulls at the shelter or being euthanized.”
    Ed Boks, Executive director, Yavapai Humane Society (responsible Jan 2004 as director City Center for Animal Care & Control in NYC for trying to rename pit bulls New Yorkies; is pb owner)

    Pit bull type dogs represent 3000% the actuarial risk compared to other types of dogs.
    Insurance companies will have calculated the risks the other listed breeds represent based on what they’ve had to pay out through the years.

    This isn’t ‘prejudice’, this is cold statistical reality. Actuarial realities don’t yield to sentiment or a feeling of entitlement — they just are what they are
    Doctors at University Hospital Respond
    In 2011, the Annals of Surgery published a critical peer-reviewed scientific study pertaining to severe and fatal pit bull injuries (Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs, by John K. Bini, et al.), authored by doctors at San Antonio University Hospital.
    In the landmark 2012 Tracey v. Solesky decision, which declared pit bulls “inherently dangerous,” the highest court in Maryland cited the entire abstract of this study. The conclusions by the University Hospital doctors:

    pit bull Conclusions: Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.

    The majority of the San Antonio Express-News article pertains to this study and a rehearsed rehashing of the 30-year old pit bull debate.
    One of the primary authors of the study, Dr. Stephen Cohn, is interviewed in the article. “We’ve had people that have almost lost their legs just going out for a run,”
    said Dr. Stephen Cohn, a professor of surgery at the Health Science Center.
    “This is a complete hazard for all of us.”

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    My Legislation Proposal to be enacted by all states,
    cities and counties in the US & Canada.

    All dogs must be:
    Or all dangerous dogs must be:
    Or all dangerous molosser breeds, including pit bulls (American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Bulldog, Bull mastiffs, dogo argentinos, fila brasieros, presa canarios, Japanese Tosa, cane corsos and their mixes and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics), rottweilers, chow chows, Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, must be:

    * Licensed
    * All Pit bull type dogs Micro-chipped with any bite history in database for reference.
    * Insured: All dogs must be covered by mandatory liability insurance of $100,000 min. generic and $500,000 after a skin breaking bite with insurance companies based on actuarial statistic’s determining said rate.
    * Spayed/neutered (except for limited approved show dog breeders)
    * All breeds involved in any bite incident must be kenneled in a locked five-sided enclosure with concrete bottom.

    For all other dog owners language can be written that enclosure such as fences must be capable of containing your dog period, such generic language puts the onus on the owner, have the fines be so onerous that said owner will ensure this they make this so.

    1,000 the first time, double the second time and permanent confiscation the third time with a ban on said person from owning any dog within city limits, this will create an effective outcome directly or indirectly.
    * All dogs must be on leashes outside of home enclosure
    * All molosser breeds must also be muzzled outside of home enclosure

    * No transport of declared dangerous dogs for the purpose of re-homing. (Dangerous dogs must be dealt with where their history is known.)
    * All of the rules listed above also apply to rescues: rescued dogs must be licensed and subject to inspection.

    $1,000 fine for noncompliance
    Elimination of the one-bite rule in all of the 50 U.S. states
    Manslaughter charges for owner of dog that kills a human
    Felony charge for owner of dog that mauls human, dog, or other domestic animal.

  • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

    ALEXANDRA SEMYONOVA, animal behaviorist

    You will also not prevent the dog from being what he is genetically predisposed to be. Because the inbred postures and behaviors feel good, fitting the body and brain the dog has been bred with, they are internally motivated and internally rewarded.

    This means that the behavior is practically impossible to extinguish by manipulating external environmental stimuli.

    The reward is not in the environment, but in the dog itself! As Coppinger and Coppinger (2001, p. 202) put it, “The dog gets such pleasure out of performing its motor pattern that it keeps looking for places to display it.” Some dogs get stuck in their particular inbred motor pattern.

    As pointed out above, this kind of aggression has appeared in some other breeds as an unexpected and undesired anomaly – the golden retriever, the Berner Senne hund, the cocker spaniel have all had this problem.

    The lovers of aggressive breeds try to use these breeding accidents to prove that their aggressive breeds are just like any other dog, “see, they’re no different from the cuddly breeds.” But a cuddly breed sometimes ending up stuck with a genetic disaster does not prove that the behavior is normal canine behavior. All it proves is that the behavior is genetically determined.

    “These dogs aren’t killers because they have the wrong owners, rather they attract the wrong owners because they are killers.” The 100 Silliest Things People say about dogs.

    JOHN FAUL, animal behaviorist

    Faul said they were dangerous and a threat to life. He said the pitbull was bred to be absolutely fearless and had a “hair-trigger” attack response.

    “The cardinal rule is that these dogs are not pets,” he said.

    “The only way to keep them is in a working environment.”

    He said the only relationship one could have with the pitbull was one of “dominance, sub-dominance”, in which the dog was reminded daily of its position.

    ANDREW ROWAN, PhD, Tufts Center for Animals

    “A pit bull is trained to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the shortest amount of time. Other dogs bite and hold. A Doberman or a German shepherd won’t tear if you stand still.

    A pit bull is more likely to remove a piece of tissue. Dogs fight as a last resort under most circumstances. But a pit bull will attack without warning. If a dog shows a submissive characteristic, such as rolling over most dogs wills top their attack. A pit bull will disembowel its victim.”

    “A study by Dr Randall Lockwood of the US Humane Society found that pit bulls are more likely to break restraints to attack someone and that pit bulls are more likely to attack their owners, possibly as a result of owners trying to separate their dogs from victims.”

    Jørn Våge, Tina B Bønsdorff, Ellen Arnet, Aage Tverdal and Frode Lingaas, Differential gene expression in brain tissues of aggressive and non-aggressive dogs

    The domestic dog (Canis familiaris), with its more than 400 recognised breeds [1], displays great variation in behaviour phenotypes.

    Favourable behaviour is important for well-being and negative traits such as aggression may ruin the owner-dog relationship and lead to relinquishment to shelters or even euthanasia of otherwise healthy dogs [2,3].

    Behavioural traits result from an interaction of both genetic and environmental factors. Breed specific behavioural traits such as hunting, herding and calmness/aggression are, however, evidence of a large genetic component and specific behaviours show high heritabilities [4-8].


    However, Alan Beck, director of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine Center of the Human-Animal Bond, favors letting the breed go into extinction.

    “This breed alone is a risk of serious public health factors,” Beck said. “We are keeping them alive against their own best interests.”

    Beck said while he does not advocate taking dogs from current and caring owners, he does feel that it has become more of a social and political issue for people than a health one.

    “If these dogs were carrying an actual disease, people would advocate euthanizing them,” Beck said. “This breed itself is not natural.”

    “It has this sort of mystique that attracts a population of people. Of course, most of these dogs are never going to bite, as champions of the breed will tell you. But most people who smoke don’t get cancer, but we know regulations help reduce a significant risk.”

    “I know you’re going to get beat up for this. But they just aren’t good dogs to own. That’s why so many of them are relinquished to shelters. There are too many other breeds out there to take a chance on these guys.”

    MERRITT CLIFTON, journalist, Animal People editor

    There are very few people, if any, who have written more on behalf of dogs over the past 40-odd years than I have, or spent more time down the back alleys of the developing world observing dogs in the habitats in which normal dogs came to co-evolve with humans.

    But appreciation of the ecological roles of street dogs & coyotes, exposing dog-eating and puppy mills, opposition to indiscriminate lethal animal control, introduction of high-volume low-cost spay/neuter and anti-rabies vaccination, introduction of online adoption promotion, encouraging the formation of thousands of new humane societies worldwide, etc., are not to be confused with pit bull advocacy.

    Pit bull advocacy is not defending dogs; it is defending the serial killers of the dog world, who kill, injure, and give bad reputations to all the rest. Indeed, pit bull advocacy, because it erodes public trust in dogs and people who care about dogs, stands a good chance of superseding rabies as the single greatest threat to the health, well-being, and human appreciation of all dogs worldwide.


    “A dog’s breed tells us a lot about that dog’s genetic heritage and makeup. Genetics is a strong determinant of personality. In the absence of any other information, we can make a reasonable prediction about how the dog will behave based upon its breed.” p 84

    “When we crossbreed, we lose some of that predictability, since which genes will be passed on by each parent and how they will combine is a matter of chance. Fortunately, there is some data to suggest that we can still make predispositions without knowing much about its parentage.

    John Paul Scott and John L Fuller carried out a series of selective breeding experiments at the Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbor, Maine. By happy chance, their results revealed a simple rule that seems to work. Their general conclusion was that a mixed breed dog is most likely to act like the breed that it most looks like.” p 77

    Dog trainers/animal control, Pit Bull breeders, owners, fanciers, experts

    TRISH KING, Director, Behavior & Training Dept. Marin Humane Society

    “There is no direct eye contact or very little direct eye contact. It is very quick and over with. Which is one reason why with pit bulls and rottweilers, we have problems. Because they’re bred to do direct eye contact and so they are off putting to other dogs and actually scary to other dogs.”

    The fourth undesirable characteristic – arousal or excitement – is actually the most problematic. Many bully dogs cannot seem to calm themselves down once they get excited. And once they get excited all their behaviors are exacerbated.

    Thus, if a dog is over-confident and has a tendency to body slam or mount, he or she will really crash into the other dog or person when he’s aroused, sometimes inadvertently causing injury. He may begin to play-bite, and then bite harder and harder and harder.

    When you try to stop the behavior, the dog often becomes even more “aggressive.” In this way, play can turn into aggression fairly quickly. Research on the brain has shown that excited play has exactly the same chemistry as extreme anger. This allows a play behavior to switch quickly into aggression. And, once the dog has become aggressive a few times, the switch is much easier.

  • Courtney

    How many people are fatally attacked by one another every year? A lot more, work on fixing humanity first. If discriminating human beings is wrongs, so is all specie and breed discrimination.

    • Annie BrownA

      People are thinkers, have the opposable thumb and know how to use it. Some people even KNOW that racism is a HUMAN issue. When we discriminate against an animal, because of our God given ability to protect our species it e oils be, species, right? We discriminate against any species that can and does KILL OUR SPECIES. Its pretty simple really. We dont allow lions to live in our neighborhoods for the VERY SAME REASON.

    • LaAfroCubana

      Comparing dogs to humans is ridiculous. The facts stand, bully breeds kill more than any other breed. Human beings dying and being maimed is more important than any dog,nevertheless a breed that attacks at such a high rate.

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      One of the most common pitfalls, i say is anthropomorphising (attributing human characteristics to our pets).

      Humans are cognitive sentient beings with a capacity to determine it’s actions, dogs are not, they only know and are what goes in one end and goes out the other, simple as that, that is all they care about period.!!!

      Comparing a Human being to a dog is like comparing one to a snail.

      Man was made in Gods image, nothing else, no other animal is even in the same category.!!!!

      Because people are individuals with unique capacities to act for good or evil, a dog is a breed or type with a generic genetic reality and truth with a generic outcome the same as a wolf, a wolverine, a tiger, cougar etc.

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      In recent years the term breed “racism” had emerged when addressing breed related issues and regulations.
      The concept is if you support dog breed regulations or acknowledge negative breed specific traits it is equivalent to the human form of racism. The error in the concept is that humans and dogs are very different creatures.
      Dog breeds exist because they are specifically designed for a purpose. Dogs are selectively bred for physical and breed trait aspects. Humans do not reproduce in that manner. Humans are not selectively bred and have a choice in their mate. To make this concept equivalent, humans would have to be purposely bred for certain physical or personality traits over the course of hundreds of years.
      It has not been determined that selectively breeding humans would actually work since there has not been any official scientific studies conducted. The closest humanity came to selective breeding was the concept of Eugenics, which was trying to breed out negative physical traits, such as mental illness, and breed in positive traits, such as a high I.Q. The concept has been abandoned by most cultures due to the difficulty of selective breeding due to the high incidence of unplanned pregnancies.
      Dogs have been selectively bred for many generations with great success. Since racism in the human culture is based solely on the color of one’s skin, hence the “race” in racism, and not personality traits, it does not accurately compare to dog breeding. To accurately compare, one would have to judge a dog based solely on fur color.
      Most breeds are judged on physical and personality related breed traits, so the term breed “racism” is equivalent to human forms of racism. It is surprising that more people are not offended by this comparison.
      Comparing breed struggles to the Civil Rights movement seems a little extreme and minimalizes the struggles of certain races in history. The comparison of dog breeds and racism has no basis.

  • Dava

    How horrible to die from being eaten alive. These victims should be held publicly aloft. Their senseless deaths deserve recognition.their killers deserve recognition.

  • Gail L Rosbach

    Courtney, we are not talking about people attacking one another, why are you trying to change the subject? Dog attacks, in and esp, Pit Bull attacks are a serious matter in our country, and something needs to be done about it. This was a great idea for a display. And Pit Bulls stereotype themselves. Owners of these dogs blame everything and everybody else for the behavior of the breed. It is a breed specific problem

    • Dorothy

      Gail I read a lot of your comments and love your retorts to these lowly losers that own this disgusting breed Please tell me its a matter of time that usa will ban them? I wish I could poison every one of these beasts

  • Zegota

    Some people like Pit Bulls and that is ok, but I would never have one. Nor would I like one in my neighborhood but that is my choice, it is a breed specific problem. Sorry.

  • Dorothy

    This evil rotten breed needs to be terminated permently!! What the hell is wrong with the usa ban these psychotic beasts outright why are we giving the lunatics that advocate these killers the time of day ? Courtney your a moron there’s no comparison with dogs to humans go back to school your soo stupid!

  • Dava

    The dead babies The dead babies that pit bulls kill. Do criminals think babies should die from pit bulls? Surely normal people don’t, Why aren’t parents as sick as I am, Omg. Pit bulls bite babies heads off.. Pit bulls eat children, I can’t stand to keep reading this. Why isn’t our government protecting us from pit bulls?

  • John's mom

    God Bless this person fir having humanity <3 anyone who protest against the truth that is costing lives, has been desensitized~ in our prayers~ Rest In Heaven Dear John~ and so many others whos lives were lost and shattered by a reality covered up. wish I could hug this angel.

  • LaAfroCubana

    Pitbulls need to be banned already. Enough children & adults have already died or been maimed. Pitbull advocates care nothing about victims or the fact that the breed is attacking at the highest rate. Its sickening that with all the other worries we have, we have to add bully breeds to those worries when they can be banned,or at least kept away from kids and be muzzled at all times outside of an extremely secure fenced in yard. England did it, why is our government not paying mind to do so?! We need to form a national group and protest+present evidence & facts to the senate…make enough noise and keep the pictures and stories of victims in their faces until they act. I keep bear mace on hand just in case. Arm yourselves and protect you and yours by any means necessary!

      • Annie BrownA

        Glad that Daisy Jo has yet to rip your throat out. Unfortunately, she is not the last of her breed. Good luck with that.
        AGAIN…….not…..all……pits/pit mixes…….are…….maiming……and……..killing….
        was that slow enough for you to understand? But these people who are being memorialized weren’t as lucky as you. In fact, they probably either were like you and believed that they were safe because “its not the breed” or they listened to someone like you. In either case, such a shame that no-one was there to protect them. I mourn for each of these people and vow to make it my life’s goal to help get these dogs regulated. Im sad for the pits/pit mixes that are NOT reverting to their genetics. But we can longer play a guessing game of “will they or won’t they and which one will snap next?” They are animals, we are humans, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.
        People First.

  • zooks11

    The people who protest this ought to be ashamed, very ashamed. Bless this person for this exhibit, it’s way beyond time for national coverage of the dangers of inviting this DNA into your home and neighborhood to combat the goo goo pit bull propaganda out there. It isn’t stereotyping when the deaths, maiming, disfigurement and medical costs they cause up and above other breeds are facts.

  • Gail L Rosbach

    To Dorothy I wish I could say this madness would end soon, but since its really all about dog fighting and money, I doubt anything is going to be done anytime soon, and its becoming a bigger problem now with the dogs that are Pit Bull Mixes now attacking.. In a few years. people will no longer be able to go outside at all, then they might do something. The Pit Bull Advocacy wants this to happen. They want all different breeds of dogs to be mean…takes the attention off the Pit Bulls. and then they can say we cannot ID a Pit Bull, and they can say all these “other ” breeds are attacking and that will make harder to ban them. Ultimately what is going to happen is that all dogs will be punished for the behavior of the Pit Bull. I would not get a dog from a rescue or Humane Society now if it was the last place on Earth to get one. Stick with purebreds from a reputable breeder if you want a dog that is safe around children. The Humane Societies are all a part of the Pit Bull Advocacy now, and they will lie lie lie to people about the breeds of the dogs they have available. Pit Bulls have destroyed Mans Best Friend, I love dogs but will not be getting anymore for this reason.

    • Gail L Rosbach

      I should add that another alternative for getting a safe dog would be through a Purebred Rescue, you can find a lot of nice dogs there too, in just about every breed., but steer clear of the Humane Society

      • Dorothy

        Oh gail I won’t get mine from humane society no way its all pits n mixes of pits I have a bijon I got from rescue for bijons .I have to walk out of my house with a knife n bear spray when I walk her n I will have no problem slicing up pit that comes near us right for the neck ! I refuse to be a victim from these lowlifes that own these monsters… I wish I could terminate all of them I would in a heartbeat!

        • Rain Kat

          At least the “low lifes” you refer to can spell BICHON correctly. Dorothy, you are threatening the lives of other people’s beloved pets, yet you think THEY are the problem? Grow up, child. Grow up.

        • kamran

          Someone should terminate you. You are a disrespectful person who is full of hate. When you stupid little Bijion bites you in your stupid fucking face, im gonna laugh. And them I’ll protest and say they all must die! Fuck you you worthless waste of flesh!

          • kamran

            Your mouth runs like diarrhea. spewing nothing but personal hate. Because you don’t like the breed doesn’t mean that every single pit is bad. On the other hand, the shit you spew, makes you more of a threat than a pit. Woman or not, if you ever come near me or my precious pit, I will punch you in your hate filled face! If you font like them, simply move on, but YOU or your fucked up groups will NEVER eradicate this loving and caring breed. It’s not their fault that worthless low life niggers and Mexicans fight them for their own personal entertainment. You are and always will be a worthless stupid bitch. Go Fuck yourself and your hate!

          • Dorothy

            Your worthless lowlife and if your shitbull comes near me or my dog I will slice it to death and enjoy doing so then when I’m done I’ll finish you off I’m a black belt and very experienced so be careful you lowlife whore your choice in dog breed clearly shows that!!! The truth about shitbulls to you people is like holy water to vampires! !! Let me tell you its a matter of time before this rotten breed is outright banned in the USA every month a new city is banning them as well as other countries and you can go to hell with them if you can’t take it skank

    • Helen Kramer

      It is one thing to say you do not want to adopt a pit bull, but as someone who volunteers at the Humane Society, I really think you should come visit. You are right, we do have some pit bulls and pit bull mixes, but we also have hounds, shepherds, and spaniels who despite being mutts, definitely do not have any pit bull type characteristics. Mutts have longer life spans, fewer health problems, and can be exceptional dogs. We have small dogs too! Chihuahuas, toy poodles, terriers, etc. Please do not let a prejudice against pit bulls keep you from adopting a safe pet. Furthermore, I would like to stress that purebred DOES NOT equal safe. I have been severely bitten by a golden retriever, whose pedigree did nothing to stop the bleeding. If you do not want a pit bull, that is completely fine, but do not push pure breed supremacy that is a load of garbage.

  • Gail L Rosbach

    Every year there is a memorial , for example for the students that were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, and Columbine Schools. No one is there objecting to this. I think victims of Dog attacks deserve remembrance also. I think anyone who would protest this Memorial is the lowest, sickest excuse of a human being ever. I think they should be Esp. when their problem with this is that it “Makes their dogs look bad” Well their dogs are bad and they should be banned. I don’t live in Michigan , but If I did, I would be attending their little protest on Sunday. I have been asked several times why nothing is done about these dogs and their owners. One of the reasons nothing is done is because we sit back and let it happen,. We don’t have 54 million dollars available to us like the Pit Bull Advocacy does but we have something much more valuable than money. We have the truth about Pit Bulls and we need to start spreading it more. WE need to each of us individually and as a group, let people know that we are not Okay with these dogs in our neighborhood. We need to also need to .be marching and having protests against these dogs, their owners. and the lawmakers that protect them. We need to find out which lawmakers are voting in favor of the Pit Bull and see to it they never get reelected . I would like this matter to be given a public vote in every town, city and county across the Us, or even on a State level. We are being forced to accept a clear and present danger in our communities and given no vote or choice. We don’t want these dogs in our neighborhoods and we should be given the opportunity to have a vote in it, we are the ones that pay taxes and live there. It should be our decision. This is the way it was decided in Miami/Dade County. And the bill should be presented in simple language, no political dirty tricks and not be attached to another bill or have anything else written on it. I thought the USA was a civilized Country, but any country that allows a dangerous animal to attack and do some of the terrible damage to people and innocent pets and have no recourse for its human citizens, is just plain barbaric.

    • Annie BrownA

      But Gail, we have to remember that owning a pitbull or a pit mix OR a staffy or other DANGEROUS DOG is an “about me and my rights to ______________(fill in the blank) own the breed of my choice, show how cool I am, save a poor misunderstood breed, make money, etc. It is not about whether or not it is contributing to these attacks. Its all about me me me. Show me an owner of one of these dogs who is actually “getting” it and ill show you 100 just like them that either don’t get it or don’t care. They believe that because we stand up for dead or maimed victims that we are “haters” and some of us who have lost children or parents definitely have that right. But what they dont understand, is that by regulating dangerous dogs and that will be breed specific because ALL DOGS ARE NOT CAPABLE

      • Annie BrownA

        ………….we will actually be HELPING the dogs that are not reverting to their genetics. We are decreasing the numbers so there wont be a million in shelters, we are regulating the dogs in case they snap, we are bringing awareness and understanding, we are protecting and preparing. Breed specific legislation,when enforced, and penalties are administered works. It protects people and thats what advocates stand for. People First.

    • Dorothy

      Huffington post is crap a pit nutter propaganda that you people think is the bible on pits !! These scumbags started a defense fund for a pit named mickey who mauled a little boy named kevin in Arizona who thanks to mickey will be needing countless operations!!! Get a real source

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      Rubbish, Merritt Clifton & Colleen Lynn of compile dog attack incidents reported by the mainstream media where all aspects of said attack including confirming it was a pit bull type dog is done by first responders, animal and dog experts who are actually there, their stats are impeccably researched and compiled to accurately reflect the reality of the danger that is the pit bull type dog.
      Merritt Clifton & Colleen Lynn of Dogsbite dot org amasses data from media reports of dog attacks, media reports are a traditionally well respected, bona fide source for epidemiologists and historians of every subject on earth.
      Researchers in 39 countries had uncovered the same data Clifton et al have, and arrived at similar conclusions about pit bulls.
      If Clifton is a fraud, how come insurance companies and 35 other countries that ban pit bulls in some jurisdictions and who did not rely on Clifton’s statistics all came to the same conclusions? Cooper is trying to suggest that only “epidemiologists” have the right to speak on this issue. But as Merritt says, it is actuarial tables that are important, and therefore Cooper is barking up the wrong tree.
      Sadly one does not even have to search for the many attacks of these savage mutant undog’s on humans and pets, there are literally hundreds of new incidents every day carried out by these disgusting creatures, here is another.
      These are all major daily newspapers and network TV station accurate factual reports with direct access to Doctors, ER’s Animal control officers, Police, the victims family, witnesses, the guilty pit nutters, all in news reports from major city newspapers and TV stations, as legit therefore as it possibly can be.
      There is only one breed that has every been or is a threat to public safety and that is the pit bull, the sooner they are exterminated the sooner tragic attacks like the one below will be ended.
      Ban the breed and end the deed.

  • Bob Cronk

    Darrin Stevens and Thomas McCartney are the same person. So dont be fooled they are all dog haters.. next it will be GSD, then Rotties they target…you see you can donate to the head female dog website …. wonder where all that money goes ?

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      Indianapolis, IN – On March 5, radio talk show host Greg Browning interviewed Assistant City Attorney Don Bauermeister about the Council Bluffs, Iowa pit bull ban.
      Browning: “Have you had any other nuisances in your community similar to the pit bulls?”
      Bauermeister: “There’s a lot of rhetoric and argument that these thugs that were responsible for the pit bulls, that they’ll just go out and grab another dog and we’re going to see a problem with some sort of replacement dog.
      That has not happened.
      That’s simply false, and it’s rhetoric, and it hasn’t happened in Denver either.

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      Dog bite website defends its credentials
      Re: Punish aggressive behaviour of individual dogs, not the breed, Opinion, Sept. 18
      The co-authors of the article falsely state Vancouver Sun columnist Stephen Hume “bases his facts and statistics on data that is neither peer reviewed nor published in scientific publications, and is therefore unreliable.”
      The co-authors then cite as one source of Hume’s data.
      Both authors ignored the peer-reviewed scientific study Hume wrote about in his article: Mortality, mauling, and maiming by vicious dogs, by John K. Bini, MD, et al., published in the Annals of Surgery in April 2011.
      Pit bull injury data from is cited in several areas of this study. Hume indisputably relied upon peer-reviewed data and Dogs-Bite dot org data has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.
      The pair next state: “This American-based group is run by an attack victim whose only agenda is to exterminate what it considers to be ‘dangerous breeds.'” is a tax-exempt public charity organization with a board of directors, advisers and volunteers with the following mission: “A national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks.”
      Hume got it right.
      Colleen Lynn President and founder,

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      Re: Letter to the editor, Breed-specific language ‘inherently flawed and does not work,’ Burnaby NOW, Sept. 10, 2013.
      Dear Editor: advocates on behalf of victims of serious dog attacks. The United States-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also tracks U.S. dog bite fatalities, dog bite injury studies, jurisdictions with breed-specific laws and appellate court rulings that uphold these laws.
      Statistical data from is cited in the peer-reviewed scientific medical study, Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs, published in the Annals of Surgery in April 2011.
      The study’s conclusion:”Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.”
      The amicus brief submitted in the landmark case, Tracey v. Solesky, helped move Maryland’s highest court to modify common law.
      In April 2012, the Court of Appeals declared pitbulls “inherently dangerous” and attached strict liability when a pitbull attacks a person. This liability extends to landlords when a tenant’s pitbull attacks a person.
      The Maryland Court of Appeals went as far as pointing out in their decision – concerning the opposing brief written by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which sought to eliminate a financial remedy for the young mauling victim – the following:”Some are similar to the arguments made in the appellant or amicus’ briefs filed in the present case by supporters of pitbulls.
      In light of Maryland’s situation, we find those particular arguments unpersuasive. We have fully reviewed and considered all the briefs.”
      Research and statistical data from has exceptional credibility with appellate court justices, surgeons and medical practitioners, attorneys who champion and represent dog mauling victims, the many local, national and international news agencies which have cited our data, parents and activists and of course the victims themselves.
      Colleen Lynn
      Founder and President,
      Austin, TX

    • Tom M. (@TomM1933)

      The Front Burner: Banning pit bulls saves lives and protects the innocent.
      By Colleen Lynn Guest columnist
      May 24, 2013
      Whether to ban pit bulls is a human health and safety issue that should be steered by health and safety officials. Public safety is not the profession of animal advocates. Thus, public policy coming from animal advocates concerning protecting humans from pit bulls is fundamentally flawed.
      So far this year, 13 of the 14 Americans who have been killed by dogs — 93 percent — were killed by pit bulls and pit mixes. This is well above the average of 60 percent from 2005 to 2012.
      As the pit bull population rises, more human fatalities ensue. During the last eight-year period that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied fatal attacks by breed (1991 to 1998), pit bulls were estimated at 1 percent of the U.S. dog population. Pit bulls killed an average of three people per year.
      The pit bull population has since grown to 4 percent. During the most recent eight-year period (2005-12), pit bulls killed an average of 19 people per year.
      Miami-Dade County, which banned pit bulls in 1989, has avoided this loss of life. Other Florida counties — prohibited by state law from regulating dogs by breed — continue to experience deaths and disfigurements due to pit bulls. Since 1989, 18 Florida citizens have been killed by pit bulls — none within Miami-Dade.
      The threat from pit bulls results from the combination of the animals’ inclination to attack without warning — an essential trait of fighting dogs — and the type of injuries that pit bulls typically inflict.
      Most dogs bite and retreat, but pit bulls have a hold-and-shake bite style, and tenaciously refuse to stop an attack once begun.
      Often a pit bull releases its grip only when dead — the trait dog fighters describe as being “dead game.”
      Ban opponents often blame dismembering and fatal attacks on environmental factors, such as neglect. That, unfortunately, is the plight of too many dogs of all breeds, not just those who kill and maim.
      Opponents also fail to distinguish dog-bite-injury severity. They argue that bans “do not reduce all dog bites.” Of the 4.7 million Americans bitten by dogs each year, 9,500 require hospitalization for severe dog-bite injuries. The most extreme injury level, mauling injury, requires life-saving procedures at trauma centers.
      The purpose of a pit bull ban is to eradicate mauling injuries and deaths inflicted by pit bulls, the breed involved in more than half of all severe and mauling attacks.
      Since 1986, 18 appellate decisions have upheld lower-court findings that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dog breeds.
      Since 1988, four peer-reviewed studies published in leading medical journals have reviewed the severity of pit bull injury. “Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs,” published in the Annals of Surgery in 2011, concluded the following:
      “Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the U.S. mortality rates related to dog bites.”
      In April 2012, the highest court in Maryland declared pit bulls “inherently dangerous,” altering common law pertaining to pit bull attacks. Pit bulls are prima facia dangerous in Maryland and held to a strict liability standard. In instances of a tenant’s pit bull attacking, this liability extends to the landlord. The court cited the entire abstract of the 2011 Annals of Surgery study in its opinion.
      Influential pit bull advocates have supported regulation in the past and are doing so now. On its Facebook page, the Villalobos Rescue Center, founded by Tia Torres of Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls & Parolees — expressed support for a proposal in Louisiana on the heels of a mutilating attack on a woman by her own pit bulls.
      It is time for Florida pit bull advocacy groups to follow suit.
      Colleen Lynn is the founder of, a national dog-bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks.
      Orlando Sentinel

  • Helen Kramer

    This is a shame. The purpose of this piece of artwork, if anyone would take the time to read the article, is to shed light on the victims of dog attacks in the United States. To memorialize and remember them. We are fighting about breeds and statistics. I have read extensively, from many different sources expressing different points of view, about every fatal dog attack in the past few years. I am sure a lot of you have done the same research, and have come to at least somewhat of the same conclusion that I have: each one was 100% preventable. Every attack involves unsupervised children, an unleashed dog (or dogs), or dogs breaking out of an enclosure. All of these circumstances are entirely avoidable, not necessarily by killing every pit bull type dog, but by harshly punishing irresponsible ownership. I know it is the chorus of every pit bull advocate, but I am not an advocate. I could care less if your dog is a pit bull, a german shepherd, or a golden retriever. We need to crack down on the assholes who let these things happen by not watching their kids, not exercising or socializing their dogs, or not admitting when their dog has behavioral issues. I am not sure how we do this practically, but I am just as wary about having them around as I am about their dangerous dogs.

    • zooks11

      You blame every dog mauling death on the owner…how convenient and ignorant. No one can 100% supervise their dog during it’s lifetime especially when children are in the home. It only takes a split second, as a mail carrier I can attest to that. There is an easy fix to many of these. Don’t invite the DNA of bully breeds to live in your home or community. Many mauling’s happen on children when adults are present…pits are well know to bite multiple times and can do so in the a short span of 1 or 2 seconds.

    • Deadly Spin

      Yeah, because its not enough to continue the limp and ineffectual argument – people should be responsible. yes they should. But they’re not, so what do we have to do to force them to be responsible if we insist on allowing fighting dogs and guard dogs that were never intended to be pets to be made into pets? I’ll tell you how you have to do it, realistically. You have to require licenses for dog owners just like you do for driving a car. You would have to prove that you know how to handle a dog before you can even get a license to own one. Doesn’t sound workable, does it. Or we can ban dangerous dog breeds and go back to the way it worked for centuries. In the middle part of the 20th century from the 30s to the 60s there were only 15 fatal dog attacks. total. And dog owners were terribly irresponsible by today’s standards. They did not spay and neuter their dogs, they let them wander, didn’t even have leash laws, had not yet even conceived of the concept of “socializing” a dog. And because they didn’t have safe, easy and readily available products to control mange, ticks, fleas, round worms, tape worms, whip worms or distemper, most dogs only visited inside the house and spent their time either wandering or tied up outside. And because few people spayed or neutered their dogs, there were far more feral and ownerless dogs and a higher population of dogs relative to the human population in many areas. And there were fewer deaths as a percentage of the population, too. that’s because dummies didn’t think it was a good idea to make fighting dogs into housepets. Of the hundreds and hundreds of breeds of dogs that exist, there are only a very few that consistently show up at the top of the fatal dog attack list the moment people being attempting to keep them in neighborhoods. why not just use common sense and regulate the people with no common sense and no sense of responsibility to their community that refuse to regulate themselves, and tell them there are a very few kinds of dogs that you may not own.

      • kamran

        If that’s your theory, then maybe it should be a requirement to get a license to raise children. They have a longer last impact on society, yet the dumb and ignorant breed like wild rabbits.

    • Debra

      Helen your comment has one wrong exception. The Art Prize entry was not entered as a memorial to dog bite victims. It is a cheap propaganda piece entered by a DBO devotee. The so-called artist is a fake. A person of shady circumstance, whose real name is not used. She has openly plotted on social media her desire to kill a neighbors dog. Shame on Art Prize and the city of Grand Rapids for allowing this charlatan to promote this misconceived hatred!

  • Kj

    I have a 1yr old Pit Bull and 3kids. My one year old son kicks him, hits him, pulls his tail. Never once have I worried that the dog would become violent. It’s all about how you train a dog. Ignorance is a terrible thing

  • Elizabeth

    @KJ your parenting leaves much to be desired and it takes only a split second for a dog to snag a childs face. How could you allow your child to do this and what on earth would you say if your son was mauled? I know, you’d blame the child for antagonizing it. Don’t think this hasn’t happened many times. You seek to prove your dog is angelic whilst displaying your idiocy. You sir, are a fool

  • John's mom

    shame on you all not enraged for these angels with ur evil dogs. to even dare and do what u are is very sick. this thread clearly shows why my son was eaten alive! God bless those who are saving lives…. there may be no hope for the others. PRAY

  • Dakota West

    Pit bulls maul, maim and kill more than ALL the other 400 plus breeds combined, and yet pit bulls only make up less than 4% of the total dog population…it isn’t rocket science people.

  • Diane Williams

    Just wondering why we are not looking at the pet owners? Did they train, socialize, or even vaccinate these pets? Did they want a gaurd dog, fighting dog, or just a dog and thought it would be cool. The truth is the owners let the dogs take someones life! People lock children in hot cars, buy wild animals that kill/harm family members or friends. People sell children, guns and drugs; why punish an animal with instincts that can become stong in the wrong hands! I feel for the families who have lost loved ones because of a “breed of dog” but i strongly feel the owner is just that the owner! The one in charge – the one who keeps the open eye. We should analyze the owners not the breed!

  • Debra

    Tom M.
    Wow, you are one giant propaganda spewing machine, aren’t you?
    Where do you get all the time?
    It takes a lot to be so full of such hatred and lies. Either you are a dangerously gullible person who doesn’t have an original thought, and believe every bit of what the crazies and foamers say, or you’re a very mean spirited, hateful, dog Nazi.
    Luckily for blacks, Jews, Muslims, children or any other group of humans, that your hatred and biased anger is directed at a pet.
    Luckily for us pet owners, you have a snowballs chance in hell if furthering your pit bull holocaust against our breed.
    As a true Amerucan once said “over my dead body”!

  • Tiffany Story

    The number of humans killed by other humans compared to by dogs is blinding. If you’re really concerned about public safety, you’re targeting the wrong species. But then again, for people like TomM., that FACT doesn’t fit their agenda.

  • Cathy B

    Tiffany, there are plenty of news articles about humans killing humans that you can comment on. In case you were unable to read and comprehend , this is a project to honor people killed by dogs.

  • christiancelt

    It appears that those who are uncomfortable with the art display are those who KNOW its truth but choose to deny the reality. The discomfort they feel, which they translate as ‘anger’ is known as COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.
    cognitive dissonance
    noun Psychology
    the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, esp. as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

    an example: is the claim that the Pit Bull is a wonderful dog with children, a ‘nanny dog’, yet when a Pit Bull mauls and/or kills a child, those same Pit apologists rail and excoriate the parents or family members of the victims, and how they were bad parents and should never ‘leave the Pits with children’… BUT the reality that the majority of the maulings/deaths involving children happen with the parents right by the side of the dog and/or the child.

    You can not have it both ways.

  • Curt

    Having owned one of the most loving pit bulls, many of you fucking dumb asses sound like you are uneducated judgemental fucks. Many of you are unhappy people and want to listen to the news, be my guest but if you walked through art prize, many of you dicks walked past my beautiful loving pit bull who many of you stopped and asked to pet. I wish you disrespectful racist people were bit by a bull or killed by a gun. You’re a terrible person and burn in hell. Rescuing a pit was the best decision I’ve ever made and he has made loving him very easy. Fuck you all. Pit bulls are better then half of your untrained, not loyal pets.

  • Jess

    I was at ArtPrize this year, I’m disappointed I missed this. I have been bitten by two different dogs on separate occasions. One a pit bull and one a Rottweiler. It is worth noting it was the first attack for each. I don’t know about the pit bull’s owner but the owner of the Rottweiler was a very gentle, responsible person. I know the dog wasn’t harshly punished or mistreated. It was the breed, not the owner. I am very fortunate that the only permanent damage I have is a scar on my arm from the pit bull. My heart breaks for these victims who were not so lucky. When did this conversation about deadly dog breeds become so taboo that if you voice your concern, people accuse you of being some kind of bigot? I apologize for valuing my safety over your love of a potentially deadly animal. The statistics speak too loudly to be ignored. There are very few breeds responsible for most of the dog attack fatalities and pit bulls are number one. It is irresponsible for animal welfare groups to portray these animals as “nanny dogs”. This blind trust people have in this breed will cost lives.

  • Goliath

    You people, coming on here in the face of tragedy to defend your shitty dog breed, sicken me. You are no better than the NRA showing up after a school shooting to defend gun rights. Stop calling people racists for hating pit bulls, shit bulls aren’t a race of people. They are as inferior as the piece of bacon you ate for breakfast this morning, although the pig probably was once just as intelligent and capable of loving you as your useless dog. At least the pig would have been less likely to eat your child.

    • Casey

      I am shocked there are still people like you existing in this country. Your condescending speak is very much an indicator of your misguided hate for something you have little to no understanding of. With over 5 million pit bull type dogs in existence in the USA, can you please explain why the entire population of this country has not been either bitten or killed? If there are over 5 million of these dogs, how can the bites be so disproportionately small in comparison? How can the vast majority of these animals be living happily, and safely in homes across America? Your paranoid delusions make no sense. And as for the exhibit, the so-called artist is not an artist, but a psycho supporter of DBO. Her entry into Art Prize was a disgusting sham played on the people of Grand Rapids, and done to further her personal hate agenda. She didn’t even use her real name, she is an extremely poor excuse for a human.

  • Mary

    Out Of The Blue just traveled to Columbus, Ohio, where anti-BSL pit bull nuts thought they would once again show up unopposed and get their way, damn the dead and injured from pit bull attack. The poignant display of crosses with pictures and descriptions of the victims, the breed responsible, and the circumstances of their deaths is indisputable proof that pit bulls are breed specific maulers and must have breed specific laws to protect innocent people and animals. Members of the national support network, AVOCA, Advocacy for Victims of Canine Attack, presented public safety literature and posters at the Tia Torres Pit Bulls and Parolees Meet and Greet in Manchester, Tennessee, earlier this month. As more people are affected by pit bull attacks and people of better financial standing are brought into the battle to stop attacks by fighting breed dogs, the pit bull events are going to have proof of the danger present for their own education since they believe myths and lies about owners being at fault, victim blaming, pit bull pity. The shelters have always been overrun with pit bulls since people learn first hand about their nature then take them to the shelters. Now, the shelters are even more overrun as public safety awareness of pit bull danger is readily available on, Animals, and Daxton’s Friends.

    • Debra

      You are so very wrong. You are blind to all common sense, living fearfully inside a dog breed phobic world. Pit Bulls are the number one dog at shelters solely because they are unscrupulously bred by greedy backyard breeders, NOT because their owners find them to be unfit family companions. They, as are other breeds, are purchased by people who have no skills in dog behavior, and no responsibility or commitment to the long term care of a dog.
      Your blanket statements, and devout dedication to DBO, shows your true colors as a hater. Your information is tainted, your logic is skewed. You have nothing but twisted statistics to draw from, not reality.
      If your logic is true, please explain to me why the multitudes of people who share their homes with one or more Pit Bulls are not being maimed or killed in great numbers. How is it that, what you think is an inherently dangerous breed, is not and has not sent millions of people to their death?
      Please explain to me how so many, in fact the majority, of homes living with one or more Pit Bulls does so without incidence, and for the life of the dog? Tell me how I’ve made it to 59 years of age, and have happily, without any aggressive issues, raised and kept for their entirety, several Pit Bulls. Tell me how I am able to live so peacefully with the four I have now!
      Tell me how your unbridled hatred makes this world a better place. Tell me how your crusade against a specific breed is not a witch hunt, not an unjust crucifixion of innocent animals because of your ignorance and hysteria.
      Oh, and yes my four beautiful, loving, comical bullies live peacefully with four cats, 18 hens, and two roosters. They greet all living creatures with respect and trust.

  • Stan Cochrane

    In the United States, approximately: 2,000 children are killed every year by their parents, through abuse and neglect (A child is 800 times more likely to be killed by their adult caretaker than by a “Pit Bull”.
    DOG BITE STATISTICS, FROM 1955 TO CURRENT compiled by Ms. JadeDr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian and behaviorist from Berkeley, CA. believes the entire issue is overblown. He maintains more people are killed annually by tripping over their own slippers than all fatal dog attacks combined, regardless of breed. Even Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the CDC agrees. “The truth is that SUV’s are far more dangerous than pit bulls, and they’re still on the road. It is estimated that around 5,000,000 dogs per year are killed in shelters. In many places “Pit Bulls” make up as much as 30-50% of the shelter population, and sadly, are less likely to be considered for adoption than any other breed. Assuming that 25% of the shelter dogs killed are “Pit Bulls”, then approximately 1.25 million “Pit Bulls” are killed in shelters every year.
    Therefore, it is at least a hundred thousand times more likely that a “Pit Bull” will be killed by a HUMAN, than the other way around.
    1.) Since 1992, the breed most involved in fatal attacks has been the
    Rottweiler, not the pit bull.
    2.) Although there are no accurate or even near accurate census records
    for dogs in the U.S., in some populations pit bulls are estimated to
    comprise some 30-40% of the dog population, making it a very popular
    breed. Considering that there were an estimated 53,000,000 dogs in the
    U.S., and assuming that pit bulls make up 10% of that population, there
    would be approximately 5.3 million pit bulls in our society. In 2000, 13 pit
    bulls were involved in 8 fatal attacks. That is roughly ONE dog out of
    204,000 – or .000385 percent of the pit bull population.
    3.) Over the 37-year period from 1965-2001, pit bulls have been blamed
    for an average of 2.48 human fatalities per year.
    4.) About 40 people (children) per year die by drowning in 5-gallon water
    pails. A person, during their lifetime, is 16 times more likely to drown in a
    5-gallon water pail than to be killed by a pit bull.
    5.) Approximately 50 children in the US are killed every year by their cribs
    – 25 times the number of children and adults killed by pit bulls.
    6.) Approximately 150 people are killed every year by falling coconuts.
    Therefore, you are more than 60 TIMES MORE LIKELY to be killed by a
    PALM TREE than a pit bull.
    7.) Each year, 350 people drown in their bathtubs. You are 151 times
    more likely to be killed by your bathtub than you are by a pit bull.
    8.) It is estimated that about 500 deaths per year are caused by aspirin.
    You are more than 200 times more likely to die from taking aspirin than
    from a pit bull attack.
    9.) Every year, more than 2,000 children in the U.S. are killed by their
    parents or guardians either through abuse or neglect. A child is more
    than 800 times more likely to be killed by their adult caretaker than by a
    pit bull.
    10.) It is estimated that 5,000,000 dogs per year are killed in shelters.
    Since in many places pit bulls make up 30-50% of the shelter population,
    and are less likely to be considered for placement than any other breed,
    guessing that 25% of those dogs killed is a reasonable estimate.
    Therefore, it can be assumed that perhaps 1.25 million pit bulls are killed
    per year.
    Therefore – it is at least a HALF MILLION TIMES MORE LIKELY that a pit
    bull will be killed by a HUMAN than the other way around.
    11.) For every pit bull who kills, there are hundreds of thousands that
    In the year 2000, pit bulls were involved in 8 fatalities.
    From the National Safety Council: Numbers of Deaths Due to Injury,
    United States in 2000:
    Bitten or struck by dog (all breeds), 26
    Bitten or struck by other mammals, 65
    Bitten or stung by nonvenomous insect and other arthropods, 9
    Bitten or crushed by other reptiles, 31
    Drowning and submersion while in or falling into bath-tub, 341
    Drowning and submersion while in or falling into swimming-pool,
    Accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed, 327
    Ignition or melting of nightwear, 9
    Contact with hot tap-water, 55
    Contact with venomous snakes and lizards, 12
    Contact with venomous spiders, 5
    Contact with hornets, wasps and bees, 54
    Contact with other and unspecified venomous animal or plant, 9
    Nonopioid analgesics, antipyretics, and antirheumatics, 176
    Alcohol, 302
    Legal intervention involving firearm discharge, 270
    Legal execution, 80

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