“Spay Neuter Express,” Lowell veterinarian risk losing license

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN -- The state held a hearing Thursday regarding Dr. Bruce Langlois and his veterinary license.

Langlois owns and operates the Animal Hospital of Lowell and the Spay Neuter Express. The latter is a mobile unit that travels across the state.

The Michigan Attorney General's office is investigating numerous complaints against Langlois. The state claims Langlois has poor standards of care, and that he doesn't properly document or compile medical records.

Langlois' attorney claims the accusations of improper care are "based on nothing." Also, the defense attorney said the state is using the wrong law when it comes to what's considered proper retention of records.

Watch the video for more.

Reach out: problemsolvers@fox17online.com

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  • Edward Smith

    I believe it! We dropped our Rottweiler off there for the weekend and they gave us the wrong damn dog!!!!!! They then proceeded to tell us WE were wrong. That place is a joke.

  • heidi g

    I took my dog to him several years ago and ended up paying to take her to another vet afterwards to because she had a gaping hole in her stomach after her spay. It’s been at least 5 or 6 years ago and my family no longer owns the dog in question because she could not stop urinating all over our home after her spay; she was several years old and had no done this prior to the surgery. When we moved from a home we owned into a rental we were forced to rehome her due to whatever it was they did wrong during her spay.

  • Janet Enbody

    2 Years ago my regular vet refused to see my female beagle as she was having a very hard time breathing..so I called Dr. Langlois and he told me to bring her right in..he did exrays and found out she had a very large amount of fluid that was squeezing her heart..he kept her overnight with a lasix drip and got the fluid out..and has to be on heart meds and lasix for the rest of her life..say what you may but Dr Langlois saved my precious dogs life!!!!

  • carla

    I have always taken my animals to him and had awesome care! He takes time to explain procedures and answers all my questions. Have NEVER had a bad experience with him or his staff!

  • Amy

    I will never Never let him touch any of my animals again!!!! Horrible experience both times and costed me hundreds more in vet bills for fixing what he did both times 1 year apart from having adopted my dogs. And I’m not alone everyone I know that has adopted a dog or used him for his rates ended up paying extra in the end! I hate knowing that he is allowed to still be doing this and prevents me from adopting animals places that use him. What kind of vet brags about spaying a cat in one minute thats sick. A true vet should take time and actually care for the animals not butcher them!!!!!! Please stop him!!!!

    • Joe Gibson

      Sorry, but your post is not very believable.
      After a “horrible-experience”, and spending “hundreds of dollars”, …why would you go back to him the second-time?
      The rest of your post is just unsubstantiated ranting.

  • Darcy

    I left a message with the crew who did this. I had my cat fixed about six months ago by the same guy and traveling bus out of Lowell. I had issues with my cat seeming over drugged, breathing slow, bobbing her head and her eyes looked a cloudy white and she seemed unable to see. She didn’t start coming around till 2 days after her appointment. Her incision became infected and then I had to pay for antibiotics from the same vet. He even handed her back to me the second time.

    • Terry

      Character assassination is so unbecoming of you…spineless Joe.
      Sounds SO scandalous!
      I heard he was targeted by a disgruntled female employee, that he rejected her advances.
      Not so scandalous…did he go to jail for it? Apparently-not, so it obviously wasn’t much.

      Yeah…i thought that’s what you said.

      • jla

        If he is on the sex offender registry then he was charged and convicted. not sure which account is correct but someone isn’t being honest and it’s pretty easy to figure out which one

    • Jim M.

      So are hundreds if not thousands of teenagers for crimes such as sexting. What’s your point dirtball?
      He never did time, so they were not very heavy charges.

      • Margie

        Facts (some of you are clearly misinformed).
        – He is a Lifetime Sex Offender. He molested a female employee who was on a ladder. His reasoning was he was trying to stop her fall. He later recanted and admitted he was trying to place his fingers in her vagina. Um, a little different than sexting.
        – He did do jail time. TWICE.
        – If you ever feel like doing your research (instead of just being a bunch of trolls that spout nonsense), you can request a copy of 60+ page FOIA on him, his several veterinary infractions and criminal record.

  • Rachael

    Dr. Langlois and his staff have taken great care of several of my animals and I will not go elsewhere. He’s answered several emergency calls for my animals and was extremely helpful (no matter what time it was). The spay neuter clinic offers veterinary services at a fraction of the normal costs. The news broadcast didn’t happen to mention how many times Dr. Langlois has traveled to other countries (proverty stricken areas) to offer his services to animals that normally would go untreated. Dr. Langlois and his staff have always treated my animals as their own and provided excellent care.

    • Steve

      Mike…frankly you sound like one of the jealous vets mentioned above. Who stalks somebody’s past like that, unless they have some vendetta?
      You sound like an attorney of his accuser to me.

      And the fact that other vets build million-dollar facilities with a Cappucino-bar only tells me they are horrifically overcharging. ($25 dollar spay vs. $140 at them)

      Been taking my pets to Dr. Langlois for 17 years. I think I’ll stay there thanks!

  • Frank

    This is laughably sensationalism, if it were not so sad.

    At the end or the vid, It seems the reporters backed-off most of the hype and said Langlois has been in biz 30 years with a total of 11 complaints to the board over those 30 years.
    Not exactly devastating numbers.

    Langlois’ various medical facilities do about 18,000 spay/neuters per year…..18,000 SURGERIES PER YEAR.
    Most vets, including yours, do less than 50 per year.
    And Langlois has a team of vets working for him…all which he ultimately is held accountable for, when complaints arise.

    In this article, we hear testimony of a woman who;s cat died in surgery.
    Wow. How unusual…not. Spay/Neuter, although common, is a major-SURGERY.
    It is NOT “Oh my FiFi has a patch of missing fur”, or “Duke has been farting a lot”,etc., but major, internal surgery.
    Surgeries are not without the possibility of complications. With his staff, or your own vet.
    The dog death reported, (“A horror story they found online”), gives no indication of when that took place…it may have been years ago.

    Unlike a rich-person’s vet who has a clientele of pampered and well cared for animals, Spay -Neuter-Express deals mostly helping low-income and disadvantaged folks, along with over 8000 street-cats from Carol Manos, ….it is a fact that a great majority of these animals are in poor health before ever arriving to be fixed….
    Disadvantaged and low-income folks often are unable to provide standard veterinary care for their pets.
    Also, many-times, the surgical after-care is ignored by less affluent pet-owners.

    Since this news story presents 2 cases, 1 of which is undated, and the other, a death in surgery, which is not uncommon, I take away from this report is that the complaint against against him are not from outraged owners, but perhaps from other vets.
    Clearly, there are several area-vets who are losing lots of money because Langlois is offering low-cost options..one of whom has been very-vocal against TNR for years. She has made it clear that there is no place for TNR.
    AS ALWAYS….follow the money.

    Ironically, It is no secret that Langlois is a world-reknowned and respected leader and advocate in the movement of TNR, and has spent his career advancing the agenda.He has been in the media-spotlight for decades, on big shows like from 60 Minutes to Animal-Planet to CNN.

    It will be interesting to learn exactly who is behind this smear campaign …and why.
    This article did not mention a single thing about the actual charges. Clearly they are not from the two undated events highlighted.

    • Margie

      Hey Frank—you have a few things correct.
      1. Spay/Neuter IS major surgery. So WHY then does Langlois bypass pain meds or diluted anesthesia for shelter animals, as well as offer a no pain med option to a paying customer? Would you want to have major surgery without any pain meds or weak anesthesia? It’s been proven he does this, it’s in the 60 page FOIA report that includes his various infractions and license probations.
      2. Spay Neuter Express does in fact deal with street cats, a great majority that are sick prior to their surgery. Again, why is he allowed to lay animals NEXT to each other in order to assembly line this process? If you were a low-income case but your pet was healthy, would you want your pet exposed to unhealthy shelter animals? Do some research on what ALL of his continuous behaviors and infractions reveal.
      I do love how you classify people who use a regular vet as “rich”. Last I checked I didn’t take my dog for his shots in a Porsche. Get a clue about the vets, they’re not trying to compete for cheap spay/neuter. They’re the ones having to fix his botched surgeries. The Fox video touches on only 2 cases, but I bet if there were an actual ongoing record, it would reveal hundreds of cases in the State of Michigan every year. I know in my county alone, there have been at least a hundred in the last 2 years, five primary vets with at LEAST 20 cases each. At least.
      It’s not a smear campaign, he’s done this to himself. Around the state. It’s way past time the AG’s office has investigated him. Langlois needs to be held accountable.

    • Janet Enbody

      I agree with you Frank..I think it is a group of Vets that are losing money..I rescue cats and have rescued about 50 and had them spayed or neutered and found homes for and with each cat weather it was a male or female I was charged at least 200.00 and more per cat and if you figure that up the spay and neuter alone comes to 10000.00..Yes they are losing money!!

  • kim

    I have taken my puppy to the spay and neuter express for all her shots and to be fixed and they have done an excellent job and the staff was very friendly.

  • Melinda

    Brucelanglois has helped me with,my farm numerous times and has been nothing but helpful and has saved my pets and farm animals numerous times and at the drop of a call he had called me back with advice on my dig getting attacked by bees and rushing her in for preclampsya and saved her life!!!! He charges way less for spays and neuters to try to help people get it done. if there have been deathsor accidentsi believe tgat it woulda beenhis staff, not him.

  • Kathleen

    I have gone to Dr. Langlois for 29 years and have had no problems. I am disappointed only if he is out of the office the day I happen to have an appointment as his knowledge of our animals is priceless.

  • lea

    I have brought plenty of stray cats in and they have all been fine. So I brought my 3 cats and 3 dogs in and not a problem. No issues from me.

  • Roxanne

    I have had 2 dogs and 7 cats (mostly rescue cats that were fixed and placed in homes) spayed/neutered by spay/neuter express over the years and have never had a single problem with them. The staff is friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. No complaints from me!!

  • Carrie Donald

    This man butchered my dog…check out my FaceBook page justice for Daisy….I have tons of evidence to for this case. This man needs to be put away for life!

    • Joe

      You truly come off as an adult child with an IQ of about 75. For starters, your dog is fine. There are REAL problems in this world, from bullying to domestic violence, to the unnecessary killing of MILLIONS of cats and dogs. Dr. Langlois, while you may not like him, has made a HUGE contribution to that REAL PROBLEM. What is it that YOU do? Sit around on a couch eating doritos and whining about an unfortunate mishap several years ago? YOU are the one harming animals here. Hundreds of thousands more will die if this doctor isn’t allowed to continue his work. And each and EVERY one of them, will be YOUR FAULT!! You are truly a bitter, disgusting excuse of a self-righteous martyr.

  • Bridgett

    I took my dog to be spayed there and we had to take her back as she started having some internal bleeding however he did correct it at no extra cost, I would not take any of my animals back there! When we took her back to be checked on she did not like him, was cowering like she was afraid of him…. That is not my princess!

  • Cheryl Yoder

    I have taken my pets to Dr. Langlois for about 12 years. He has always been great with them and very professional. I am appalled to hear all this negative stuff about him. Sure sounds like someone is out to get him. I don’t believe a word of it.

  • Stacie

    I have personally witnessed several of his botched procedures in one office in a seven year period. That’s one office. It’s about time someone started questioning his practices.

  • anonymous

    actually 50 is a pretty slow day, it averages about 70-80 on SNX alone. that’s not counting surgeries done at the clinic (clients, carol’s ferals, and miscellaneous shelters)
    SNX have, in fact, been kicked out of areas because of competing vets.

  • Cindy

    Dr. Langlois, is the only vet that I know of in Michigan that is not only available day and night, but will also treat any animals regardless of the ability for the people to pay. Who else does that?

  • Kylie VanSlooten

    Really? Dr. Petrovich, the Cat Butcher extraordinaire? She won’t work evenings or weekends, but she’s happy to saw off your cats’ bones 5 days a week!

    • Hannah

      The same Dr. Petrovich who is begging the public for money to buy Crash’s Landing from “the Landlord” at a huge markup from what “the Landlord” bought it for? Oh, but did she tell you that THE LANDLORD is HER HUSBAND? Yeah, i didn’t think so. Talk about dishonesty and scamming the public!

      • Jill Wheeler

        Thanks for mentioning that fact Hannah! I knew about that, but most people dont. She cant say money isnt her big motivator! There are a couple other local vets behind this too, and they are greedy people who work the least amount of hours possible, and charge the most possible.

  • Lisa geiger

    My dog had been poisoned and he was only vet who would treat without any money up front, he had my dog for several days and sadly he didn’t make it. I could not afford them 700$ bill nor did I have a place to bury my dog . My husband just lost his job and i was about to have a baby, They took care of the burial fee and waved my whole bill God Bless him Hope he comes through this he is a good person and deserves better.

  • New daddy

    Some of u all are twisted. I think your trying to expand on mixing apples and oranges. One situation has nothing to do with other in regards to his past crimes. Be it may demolish his character,never the less he’s performing surgeries to those who can’t afford it otherwise. (All Surgrries are risky) hince the fact you sig all those forms at hospital before hand.”He spayed my service/companion animal Zazu and other than not eating for a few days from anestisha.( Per my request I didn’t want my cat to be in any pain and I purchased the extra pain meds. (Only because im in pain daily)Other than being a dog being trapped in a cats body, she’s doing great. I could go on about this a whole other way, but “I’m sorry if the glove don’t fit, you must aquit.” I think someone’s trying to stir the kettle for sum mula’ for sure. Thoughts and prayers dr L. Stand your ground”

  • Linda

    I just became aware of this article and I am shocked & mad. Just proves “no good deed goes unpunished”. I agree with Cindy’s (no-I do not know who she is) comment – Dr Langlois is one iof the very few, if only vet available 24 hrs a day & I have heard him comment that the most important thing is to take care of the patient first – then handle the other issues (i.e. money). We first met him about 20 years ago when we first moved to the Saranac-Ionia area & had a major emergency with one of our dogs – he was the only vet who would actually answer the phone at 6AM on a Saturday morning. We have been going to him ever since, with both cats dogs. I have also taken many humane society foster pets to him, and am in awe of his gentleness & compassion for a scared, sick or injured animal in distress – it shows. I am also very impressed with his professionalism (as a member of the medical field) and his skills as a diagnostician. Several of my dogs had complicated medical issues, which he was able to find, and in most cases give us additional time with a beloved pet. The sad fact of life is that not all surgeries are successful – sometimes patients do not make it, just as with humans. No matter what the skill of the surgeon or the care, there is no guarantee how any animal may react to anesthesia at any time – again, same as with humans. If the pet is a stray or from a shelter, the chances are increased, as you do not know what underlying medical issues may exist, or the pet’s “family background”. I am very happy to know him as our family vet and as a friend. He has always been there for our animals when they needed it, including holidays. I know it is an election year, but the AG should spend more time on some of the more real issues facing the State of Michigan.

    • Jill Wheeler

      I agree with Linda! I have been taking my dogs and cats to Dr. Langlois for years, and they have always had excellent care. He had prevented so many unplanned kittens and puppies being born he should be praised not attacked. Without him the shelters and rescues would be even more overflowing! Hes the only vet in the city or outside that takes patients in emergencies. The other vets send them to those over priced bullying medical centers which you must pay up front in full to even have your pet treated or they put it down. That is who should be attacked! Dr. Langlois cares about the pets, and money is not his purpose of being a vet its to help animals all over the world. How many other vets travel to third world countries to train other vets? This is a witch hunt to drive him out, so they can charge a fortune to people who cant afford to get their pets fixed or treated. Now how humane is that? He gives discounts to rescue groups and even does some work free. Tell me another vet that does that?

  • Linda

    One more quick comment – Dr Langlois also works with various animal shelters & humane societies and provides spay neuter surgery and other innoculations to pets through a variety of low cost or free programs, geared to help provide medical services to low income persons who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

    • Jill Wheeler

      Go ahead and make him loose his license due to your lies, but then dont complain when your regular vet charges you hundreds of dollars to spay neuter your pet, and you can bet they will. Also try calling them late at night, on a holiday or even right after business hours, and theyll send you to those overpriced new medical centers. Dr. Langlois offers a much needed service in this community at his own expense to a large degree, and should be treated with respect and valued for all he does. How do we know the people that had issues with their pets followed post surgery instructions?
      Many people do not, and then blame everyone else when something goes wrong.

  • Lisa

    I am not surprised that Dr. Petrovich is behind this. I once had a very sick cat which I brought to her office about 20 minutes before closing. I realize I did not have an appointment, but was very concerned, and she was our regular vet for years. I was first told at the front desk that If I did not have an appointment, that my cat would not be seen. I was very distraught, and I convinced them to please take me in. So while I was waiting, Dr. Petrovich came to me and told me since I did not have an appointment, she would not help me. I begged, and she looked for maybe 15 seconds, and said she is very sick and needs to go to the emergency clinic. I really didn’t think she would make it. The person with the last appointment told Dr. Petrovich that they would reschedule so she could help me, but she would not do it. Unbelievable!!! My poor kitty died on the way to the emergency clinic. I still miss her very much.

  • Kitty mama

    He is our vet and I stand behind him 100%. It’s just a fact of life that some animals die under anesthesia just like some humans do. I’m certain that pet owners signed consent forms stating such before surgeries are performed, I know I did. He has spayed and neutered thousands of animals in this state to help control the pet population. He is one of the few good guys who puts himself out there literally 24 hours a day for animals. We can call on him anytime day or night, even holidays. Dr. Langlois left a family reunion on the 4th of July to put down our very old cat just so he wouldn’t have to suffer any longer.

  • kim

    I have had 2 dogs spayed and 2 dogs neutered on the tavel bus and did not have an issue. It was 1/2 the cost of our regular vet. No complaints

  • Jeff Lawrence- Midland

    When someone has performed 75,000+ surgeries…he knows what he is doing, and is very, very, good at it..
    In fact, he is more than experienced at it than most vets on the planet.

    Here’s a thought.:
    If Dr. Langlois was to discontinue practicing, it would be utterly devastating to the animal community in W. Michigan.
    Not only would tens of thousands of innocent cats suffer immeasurably, being brought into an overpopulated world to live miserable, homeless lives freezing to death by the score…. but his hundreds of clients with household pets would as well.

    I can understand Petrovichs greed and desire to attack Langlois, and in the process, free up a lot of new clients, but it certainly obliterates her commitment to the Hippocratic oath. What will happen to these tens of thousands of animals? Is she going to take them all in?
    Who will do these surgeries?
    Certainly not Petrovich…she is an advocate of killing feral-cats, and does her best to work on legislation that will accomplish just that.

    She runs a small rescue of about 100 cats, who will live out their lives at Crashes landing. Her turnover is a few cats a year.
    Noble? Sure.
    For those 100 cats.

    Meanwhile, during the last 8 years, according to published numbers, Dr. L has fixed 50,000+ cats.
    That is 50,000+ cats who will never produce a kitten, will never add to the overpopulation, and who will live much safer and healthier lives because of it.

    Which one is really doing anything with concrete, invaluable result to the animals and the city?

  • Shawna

    I will never again take any of my animals to the Spay and Neuter Express or this Doctor. I took my dog in to get spayed and a couple days later I noticed an infection. I took her to another animal hospital who told me the surgical site was infected due to incorrect stitching methods. I had to get oral and topical medications, as well as pain medications just because Dr. Langlois didn’t take the time to properly repair the incision site. To this day my dog still as a small mass at the end where the stitches stopped. Also she is now being diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disorder and if there is the slightest chance that Dr. Langlois could have done something negligent while he was operating causing this disorder I will be taking him to court myself. My dog is now going to require medication for the rest of her life.

  • Art Sanchez

    We took our Yorkie monday to the mobile unit and picked her up Monday night. Tuesday morning we had her out to our regular Vet for emergency surgery. We thought we cut a fat hog in the rear trying to save money. It’s costing us $300.00 extra and all the gal on the other end of the phone could say was so sorry so sorry.

  • simona

    I am very grateful that he is there 24/7 I’ve called n middle of night he has saved 4of my animals n has my dog as we speak my dog almost died n he saved it n is very understanding n takes payments i am so grateful n sorry for those who had a bad experience w him everyone has own opinion but mine are all positive things to say n just cuz someone is registered as sex offender u have to remember the poor young ladies out their w addictions or ones who lie about age n the ones who turn story around cuz they think they may sue n win money to destroy someone’s innocent life im not saying all r like that but most r n its sad gossip destroys people

  • SRobinson

    I have taken all five of my male cats to Dr. Langlois’ mobile unit in Alma, MI for neutering and vaccinations. Have not had any issues with any of them!

  • T.Siff

    I use the spay neuter express bus for my animals I have Never had an issue and always receive documentation for all services they receive! One of the best Vets i’ve ever gone to

  • Sally

    Yikes! This makes me very nervous. I was considering taking my puppy to the Neuter Express when it comes to Battle Creek to be neutered and microchipped.. but some of the stories on here have made me rather nervous, I know some may be exaggerated but I think I would rather pay the extra to just have him neutered by my regular vet. I’d be devastated if I lost my puppy.

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