Leggings and yoga pants are banned at Niles High School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NILES, Mich-  A new school policy is in place in Berrien County and it’s getting some mixed-reviews.

According to WSBT, officials at Niles High School and New Tech High School say that students are no longer allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants unless they’re covered up by a long shirt or skirt.

While many say the tight pants are distracting in the classroom, not everyone is happy with the new dress code. In fact, some are calling the new policy sexist since it’s primary geared towards females. However, school leaders are quick to point out they also banned saggy jeans which are typically worn by male students.

Anyone who violates the dress code will receive a warning. After that, he or she will get an in-school detention, followed by an out-of-school suspension.

You can read more on that school policy here.

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  • Elaine S.

    If they’re “distracting” (more than likely to boys is what they’re referring to) then perhaps instead of policing the girls clothing, they should focus on educating the boys on why it doesn’t matter what girls do or don’t dress in, urges happen (especially with adolescents) and this is how we appropriately deal with it & such. It is not a females job to dress a certain way (or not dress, as the case may be) because others find her clothes to be too revealing or sexual.

    • Rita

      Elaine, do you have a job? Can you wear whatever you want to work? If yes you may have a unique work situation. Most jobs have dress codes to protect the professionalism of their company, and maintain the productivity of their employees. Why would schools, the learning centers for students, be any different? Besides, you cannot take human responsibility out of this equation…Females contribute to what males think about & vice versa. If you have the opportunity to help protect your daughter from being mentally molested, & to prevent boys from thinking that way, why wouldn’t you do it?

      • Chantal

        Ashley, do you have a job?
        Has your employer ever asked you to stop wearing pantsuits to work because your butt is so fly that it is distracting your male co-workers?
        Let’s be real. This dress policy reasoning is further promoting the idea that men aren’t able to control themselves. Is that the message we want to send to developing boys? That they are so out of control that a girl merely sitting in close proximity to them wearing athletic wear will surely cause them to fail the English exam?
        This is about body-shaming young women, and teaching young men that the world revolves around them and any horomones that might be coursing through their veins. I could care less about any other portion of their dress code policies because I know that THIS ONE PIECE is absolutely violating the freedoms of young women, and their right to be comfortable, merely because they are being sexualized by their peers at absolutely no control of their own.
        What’s next–jeans that are too flattering? Blouses that make breasts invisible? GET REAL.

        • Rita

          I’m assuming you’re responding to me, and not Ashley, because otherwise it doesn’t make sense. And yes, for your information, I work at a health club, where yoga pants are a very standard piece of clothing. But I will also say that they are distracting, especially when the employees are wearing them. Whether we want to admit it or not, human beings are sexual people, and when you see someone wearing a skintight outfit, you notice the shapes of their rears, and then think all kinds of things about that person. You can try to say that only pervs do that, or again shift the blame to guys, or say that’s just life–get used to it-while I would argue that this is the nature of human beings. Should we be ashamed of our bodies? No. But can we (women) help protect ourselves against men’s thoughts, and thereby help men from lusting? I believe we can. I have had male members comment to me that they appreciate how I dress at work (workout pants/athletic top), because it doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. I personally think I have a good-looking figure, so it’s not about body shaming. It’s about respecting others, and trying to see how others see, which is probably a lost cause battle in this I-want-it-my-way egocentric culture.

          • Chantal

            So, if I’m attracted to men in jeans and t-shirts, or 3 piece suits, someone can remove that sexual
            distraction for me so I can function in history class? Phew. Because, as a human, I have no control over these urges and I can’t be taught to keep them in check!!

      • Anon

        Because students are not employees, Rita. It’s an abhorrent violation of one’s first amendment right to freedom of expression by way of clothing/general attire.

        • Rita Wario

          Actually a lot of high school students are employees, and they must follow a dress code at work, as do the majority of working Americans. If school is meant to prepare students for the “real world” then isn’t it a disservice not to prepare them for their future employers’ rules, which include dressing a certain way? (Which btw, many non-uniform companies ban this type of clothing as well in the workplace, so this school is actually better preparing students than schools who let anything go.) And where in the Constitution does it say anything about what kids can wear to school?? “Freedom of expression” is limited by what authorities deem distracting, which is what happened in this case.

        • Bryan ĸ McDonald

          Since when do Public school students have first amendment rights? It’s not a courtroom, it’s a classroom. Just think for a moment about a girl wearing yoga pants. It’s comparable to wearing a thong bikini. Would you be so displeased if the school felt the need to have a policy stating that girls cannot attend class in a thong bikini? It’s not about stunting the 1st amendment it’s about presenting an air of social acceptability.

    • Mike

      Based on that logic I suppose we should let the girls wear bikini’s to school too…as long as the boys are educated that is. Dummy.

  • Aaron Krenz

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Frankly, school is about learning and not a fashion contest. The guys got nailed with the “no sagging jeans” rule (thank God) and now this is also a rule. All the people whining about it need to STFU and deal with what we CAN do, not what they think we NEED to do. So many “backseat rule makers” who do nothing but criticize. And do not even get me started on the feminist idiots who are bound to open their pie holes.

  • laura

    So for these kids who can’t concentrate because of yoga pants… whats going to happen to them once they go to college? Is mommy and daddy going to appeal to the college to have yoga pants or saggy pants banned? How about we tell our kids to suck it up and learn how to deal with it because as an adult people are not going to make those kind of accommodations for anyone

    • Ashley

      I completely agree with you, Laura. As a college student myself, I see yoga pants and leggings everywhere. It is a staple in most college girls’ wardrobe. Yet we don’t see colleges banning them because they could care less. We are all there to get an education and if they want us to maintain that professionalism, then we are smart enough to control ourselves (particularly the guys) when we see tight clothing. These high school students need to stop being babied. It’s a different world out there outside of high school. Isn’t high school supposed to be preparing them for the real world? On a further note, leggings and yoga pants may be tight but at least they aren’t revealing any skin.

      • Kevin

        Why don’t we just let high school kids drink alcohol while we’re at it? After all, why aren’t we preparing them to drink responsibly in high school vs. making them wait? Maybe the parents shouldn’t let their kids go to school looking like sluts and then the schools wouldn’t have to do the parent’s job for them. That’s who is really being babied here.

        • laura

          Omg.. seriously! !? You are calling a teenage girl a slut for wearing yoga pants? Sorry but you have serious issues! I wore yoga pants and sweats all the time in high school and NEVER had a problem. I wasn’t a “slut” I was being comfortable. I refused to play the fashion game and didn’t care what my clothes looked like. I showered, threw a sweatshirt and yoga / sweats on and ran out the door. School was for learning and getting to hang out with friends at lunch and I wanted to be comfortable while there; does that make me a slut too?

          • Kevin

            Didn’t say they were sluts. Said they LOOK like sluts. They’re not wearing them to be comfortable. There are plenty of types of clothing that are plenty comfortable and, at that, school should be a place that strongly encourages kids to be professional and not “comfortable”. Anyway, this stuff is worn purely to get attention in one form or another. Same as guys wearing shorts hanging way down. Good for the school. Shame on the parents for putting the school in a position to have to waste their energy on such immature nonsense.

        • Anon

          Your opinion was invalid the moment you referred to high school girls as “sluts.” If you cannot conduct conversation in an appropriate, objective manner, then perhaps public forums are not for you. To address your first point however, alcohol and clothing are quite simply on a completely different level. There are health concerns with premature drinking. Not so with choice of clothing. That’s what we in the business refer to as a “non sequitur.” There’s no relation.

      • Bryan ĸ McDonald

        “On a further note, leggings and yoga pants may be tight but at least they aren’t revealing any skin.”
        So the fact that they reveal everything else and are so tight that they form completely into the wearer’s buttocks that they show you every inch of the person’s body leaving nothing to the imagination BUT skin, is appropriate attire for interacting with other people? Anyplace that you consider inappropriate to wear a thong bikini should also be considered inappropriate to wear yoga pants. Enjoy your time in college and I hope you get that extra few grade points from your male professors that are staring at you as you leave class. When you get a job in the real world you’d better remember to leave your yoga pants home.

    • Bryan ĸ McDonald

      Actually, as an adult if you wear your yoga pants to your place of employment you’d be sent home to change into appropriate clothing for interacting with other adults. Yoga pants should be worn in a gym, elsewhere they are inappropriate. Form fitting clothing that is so tight you can tell whether or not a woman has had a wax is not appropriate for business or school.

      • Bri

        The same could be said about sweatpants. But those aren’t included on here because they aren’t seen my administrators as “sexy”. It’s not about what’s “appropriate” for a business setting, as some have said. It’s about these young girls being seen as “distractions” to guys who are going to have to learn to deal with these kinds of distractions their whole lives. It teaches them that they don’t have to keep their urges in check because the world will do it for them, and it’s all this girl’s fault for wearing her sexy activewear anyway.

  • Marcia Rash

    So with the new dress code…I would assume that football & baseball uniforms need to also change. And what about the swim team? OMG CRAZY!

  • Bri

    If a guy is getting distracted because he’s too busy objectifying the women around him, he can face the consequences of doing badly in school. Telling girls it’s their fault boys can’t concentrate because they were cursed to live life without a y chromosome sends a horrible message to them. “You are a girl. You are shameful. You have to put in extra work to be appropriate because your body is automatically more sexual than that of a male student.”

    Yoga pants are more comfortable than jeans. Guys can wear basketball shorts and track pants to school to be comfortable. Maybe no one has noticed because men aren’t sexualized the way women are, but those loose, thin materials actually make certain parts of the male genitalia more pronounced. Of course, we won’t ban those because who cares if women get “distracted” by the outline of a male sex organ. Then again, we all know that would *never* happen because girls don’t have urges, right?

    Boys don’t wear basketball shorts to flaunt their bodies, women don’t wear yoga pants to flaunt theirs. It’s for comfort.
    And only punishing one gender, expecting more from girls while telling them they are less is not the kind of thing that should be enforced in schools.

  • Amanda m

    Hahaahahaha for comfort my ass. We all know better.
    I have a great body, if I do say so myself, and I’d never leave the house in yoga pants without my ass covered. might as well just wear my undies.

    • Bri

      Okay. Good for you and your great body but you can’t tell me the way you feel about yoga pants should be pushed on everyone. I wear yoga pants for comfort. I wear them when I’m at home, alone. Who am I showing off for? I wear them at the grocery store with no makeup, raggedy t-shirts, and haphazardly done hair. Is this a clever ruse to attract men while I’m in the produce section? I wear them to my college classes while my ass is firmly in a seat and not visible to anyone for up to three hours at a time. Obviously I’m flaunting what I got for the purpose of being ogled. Oh wait. No I’m not.

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