Hastings teacher cleared of indecent exposure charge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HASTINGS, Mich. – A Barry County jury cleared a Hastings elementary teacher of his indecent exposure charge, after a neighbor alleged he exposed himself to her while urinating in his backyard. Although a misdemeanor charge, it’s something that could have cost 55-year-old Stephen Merring his teaching license.

Merring has taught physical education at Southeastern Elementary School for nearly 20 years. Attorney Fil Iorio said Merring was confident that once the jury heard his client’s side of the story they would use common sense and acquit him.

“I think we were disappointed it had to go this far, but it did,” said Iorio. “I think that speaks to our criminal justice system, that if it does go to a jury there’s a lot of confidence that if you have a jury of your peers they’re going to make the right call; in this call they did.”

Merring has been on paid leave since he was arrested late April. Ioria said Merring was working in his basement, that has a laundry room and no bathroom, when Merring went out to his backyard and urinated.

Iorio described Merring’s home to be in a neighborhood, but said the backyard backs into the Thornapple River, with multiple trees and shrubs. Merring said he never exposed himself and did not think anyone could see him.

“(Merring has) been at the school for almost 20 years, he’s a hard worker, he gets along well with his colleagues, he enjoys teaching there,” said Iorio. “He’s really looking forward to putting this chapter behind him, and moving on with his life.”

Now Merring told Iorio that he just wants to get back to work; but it remains unclear when officials with Hastings Area School System will allow Merring to begin teaching again.

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  • Captain O.B. Vious

    So what goes through his mind that going outside to piss is a better option than going upstairs like a civilized person?
    Not sure I want that individual teaching my kids!

      • Michael J. Motta

        I agree with you, Kammie. I’ve even known women without criminal records who’ve peed outdoors. With all the other stuff going on in the world from Wall Street to police misconduct it’s ridiculous that this prosecution was even undertaken. Sounds like political pandering to the vigilante type crowd to me. What kind of neighbor calls the police for this instead of just saying to herself “OMG my poor neighbor out there peeing and doesn’t even know I see him”? And then she has a good chuckle about it with her husband. That’s the way neighbors used to be back in the day anyway.

        • Sean

          When I was in the service men would go to the woods all the time to pee and never once is that a legal issue, what’s the difference ? Now if he intentionally pulled it out. And pissed towards somebody that is different for sure. I think people forgot we are still animals

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