Plane with sick passengers surrounded by emergency crews at Ford Airport

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Emergency vehicles surrounded an American Eagle flight at Gerald R. Ford International Airport Friday after reports that three passengers became ill.

The flight landed around 6 p.m. after traveling from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Tara Hernandez, a spokesperson for Ford International Airport, said in a press conference that the Centers for Disease Control screened the three sick people and determined their symptoms were not consistent with Ebola.

"There is NO threat of Ebola at the airport and no reason for the traveling public to be concerned about flying in and out of Grand Rapids," a statement from the airport said.

The husband of one of the women who became ill tells FOX 17 that his wife and daughter were flying back after a church mission trip in Guatemala.  Officials say 20 of the plane's 46 passengers were returning from that mission trip.

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  • Jessica Brown

    Why do I feel like I’m being ran around the bush first it was technical reasons, as to why the plane there are 3 sick people on the plane…but its not ebola?? I’m sure plenty of people fly while sick why is it suck a big deal now if its not ebola, and the plane came from Dallas!!! Tell your people the truth!!!!

    • Richard Rammage

      You need to calm down. It’s people like you that end up causing the mass hysteria and worry over nothing. Stop it. For the sake of everyone, just stop.

    • Elizabeth West

      Calm down, Jessica–they just got back from Guatemala. There is no Ebola there, so they couldn’t have it. There’s no Ebola at DFW either. The Dallas nurses got it from the hospitalized patient they were caring for. Just take a deep breath–unless you’re doing that, you’re not going to get it. As viruses go, Ebola is a terrible spreader. It isn’t symptomatic for a while and not contagious until it is, and then it kills hosts too fast. There are other viruses that spread far more easily. I’m more afraid the Spanish flu will come back. Google that if you want to scare yourself.

    • ryanbouwkamp

      Ebola is not transmitted through the air anyway!!! Even if they DID have it, you’d have to get their bodily fluids into your body and it’s only contagious if they are symptomatic anyway!!! Do your Fricken research you crazy lunatic!! I picture people like you running in circles, calling everybody you know, and going to the ER if you get a Damn fart bubble.

    • Daniel Goldberg

      All Canadian doctors were told to return to Canada when they discovered this Ebola was “airborne!” There is only one way this is possible. This Fox channel is censoring any comments which try to inform the public of the truth. Note the total news blackout which went in to effect at midnight Friday night. No public news on the nurse on the cruise. No word on the passenger who was projectile vomiting on the plane. This is a cover up and Fox News is part of it. For your own safety, take all necessary, preventive measures. Believe the government who has lied about “Fast and Furious”, “Benghazi”, “Syria using chemical weapons”, and countless other issues, or believe people who know the truth. The intent is not to scare you but to help protect you until they eventually lie and say this Ebola has mutated and is now airborne. It has always been airborne. Know this: when the fact that there are currently patients infected with Ebola in 8 different states becomes public knowledge they will not be able to continue to cover it up. Shame on you Fox and all other news stations for not informing innocent civilians of the truth.

      • John Boylan

        Sorry Ryan you talk about everyone else getting their facts straight you should practice what you preach…… There are zero fighter jets stationed in battle creek and never have the A-10’s that were there are “Attack” planes, tank killers NOT fighters!

        • bootkamp616

          Actually, seeing how my brother is a Staff Sergeant with the A-10’s, I think I know a thing or two about them..and I’m well aware of what was and what wasn’t stationed there. Sorry I didn’t dummy it down for you and call them “attack planes”..and just to add a small piece of info to your need to correct me, they are capable of fighting air to air.

  • Noah Salakk

    “Plane with sick passengers surrounded by emergency crews at Ford Airport”
    Wow, Thank you for giving me a Heart attack.. How about putting an, “All’s Well” somewhere in that headline. Or……. was the

    • Richard Rammage

      Why in the world do you care? It wasn’t ebola, it was never going to be ebola, and unless you were a passenger on the plane, (which clearly you were not) why does it matter? Calm down and eat a cupcake.

  • Leah

    ” The husband of one of the women who became ill tells FOX 17 that his wife and daughter was flying back after a church mission trip in Guatemala.”.. ……. His wife and daughter was flying back…….. Wtg fox news.

  • Pauline Drewyou

    Well I will say one thing,they keep us in the dark about everything,how are we to know if it is or if
    its not Ebola,they should not let anyone into our country,and if you go out of our country
    you don’t get back in,until everything settles down;;;;;;;

    • Samantha Markham

      um anybody that leaves the country cant come back till it settles down uh no what about our troops so you think they should not come back either people just need to chill and stop thinking every sniffle is Ebola gezzzz. They were just being careful people should be grateful for that and stop freaking out, people are gonna make themselves sick by thinking they are gonna get sick.

  • Richard Rammage

    Dear everyone in West Michigan: Calm the F down. Nobody is “hiding” anything, there’s no Ebola on the plane, and we are not being lied to.

    Logic and common sense

  • BEAM2012

    Look at all the comments you people are making! Ebola is something that shouldn’t be brushed off. I read the article because I want to be informed of what’s going on in my country and state. And how can you say: irresponsible reporting. Just think back to how Ebola came to the States in the first place. You had someone who knowingly flew to a country that had the virus and brought it back with him. On top of it you have the idiots on the East Coast that knowingly went to a country that had the virus, were asked to quarantine themselves for 21 days after coming back to the States and they were seen getting take out at a restaurant. You have a deadly virus that no one is taking seriously.

  • Jh

    This should never have been a news story to freak everybody out. My son went on a mission trip this summer to Mexico and half of them got sick fevers, diarrhea, vomiting and was due to probably food poisoning or water. The news media can’t keep doing stories about everybody who is getting sick on planes Ugh!

  • Daniel Goldberg

    Several doctors from Canada recently left W. Africa because we all realized this Ebola was airborne and we did not know how it could be or what we were dealing with. All inquiries went unanswered. Attempts were made to determine whether this was Marburg Ebola? Again, no official response, so we left. Google: Canadian doctors leave Ebola stricken W. Africa. Hmmm.

  • Daniel Goldberg

    Several doctors from Canada, agreed this Ebola was “airborne” and suspected it was Marburg Ebola last seen in a Marburg, Germany lab in 1976 where everyone died. All questions for testing were denied so they left W. Africa even though they were experts in this field. You are all being lied to. To what purpose remains unknown as well. Good luck. All emergency precautions should be placed in to effect immediately. Stay out of all public places. The truth will be breaking soon. This is definitely not Zaire Ebola. It’s Ebola “unknown” and it’s 100% “airborne.”

  • Hannah

    The sheer number of grammatical and spelling errors in both this article and the comments have inspired me to disregard every single thing on this page. Thank you, and go buy a dictionary.

    • Richard Rammage

      You and me both, honey child. You. And me. Both.

      Head over to WOODTV’s site … it’s 100x worse and far more racist and homophobic too.