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West Michigan’s Most Wanted: Clifford Campbell

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- As the U.S. Marshals hunt for 37-year-old Clifford Campbell, the DEA says he may be living underground in a bunker, definitely off the grid.

He was one of more than a dozen people working in a drug ring caught conspiring to transport more than 100 kilograms of marijuana from California to West Michigan.

After his release on bond more than a year ago, he fled, leaving his wife and kids behind. He hasn’t been heard from since.

“He’s unstable as far as we know, anything’s possible regarding danger,” Resident DEA Agent in Charge Mike Yasenchak said. “He’s a grower of marijuana, he’s probably going to continue to do that because that’s what he knows to do and he’s just not good for the community.”

Campbell and 19 others were federally indicated in the cross country drug operation in 2012.

Yasenchak said some of the first shipments they intercepted were sent back in pallets in 200 to 300 pound quantities.

When the former Grand Rapids resident was released on bond after being charged with conspiracy to manufacture and deliver $5.5 million worth of marijuana, he fled.

“He basically took $10,000 and just said goodbye to his family and left, they haven’t seen him for about a year now,” Yasenchak said.

Leaving his wife and children behind in California, Campbell’s alleged Facebook page is riddled with pleas for him to call someone, desperation and worry about his whereabouts.

“That organization was a little bit different out there, they kept to themselves, some of them had bunkers where they were manufacturing marijuana,” Yansenchak said.

He says Campbell knows how to live off the grid.

Clifford Campbell is 5’8”, 145 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair.

He has ties to both Michigan and California, is from Iowa and should be considered armed and dangerous.

If you see him call 911. If you know where he is call the U.S. Marshals at 1-877-926-8332.

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