7-year-old says lunch lady told him, ‘Guess what? You can’t have a lunch’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SNOHOMISH, Wash.-- The only thing 7-year-old Xavier loves more than his math homework are his fruits and vegetables. But Xavier's parents say they're concerned because on Oct. 20, the first-grader was denied school lunch at Cascade View Elementary.

“It was a sack lunch. It was in a bag, she was passing it around to everybody. The lunch lady said, ‘Guess what? You can’t have a lunch.’ She said that. She said I can't have a lunch,” Xavier said.

Xavier is on the free lunch program. But instead of getting a meal, Xavier was sent home with a grumbling tummy and a slip saying he had a negative lunch balance, Xavier's dad, Eric, told KCPQ.

“My question was never answered as to why he was denied. I was very mad. I couldn't believe it happened. It happened to me as a child and I could still feel that hurt and I can only imagine what he went through,” Eric said.

The Snohomish County School District said they are investigating. The school spokesperson says whenever a student’s account is negative $20 or more, the child gets a cheese sandwich and unlimited fruits and veggies from the salad bar, along with a drink.

Eric said this does not apply to his son.

“We get funds from the state, food stamp wise, which means his balance should be covered,” Eric said.

Eric said he's angry over how the school handled the situation and he's concerned over how it's affected Xavier. He is now considering removing his children from the school.

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  • Dave

    No kid should be made to go hungry because of issues between the school and the parents period. If that kids was on the “free lunch system” then clearly someone mis read the list of names or wasn’t checking school id’s (assuming they use them). Regardless making kids starve is a kin to child abuse and should be viewed as such they do not have control of their lives yet and should not be held accountable.

  • Clinger

    Let me think…who was it took charge of school lunches again??
    Well we are just lucky it wasn’t a republican or there would be “outrage”.

  • CommonSense

    Perhaps the father should get a job and support his own family and pack his child’s lunch and not expect someone else to feed his children. I feel bad for this child that didn’t get a lunch but the blame lies solely on his father.

  • jerry

    Hay dad get a job and stop thinking the gonv should pay your kids way in life you made him now take care care of him not feeding a kid you made you must be a p o s

  • Warper

    Looks like a pretty nice place they live in. Much better then mine. And I have to pay my own way. I think the lunch lady should be fired for the way she put it, and I think it’s ridiculous a school kid in the USA can get sent home hungry when we’re sending billions of dollars to support other countries. And stuffing the pockets of ceo’s and execs of big business. feed the kids, and make the dad do community service for his handouts. doesn’t say if he works or not, but obviously he’s not spending any money of his own for food for the kid.