Cedar Springs man sentenced for stomping cat to death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Michael StackhouseGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office says Michael Patrick Stackhouse will spend between 16 months and nine years in prison after stomping on a cat until it died in April.

Stackhouse was sentenced Tuesday in Kent County Circuit Court after being found guilty of felony animal abuse causing death in early October.

The 35-year-old  killed the cat in front of a crowd of neighbors and children at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in April.

“The cat came into my house. I was just trying to defend my house. My wife, she’s allergic to cats,” Stackhouse said in April. “It was fighting with my dog. I got tiny kids. I don’t know what that cat is going to do. I didn’t know nothing about this cat.”

Stackhouse told FOX 17 he was facing a harsher sentence for the crime because of prior convictions for home invasion and drugs.

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    • Julie M.

      Because this is the USA where we are civil educated humane people. If you think the punishment isn’t deserved, why don’t you see if he can babysit your child.

  • CommonSense

    Perhaps cat owners should keep their cats on their own property.

    I shot a deer in front of my kid and all I received was a bunch of healthy good tasting steaks, not 16 months in prison.

    The judge should get 16 months in prison for costing the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars to put guy in prison.

  • bd

    Seems a little harsh for killing a cat, prior drug use and home invasion, how does that play a role in killing a stupid cat? so if he would have just ran over it with his car than that would be ok. if your seen hitting a cat with your car and reported will you have to do JAIL TIME? I think not. I’m sure glad to see our justice system is hard at work with IMPORTANT matters. Nice tax dollars being wasted as usual.

    • mcgee

      If he had done it to one of my cats I would have drop him where he stood. Not near long enough in jail. I pray he is treated so well in jail.

  • Christina Fong

    The comments here are atrocious. He killed a cat in a very violent way in front of children with absolutely no reason. BD, the only thing the cat did that was “stupid” was wander into this psychopath’s house. People who kill and torture animals are much more likely to commit serious crimes against other human beings.

    I agree that people should keep cats inside their homes, but it is not the cat’s fault. Animal cruelty is not only unethical and sinful, it is a CRIME!

  • Julie M.

    If a man can do this to a helpless animal, just think how he treats women and children. This is a violent personality and his punishment is well deserved. Lets not blame this on the animal, come on people. What if your child was in the immediate area and experienced this violence? Think about it!

    • emory

      Julie I think he should be punished for the manner in which he killed the animal but I think all of the noble pet owners
      should serve time for allowing their “children” to be able to roam instead of managing their movements, I can not tell ypu the number of times I have had to pick up their children’s feces out of my yard, or pay to have an exterminator take care oa a flea problem, not to mention the 500 dollars i had to pay for worm medicine for my own real son transmitted by somebody’s animal. from my own observations I notice that most animal owners want the affection of their pet but are too lazy to truly take proper care of them. I punished my son by making him pick up the feces from a common area for getting sent home for misbehaving in class. he picked up about 12 pounds of feces a week age-the same area is covered again. If pet owners were penalized with the same ferocity as the perpetrator for creating the dangerous situation for their babies there would be far fewer problems

  • Nita Leosh

    Wow, let’s see. He wanted the cat to leave his property. Hmmm, so he made the choice to stomp it to death in front of an audience. Makes sense to me, right. Why not just shoo it away? He sounds like a rational person. After all, not everyone can claim to be a 3 time sociopathic loser… home invasion? wonder whose fault that was, maybe they left their door open and he just wandered in… someone should have stomped him to death for that. Drug user? right, that’s proof that he’s an upstanding citizen. Everyone all up in arms over the cost of his sentence? Do you really think he’s never cost the judicial system anything in the past with his model citizen behavior? How could you possibly compare this to a deer hunt? Where was his license? Where was that one clean, humane shot? Did he need to kill the cat for food? I doubt it. Do any of you who are defending him get that this guy has an anger problem and is a menace? Makes me wonder if his jail time won’t be a vacation for his family. If he’s sociopathic enough to kill a defenseless animal, what would he do to a child who has an accident and pees on the floor or wets the bed?

  • Jess

    Wow. What ignorance. A life is a life and humans are supposed to be the caretakers, not to be evil and kill something in a cruel and inhumane manner just because “he got tiny kids”. That is no reason to murder another being. Sad. I hope he gets the full 9 years.

  • CommonSense

    Let’s see if I have this right. Mary, Christina, Julie, Nita, Jess, and McGee are all women who have cats and probably have 2 or more each. Mary can’t argue based on logic and prefers to call rational people names. McGee thinks a cat is more valuable than a human and would kill him on the spot if he did that “to one of my cats”. Jess and McGee should get together as they both think a cat is as important as a human and believe a “murder” has been committed. Christina believes that anyone who kills an animal of any type is more likely to “commit serious crimes against other human beings” . Facts please? Julie believes if someone kills an animal they shouldn’t be allowed to babysit children and should sit in jail on the tax payers dime for 16 months to 9 years. And finally, Dr. Nita, the leader of the crazed cat owning women who can diagnose mental illness by reading this short article and blesses us all with her wisdom and insight. Where are the facts to support a correlation between killing an animal to abusing children?

    I don’t believe I read in anyone’s comments that they endorse the killing of a cat in this manner or that they are defending this guy. This guy is a criminal and if he illegally entered my home I would have taken his life on the spot. The problem here is that prison time of this magnitude is absurd for the crime committed and our tax dollars would be much better spent on jailing dangerous criminals. I don’t see anything else in this article that says he has a history of violence so community service and a fine would have been a better option than costly prison time.

    • Christina Fong

      Okay, here are some FACTS-According to the Humane Society of the United States, researchers found that 71 percent and 83 percent of women entering domestic violence shelters had partners who abused or killed the family pet. Another study found that in families pet abuse abuse was concurrent in 88 percent of the families of child abuse. In seven school shootings that took place1997 and 2001, all boys involved had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.

    • Christina Fong

      One more thing. You say, “…are all women who have cats and probably have 2 or more each.” You say that as if this is a negative attribute and as if we are less objective. My family has 2 rescued cats. I am very proud that our family provided a loving home for our two rescues. What do you think is an appropriate punishment for animal cruelty? I apologize, for not providing statistics for you in my earlier post, but quite frankly I thought that it was general knowledge that there is a correlation between animal abuse and other violent crimes. Evidently, you are example A that this is not true.

  • Paladin Havegunwilltravel

    Some of the comments here are ,well lets just say Mr Stackhouse probably could have some not too distant cousins in the group- but thanks to the Judge the only thing Mr Stackhouse will be stomping on is the chow-line in State Prison for 17 months . All of his “cousins” out there should take notice -this is a Great Precedent setting case- finally somebody is doing time for the crime !! i hope he does all 17 months or more !!!