Driving instructor: Winter is best time to learn behind the wheel

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. --Century Driving School in Hudsonville cancelled behind-the-wheel classes on Tuesday, but owner Dave Muma said that winter is actually a great time for teens to learn how to drive.

"When we have a parent ask us, well, when is the best time of the year to actually learn, we will tell them the winter," said Muma. "When it's as bad as it was, really low visibility and when the road conditions have gotten as poor as they have gotten, then we will go ahead and cancel. Otherwise, we want them to experience as much winter driving as they possibly can."

Muma said that taking driving students out on the road when the weather isn’t too extreme is the best way to learn how to maneuver on Michigan streets in winter. He said that it's a great opportunity to give young drivers much needed experience.

"We want teens to be out there on the road if they can. Most of the time, we will try to get them out on the road," said Muma.

Muma said that he tells teen drivers to look as far down a street as they can during snowy conditions and reminds them to also leave extra room to stop.

"We are not going to put you in a situation that is actually going to be extremely dangerous, but we are going to put you in an element where you do need to learn," said Muma.

Muma said that, typically, parents sign their teens up for driving classes in the summer, but  the best time to learn is now. He adds that experiencing how slick roads can be while in a controlled vehicle with an instructor is the best way to learn.