Fruitport family left in the cold following gas shutoff

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FRUITPORT, Mich. -- A family from Fruitport has been in the cold since November 13th. Alison Thompson said Michigan Gas Utility company shut her  gas off without warning.

"They didn't leave a notice on our door, and they didn't give us a bill," Thompson said.

She said she, her fiance, and her three kids moved into their mobile home in early October and made sure the utility was switched over in the fiance's name.

Thompson said her family found out they had a previous unpaid bill from their old address for $48. She paid the bill immediately, but she said she was told November 25th is the projected date for her gas to get turned back on.

Even though she plead with customer service, she didn't get a favorable answer.

So she reached out to the FOX 17 Problem Solvers. Within hours, Thompson got better news. She was told a crew will be out tomorrow morning.

Watch the video for more.

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  • Shelly Zokkoe

    Sad that it took Fox News to get that to happen. Utility companies have you over a barrel, even for a lousy $48. I guess they will still get the bad publicity, eh?

  • Chris

    Not receiving a bill in the mail does nof excuse you from having to pay said bill. Now do I agree they should have shut it off without But if you’re not home when they come to collect, how long should they have to wait for payment before the shutoff occurs?

  • Gordon Buzzell

    You didnt get a bill, its not the company’s problem, its up to you to make sure this happens and pay you bills on time, you can not sit still for months and not expect to pay your utilities, its just dumb !!!!!

  • Melinda

    Consumers also shut us off November 14th with out warning we have 5 children from 6-3months old we never gotta bill saying what we owed we called them several times to ask about how much we owed and never got an answer we even asked about payment arrangments and they told us we didnt qualify for that program we got a shut off notice the following monday for November 24th and our bill was 4, 000+ dollars we moved into own new home in april there is no possible way we used that much in electricity gas ect they added on the previous tenets bill and his exs girlfriends bill on to our bill I dont get how they have the right to pass others debts onto other people we are still without power at our house we cant affored to pay others debits off because they couldn’t do it there selves!!!

    • Danny Blackmore

      I doubt any of your story is true. Its all about money, whay would they just shut you off then not tell you how much you owe. Its not from the previous tenet either, your bill follows you. Moving wont avoid the unpaid bill idiot!

  • Melinda

    And before someone writes a smart comments our bills were paid we had no corroperation from consumers at all what so ever we should not have to suffer because consumers thinks its exceptable to do this kind of stuff to peple!!! But now they want to blow our phone up for a payment but could not do it to let us know our balance before…there crooks and thats that…

  • Brian

    Why. Do people do stupid stuff i dobr understand it all and iam so confussed how could u not remember too pay ur bill so three kids in the house with out gas how dum make better degions in life that’s a cps call right their lol

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