Mother of victim speaks out after tutor-student sex trial verdict

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- After a jury in Grand Rapids found a tutor guilty for having sex with a student, the boy's mother spoke out about what it was like for her son to go through the trial.

It's a painful testimony for any mother to hear. A then-15-year-old at Catholic Central High School, told a courtroom about his relationship with his tutor,  Abigail Simon.

Simon, 35, was found guilty on three counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of accosting a minor for immoral purposes.

"He had to go through all kinds of testimony between him and Ms. Simon," The boy's mother said.

During the victim's testimony, he gave details about his relationship with Simon, saying, "I performed oral on her and we had regular sex."

The victim's mother said her son showed courage throughout the trial while revealing the shocking details.

"The true text messages about what happened between the two of them---it's hard for me to talk about it and I'm a grown woman. I would've had a hard time going through that testimony," she said.

Text messages put on display for the people inside the courtroom to see, show Simon sent the boy a picture of her in lingerie. The now 17-year-old, told the jury about a text he received from Simon while he visited his sister in the hospital.

"You say, you're going to come back and do it, right?" the prosecutor asked the victim.

He replied, "Yes."

"And, then she says, 'I need my lesson rough and tough.' Is that what she told you?" the prosecutor asked.

The victim replied, "Yes."

"She says, 'Oh yeah, I may need an earlier flight to get back for that," the prosecutor said.

As for the picture of Simon wearing lingerie, she told the jury the boy forced her to buy it and that he later snuck a photograph of her wearing it.

In September, the victim initially claimed that he forced Simon to have sex with him. While he later said it was all a lie to protect his tutor, Simon's attorney told FOX 17 the boy's initial statement was true.

"He's the golden child and that's the way he's been treated right from the beginning," defense attorney, Michael Manley said. "That's the problem that we have now in this society--people get away with things."

Manley said while the boy has admitted to lying, he doesn't expect him to face any consequences or perjury. The victim's mother said Manley should be ashamed of himself for trying to "turn it all around" on a teenager.

"No, he's not a golden boy," she said. "He loves the Lord--he believes in God, and our family knows what's true. I thank God that truth was shown today."

Simon will be back in court on Jan. 6.



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  • StillSighing

    “He loves the Lord–he believes in God, and our family knows what’s true. I thank God that truth was shown today.”
    Then why was your kid nailing his teacher? He was old enough to know better. Bottom line, he wanted to get laid by a pretty girl, and that’s what he did. She wanted attention from a younger boy, and she got it. Now her life is ruined, his life is damaged (although I’m sure he’s high-fiving his friends about now), and you look like you don’t have a clue what your kid is doing. Good job, mom.

  • jerry

    hey mom its time you wake up your god loving boy is not that little angle you think. hes been doing a 30 plus year old woman do you understand its takes two to f=== no wonder your boy is what he is your a shit head

  • DLU

    Quit blaming a 15 year old kid, his family or the school he attends, for a 30+ year old adult’s illegal indiscretions. Bottom line…. she was the adult who had sex with her student. She broke the law, she knew it was wrong, and she tried to cover it up while she was having the affair, and again in a ridiculous “blame the victim,” blatantly dishonest, dog and pony show of a trial. Sadly, due to her illusions of narcissistic grandeur, she turned down two plea bargains, which basically would have allowed her to walk away with little to no time served. She deservedly is going to go to prison for a while.

  • Rita Ribs

    If this were a male teacher doing this to a 15 yo girl, you all would be up in arms! Just because it was a teeenage boy doesn’t really make it less sad for the victim! Making it that a 15 yo ASKED FOR IT, even if he did, he cannot legally consent to sex anymore than a 15 yo girl can! That’s the law, not just for girls, but for boys also! And what if it had been a male teacher with a 15 yo boy? Still ok with that too? WOW! No one gets that the teacher is an adult and the boy was just that, a BOY! Whether he consented is immaterial, just as if a female girl consented to is, if she is 15, still ILLEGAL! Get with the program people! Pedophilia is not just old men in trench coats! Look at Pamela Smart! She got her BOY to kill her HUBBY! Cause he was such a bore! Boo hoo hoo! Dano, BOOK ‘EM!