Pennsylvania woman demands refund from West Michigan engine shop

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRANDVILLE, Mich. -- Lynda Haupt of Pennsylvania says she paid Accurate Engines of Grandville  about $2,000 for a newly rebuilt engine for her 2002 Dodge Durango.

She says the engine failed after eight months.

Haupt paid to ship the motor back to the company to have them fix the problem. Haupt says she got it back, and it failed after six weeks. She says the costs of shipping and reinstallation are mounting up, and she wants compensation.

Company owner Lanny Hassell says he and his employees have tried working with Haupt to address her engine's issues. He says there could be several reasons the engine went bad, such as poor maintenance by the vehicle's owner or improper motor installation by another mechanic.

Hassell says Haupt's engine had sludge. She says she has taken good care of the vehicle and has gotten regular oil changes.

Hassell says he's been in business for 35 years and has produced nearly 50,000 engines. His shop routinely works with 4.7 liter engines like the one in the Durango, however, he said, that doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes.

Watch the video for more from both sides.

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  • Amanda

    Sounds like the company made a good faith effort to help this woman out. She wants her refund, and to keep the product? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • psycho

      well mandy, you don’t have any background on this company, do you? check out the YELP rating and then talk your stuff. my friend has been waiting 6-8 weeks for this so called business to pick up his vehicle from newaygo after he had one of these gems installed in his truck. it rattled from the second it started. called these guys and they’ve promised to pick it up and still have not. a real world class joint. oddly enough, i happen to know there was a call made to them about the TV crews showing up to discuss the business practices they employ. stay tuned….

      • Amanda

        I’m sure you wouldn’t expect to walk into Walmart and try to get a refund for something you weren’t returning.
        As for your friend, sounds like he is capable of having his car brought in to them. They are an engine shop, not a towing company. I am semi familiar with the company. I have had general repair work done there. I know I have never seen an Accurate Engines tow truck.

        People like you are so entitled feeling these days. This is what’s wrong with the world today.

        • Another Ticked Off Customer

          If Walmart sold a defective product they would refund the money without hesitation. If it was purchased over the phone/online we would pay the return freight. You are also comparing apples to oranges. There is a big difference between buying something new for $10 from Walmart and paying thousands for a rebuild (and then paying an additional fee for a warranty they say is included).

          The company does nothing but lie, stall and cheat. Lanny Hassell (fitting last name by the way), Jennessa Bayne, and everyone else there are no better than two-bit con artists.

          Lynda was right for making their business practices public. She is one of hundreds (if not thousands) of people they have screwed over. They deserve to be called out, they deserve to go out of business, and Lanny deserves to have his reputation ruined for having no integrity what so ever.

  • Respect

    I have to say that the owner of this company should be getting a whole lot more respect than the negative comments. He is willing to give a full refund!!! She has been able to drive with a new motor for nearly a year. He even admitted that they make mistakes, nobodys perfect. Hes willing to eat the cost just to make this client happy. Most companys would say screw its not our worry, you must have a lemon. They did their job, are trying to make it right, now lets show some respect.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Anyone stupid enough to spend $2,000 on an engine for a vehicle that I worth about $2,400 is well STUPID!!! Should have just bought another 2002 dodge…

    • Lynda

      FYI we just purchased the car for 3400.00. 3 months later the engine blew and it was in such good shape with all options we figured we’d invest in a remanufactured instead of a junkyard engine.I may have been better off with a junkyard engine. Lesson learned Go JASPER

      • TheFoundingFathers

        You got RIPPED OFF the vehicle is not worth more than $2,400. I could grab a 2002 at the auction any day of the week from $1,500 to $2,000. Sorry you paid so much but next time do some research before you buy. …

  • Tracey

    Really? Let your buddy fight his own battles. Yes sludge build up is a sign of neglect. Weather you didn’t change your oil or your mechanic didn’t clean the sheet metal before installation it is neglect. Why should this company have to pay for this? Read the warranty. Do you seriously expect people to believe that your buddy picked up his vehicle and it was making noise right from the start? ummm something doesn’t ring true. If the vehicle was making noise why would he have taken it anywhere? If you go to Mcdonalds order a Big Mac, eat part of it, let it sit awhile, then notice a piece of lettuce wilting do you return it for a full refund? Get over yourself!

  • Lynda

    I am the woman and believe me I don’t want a refund for a product I have. You must consider I had an engine in my vehicle and sent it to them in return for the remanufactured one. There was NO good faith effort until I was televised. I wrote the BBB and the attorney general. I have tons of money in this car and I explained about my medical problem with lung cancer and financial burdens. Look on yelp and read reviews . Fox 17 was my only hope and lead me to other options. 2 engines in less than 18 months ??? How many installs must I pay and I will have to pay again ???

  • Vicky

    Amanda just to let you know Accurate engines came to my house and picked up my van and charged me 160.00 which included in the cost of the rebuild, so yes they do towing, they were in Grandville and I lived in Muskegon at that time.

  • Tracy

    I have delt with this company before and won’t ever again. I have made phone calls with no return call. Got real tired of the run around. Only to be left with an oil leak they caused.

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