Better Business Bureau weighs in on engine repair complaints

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- Better Business Bureau West Michigan is weighing in on the complaints filed against a local engine repair company.

On Monday, FOX 17 Problem Solvers spoke to Lynda Haupt, who lives in Pennsylvania. She said she hired Accurate Engines, out of Grandville, to repair the engine in her 2002 Dodge Durango.

She said it broke-down two times since the company's initial repair and that she wanted her money back. Haupt said the cost of shipping it back and forth, in addition to paying a local mechanic to install it, was becoming too much.

When FOX 17 sat down with Accurate's owner, Lanny Hassel, he said he would pay to bring her car back to Michigan and make the necessary repairs. It's an option he's offering without determining if the faulty engine is from his work and one that won't cost Haupt anything.

While Hassel appears to be doing what he can for Haupt, within minutes of first airing her story, several FOX 17 viewers came forward with similar complaints about the company.

Phil Catlett, President of BBB West Michigan, said Accurate Engines has a "B-" rating based on 54 complaints. However, Catlett said that isn't necessarily a sign of bad business.

"In every one of these 54 cases we have yet to have one of them that doesn't ultimately end up feeling like, 'ok, even though it didn't go the way I wanted they treated me fairly,'" Catlett said.

Catlett even offered an explanation for the complaints.

"I think it's just the nature of what they do," he said. "They're working with consumers all over the country and there are multiple hands that are taking these things out--installing them."

FOX 17 also spoke with Joe Boyd, a fleet mechanic with Model Coverall Services in Grand Rapids. He said he's sent his engines to Accurate Engines for years.

"When the vehicles break down, I could rebuild the engines myself or I could have them do it, which they do everyday, day in--day out," Boyd said. "They're faster at it, they're probably a little more knowledgeable than I am and the liability falls on them, not me, if anything goes wrong."

If a problem does occur, Boyd said it's important to know if the company stands behind its product.

"They're only as good as their word. If you take something to them, they give you their word that they're going to fix it and they'll stand behind their product," Boyd said. "If they're willing to stand behind their product, and willing to take care of you in any fashion that you need to be taken car of, then they're a great company."

Catlett told FOX 17 when it comes to Accurate Engines services, he said it looks like they're doing what they can to please their customers.

"Based on what I'm seeing, there's a reasonably good chance, ultimately I'll be satisfied."

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  • psycho

    to whom it may concern from yesterday’s comments from me about this company….Fox 17 Problem Solvers do fight other people’s battles. that’s why they do this public service. the end…..

  • Michael Davis

    Would you be interested in investigating an attorney that is trying to charge my wife and I $5000 for services he never performed? He has already taken $874.47!

  • mark parsano

    54 complaints and it’s not a sign of their work. Excuse me, but, I bought an engine from them with warranty. After installing the new remanufactured engine within less than 500 miles I had to send it back due their engine blowing. It took a month to get it back when in fact the warranty guarantees it will be shipped back in a week. Sent me another engine, 4 rocker arms blew and many other parts damaged. The second engine was bad and happened within 1000 miles. Since it blew again they said they would be sending me another rebuilt since it probably cracked the head. Corresponding with them through email, all documented and a month later they now are saying they are trying to figure out what’s wrong. When in fact they had already told me what’s wrong and would be sending me a new one. They don’t answer calls and wait days if not a week to answer emails. After admitting their second engine was faulty they are now trying to find someone else to blame for their faulty engine. It’s now been a month and a half later and no response from accurate and now new engine. This is our families only means of transportation and we feel not only should they honor their email stating they would send a new engine but, one with a new warranty since they have sent me a lemon engine. I can’t even get them to send me back the new one….what a rip off. I need a working re manufactured engine I paid for. My next step is to the Attorneys General and to a consumer advocacy group. We have been renting a car in which is costing us 225.00 per week. They won’t return calls or emails.

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