Grant police officers now using body cameras

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRANT, Mich.  -- Police officers in Grant recently started wearing body cameras.

According to Bob Mendham, the police chief in Grant and White Cloud, the department started using the cameras about two weeks ago.

"We've been using them in White Cloud for the last six years, and they've just proven to be a very valuable tool," he said, "and when we came down to Grant, we thought we should get these working here as well."

Officers in both places use chest-mounted cameras with a 130-degree wide-angle lens.  The cameras have high-quality audio and video that are admissible in court, and a buffering system that reaches back 30 seconds before officers hit the 'Record' button.

Chief Mendham said that in light of recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, he believes body cameras will become standard in police departments across the country.

He said he's already used body camera video to discredit a minor complaint against the department.

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  • psycho

    who knew WC was so tech savvy for the last 6 years? and now, Grant. how much is spent on these evidence gathering devices? the officer’s whole shift should be archived daily, so there’s no need to hit a record button. it should show that their seat belts are being worn and that the cops actually full complete stop the tracks by the bar. and what these cops do all day long. probably overkill for that area, but here in GR, definitely…..

    • GRresident

      Do you have any idea what your proposed idea would cost the tax payers? 1 hour of SD video equals 1GB of storage, 3GB in HD. Most shifts are 8-10 hours some departments run 12 hour shifts. So on avg 10GB per officer per day that must be stored for anywhere between 120-180 days. Some departments keep it fir 3 years! Figure 4 day work weeks. That officer would require 300-450GB of storage alone. The cost of storage for the video would cost more than it would to run the department. Body cams sound good in theory but they have a lot of policy and cost to consider.

      • psycho

        more like store surveillance i’d say. keep the data if it’s actually real evidence and delete the rest as needed. the whole “record button” was my point. having to actuate it in crisis mode seems more than likely to miss an event taking place in milliseconds. google glass should be the real deal. uploading to whatever cloud device as it were and any storage issues you speak of are not relevant. would a body cam have shown what really happened in Fergie? looking through the eyes of the cops makes more sense than something that probably has a seat belt covering it…..

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