Finding a Forever Home for K’Lub

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WYOMING, Mich. - During five years in the foster system, 13-year-old K'Lub has watched countless other children be adopted, including his siblings.

Now this very easygoing teen says it's his turn to find that perfect family he's been waiting so long for.

“I`m very loving and kind and respectful,” he says.

Although he's a quiet and reserved teenager, K'Lub is looking for a family that will make him a priority.

“A family that cares for me,” he says.

Being in the foster system for five years has been tough for him. He notes that he has been in the system a long time. "I just need to get out,” he says.

K'Lub has seen other children find forever families and says it makes him proud to know they won’t be alone anymore. “I don`t get jealous, because I know that God got a plan for me,” he says.

It`s with that faith he’s survived a life bouncing between foster homes and placements.

"I’m an easy person to make friends," he says, "so I know as soon as I step foot in another school everyone will want to be my friend."

Now he’s pleading for a family of his own.

K`Lub wants a dad he can play football and other games with - like the games he loved when he spent an afternoon at Craig`s Cruisers with FOX 17.

He also wants a mom to teach him how to cook, and he wants to learn family recipes. "Even the hardest thing that is to make, I’ll try to make it,” he says.

“I’ll just help out whatever needs, like help decorating the tree and stuff like that,” K’Lub said. “Help cook, make cookies and stuff like that.”

Holiday traditions that most of us take for granted would mean a lot to a 13-year-old who has so little.

FOX 17 has teamed up with Lutheran Adoption Services to help provide presents for foster children in Michigan who might otherwise not get any.

If you’re interested in adopting K'Lub – or any other youth from the Michigan Foster System – call Orchards Children’s Services at 855-694-7301.

Adopting any child through the Michigan Foster System comes at absolutely no cost.

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  • Anani

    I have always wanted a son. My husband and I have been talking about adoption as it is dangerous for me to have another baby. I would love to make K’lub a permanent part of my home. He is exactly what we want our son to be! I just saw your piece on him and want to know what we have to do to give my girls the big brother and me the son I have always wanted.

  • Wish I could help you, i really do.

    I’d love to have you as a son but can’t afford another child, but you hang in there my friend. may God bless you with the family you deserve.

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