Infant’s father faces possible homicide charge; records detail home’s “deplorable condition”

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ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. -- Three-month-old Jase Colby's father is in the Allegan County Jail, accused of causing the injuries that led to his son's death.

According to a search warrant administered by the sheriff's department, Jonathan Colby, 22, admitted to striking the infant in the head twice because the baby wouldn't stop crying.

It's not exactly clear when the baby was hit, but Colby told investigators it was "in the past few days." The infant lived with his mother and father on Starlite Drive in Allegan Township.

The sheriff's department said he was found unresponsive Wednesday morning around 1:25 a.m.  The baby's mother performed CPR until deputies arrived and took over.

The infant was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"No little baby deserves that. I mean, baby is only like 12 pounds. He just crying. That's what babies do," one of the infant's aunts said.

She wanted to remain anonymous, but she also wanted to voice her concerns. Born seven weeks premature, Jase's own flesh and blood now faces a homicide charge.

"It's difficult when you have a case when someone was obviously this young and not seeing obvious signs of injury or something at the time you first make contact," Captain Frank baker with the sheriff's department said.

"When the deputies first arrived there isn't an obvious sign of injury," he reiterated.

Through an autopsy performed the same day and a confession from Colby, the sheriff's department arrested him on probable cause.

According to the search warrant, Colby admitted to investigators he had been drinking and was under the influence of marijuana.
 He said some time in the past few days, he struck his son Jase twice in the head because he wouldn't stop crying.

Colby told investigators he wasn't sure how hard he hit him.
 The warrant states his parents put Jase to bed Tuesday night. He had a fever of 102 degrees. The child was found around 1:25 a.m.

The parents told investigators they'd been smoking marijuana hours before finding their child unresponsive. That's something they'd been warned about before by Child Protective Services.

"She loved her kids so much," the aunt said.

Now the infant's mother is fighting to keep custody of another child. The couple's 20-month-old boy was removed by Child Protective Services.

According to court records, the home is in "deplorable condition." Pictures from that court file show cockroaches in a glass on the bathroom sink. Documents say the home was filthy and dog feces was throughout on the floor.

Cockroaches were found on the walls, in the baby's crib and blanket.

Water in the home also tested positive for E. coli.

Facts about the home's condition will likely be considered as the mother tries to keep custody of her other child.

Colby is expected to be arraigned tomorrow at 1:30 p.m.

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    • psycho

      whoever thought having a cognitive and functioning brain would come in handy either. obviously their filthy hovel proves there is some genuine gene pool issues to begin with. picking between intoxicants is really splitting hairs, actually. this guy was flat EEG sine wave well before any additions to his system…..

  • Suzzi Geister Nowak

    Ok she admits to putting him to bed with a 102 fever , who in their right mind puts a baby to bed with high fever ,then she admits to smoking pot ,,having nasty dirty house , so sad for jase sweet baby ,May you rest in peace in the arms of the angels :-)

  • yasure

    “She loved her kids so much” excuse me, and they are sleeping with cock roaches. Why on earth do families of such low life people get on TV and flap their jaws. It only makes them look as stupid as the parents. Hope this guy gets life and the mother should be locked up with him for letting her kids live in sure filth.

  • James David Warfield

    If she loved her kids you wouldn’t have been doing illegal drugs, allow someone drunk around them…. It’s time we stop de-demonizing someone’s behavior because they have done some good… or we just have become complacent and over look the bad people we do because they are family or friends.. It’s time for old fashion tough love… we can still love the person but call it what it is… this person was not a good parent and did not love their kid… or better yet didn’t know how to love their kid…sounds mean… but truthful….they way to stop the madness of all this killing and innocent kids and others who become to the statistic is to honest and truthful and call a spade a spade… calling what something is, not judging them is just stating a fact.

    • Billy

      James, marijuana is not illegal! Sure to the general public without a medical card! But the person to blame is the father. Not marijuana! It isn’t crack for Christs sake!! READ !!!!!! Good people don’t do bad things on marijuana or with alcohol. Bad people abuse everything and blame others for their issues! The guy is just a bad crappy person! Has nothing to do with marijuana.

  • Pam

    Sounds like a good idea to me…..lets sit around this evening in the dog crap, count cock roachs and get high while our son that you beat around dies in his crib…..Yeah, a good time was had by all, except maybe the poor baby!!

  • Billy

    This is horrible! But, I am TIRED of hearing marijuana as a cause of hostility when it is not! There are no facts to prove that it is. I believe a scientests words, over peoples assumptions on marijuana. This is just another person, making an excuse for his bad parenting! Why did they put the baby to bed with a fever of 102? Child was doomed for death in the first place!!! This abusive father, clearly had issues and anger problems or this would not of happened. Marijuana has nothing to do with it! It does not create violent behavior or aggression. It mellows people out!! People like to blame other things for their behavior, when they should be blaming themselves!!!! Seriously this guy just needs to take fault for his own actions! Same to the baby’s mother! Shame on his mother, for having such poor living conditions for the baby in the first place. Like she didn’t know he was abusive!!!! If marijuana was such an issue like cocaine, crack, heroine, meth and other serious drugs, then it would not be legal in over 15 states! I know people on medical marijuana, and it has amazing effects for their health and pain. Not one person I know on it, has violent or careless behavior. Everything should be taken in small dosages, and never abused, but this is not cocaine! They do not have the same effects!!!!

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