Cat allegedly abused, left in crate outdoors bloody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – An animal cruelty case is expected to begin trial Jan. 13, 2015 at Kalamazoo District Court after a cat was allegedly beaten and found unresponsive outdoors.

Stara is a 16-pound cat who was rescued, de-clawed, and bottle-fed at the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue since she was one-week-old. A family first adopted the cat, naming her Daisy. Then this fall, the family was moving and gave Daisy to the family of an acquaintance, Allyson Mathews.

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue volunteer Adrianna Stiemsma told FOX 17 she found a cat, now named Stara, stuffed into a small crate Oct. 6 about one foot from the curb on Forbes Street near Douglas Avenue. However, Mathews, the alleged abuser, said she worked to try and give Stara a good home.

“When I lifted (the crate), it was heavy, so my first thought was, ‘please be alive,’ said Stiemsma. “I opened it up: she was just crammed in there, not making a noise, wrapped in a blanket, she was covered in feces, the white of her mane was all covered in blood, her eyes were swollen, the one was bloodshot. She was scared.”

According to court documents, Mathews is charged with one count of misdemeanor animal abuse and neglect. Several KAR volunteers believe Mathews beat Stara senseless with a broom, and left her outside at least an hour and a half for dead.

Mathews said she took the cat and its brother in when their original owners were looking for a new home. Mathews told FOX17 the cats were skittish, and when Stara bit her, Mathews hit the cat with a broom to protect her young children playing nearby.

“It just kind of flipped out and just started like cats do, screaming I guess, you could tell it was very mad,” said Mathews. “I was concerned for my kids. So I smacked it with the broom; that’s when it stopped moving and I put it in the cat cage, and I frantically called my father.”

Mathews said within six minutes someone had picked up the cat and carrier; Stara was gone.

Since then, several people have written letters to Kalamazoo District Court asking for harsh punishment against Mathews.

Mathews said she grew up with animals, has volunteered at shelters, and is not an animal abuser.

“I just hope that people realize that there is animal cruelty out there and there are people out there that need to be punished, but I am not one of them,” said Mathews. “I am a kind person, I’m a kind mother, I’m a good wife, I don’t think that other people see that.”

Trial was initially set for Tuesday but was adjourned until Jan. 13, 2015.

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  • Hollyanna

    Kind PERSON?? I don’t think so lady!! You abused an animal period.. Animals have feelings and bleed just like us. You hit her 1 time? I don’t think so, not with the injuries, it sounds like she suffered from, I hope they throw the book at you. Make your ‘KIND” self pay for your anger and aggression. It is time we let Kalamazoo County residents know, WE will not put up with Animal Abuse either.

  • Nancy

    The cat carrier was seen sitting out on the curb by a neighbor driving to work at 6am. It was eventually picked up by the KAR volunteer at noon. That’s hardly six minutes as stated by Ms. Mathews. I suspect she put Stara out the night before, thinking she killed her with the broom since she “stopped moving.”

  • TMW

    How can this woman even try to claim she is not an animal abuser and that what she did to Stara is not animal abuse? And try to claim she is a “kind mother” smacking Stara with a broom right in front of her kids …. great role model!! Let’s hope her kids don’t ever get mad in front of her or I dread to think what would happen to them!
    I truly hope the court does the right thing and this woman receives a severe punishment. This is an opportunity to show Kalamazoo that animal abuse, of any kind, will not be tolerated!!

  • WeREqual

    I’m tired of seeing animal abuse cases.. This lady is hardly what she says she is.. Delusional is more like it. If that cat was convered in blood and had swollen eyes, that’s more then just a quick wack with a broom.. That is called intent.. Lock her ass up..

  • Judy

    How about I beat your ass with a broom?? Animal lover, shelter volunteer?? Psychopath more likely. Hope some agency checks on your kids…loving, kind people like you should be watched carefully!

  • Hollyanna

    I have .. but 1 question…. you cried….. but where were the tears?? This cat did NOT deserve the treatment she received. She was NOT a wild animal… she was orphaned by her mum, for whatever reason, and was a bottle baby… She was RAISED on a Bottle for Gods Sake… She LOVES HUMANS… does it not dawn on you, that this poor girl, had just recently been put in a very scarey situation, and was scared, and confused, for having lived in 1 home, and now living in yours? Have you no compassion for an animal? The poor thing was hurt…. and now probably suffers from Brain Damage, for having only hit her ONCE Allegedly… I only pray that the whole story truly does come out in the end. Okay, maybe I had 2 questions.

  • Melinda Landis

    I think the most telling thing the lady said was “It just kind of flipped out and just started like cats do, screaming I guess, you could tell it was very mad,” said Mathews. “I was concerned for my kids. So I smacked it with the broom; that’s when it stopped moving and I put it in the cat cage, and I frantically called my father.” Now usually when a house cat screams it’s because it’s been hurt. Cats don’t really get “mad” like humans do. This woman is not only not an animal lover, she doesn’t even understand animals and shouldn’t ever, ever, own one. She doesn’t have a clue. I do feel bad for her children, on hopes that Child Protective will keep and eye on her…and, curious, after she called her father, what did he tell her to do?

    • Hollyanna

      Another question that I have is this…. Why did she wrap it in a towel, and put it in a “too small” cat carrier, and put it our on the curb??? Was It GARBAGE pick up that day? Was she hoping that the cat would get picked up by the garbage men?? Can you imagine the kind of death, that poor kitty would have then??? Being either burned alive, squashed alive,, or starve to death, or buried alive? SICKENING… either way you look at it… SHE ABUSED THIS POOR LITTLE GIRL!!!

  • Cat

    So this woman was convicted right? ! Found guilty by a jury of her piers?
    Ohh, no?
    Apparently Adrianna Steimsma is full of shit a & too concerned about her “health” to make any sense what so ever. Just goes to show you shouldn’t believe every bitch that sticks get nose where it doesn’t belong.

    • Bud

      Hey neighbor! All of your neighbors are apalled and completely disgusted by your heartless actions! Adrianna is speaking on behalf of many who know you. Don’t blame her for what you did, look in the mirror, you are the cause of all of your troubles. Your name calling and harassment of all who speak of your horrible actions will not make you feel better….will it?

      • Cat

        I’m not your neighbor, I have no idea who you are and you have no idea who I am. But I sat through the entire trial and heard every word. Did you? No? Then you have no idea what you are talking about and neither does your wife.

        • Captain Obvious

          Photos of that poor cat speak a thousand words. And you need to take some acting classes honey, because your fake cry is pathetic. I have a hundred dollars that says CPS will be involved in your life for abusing your children. People that abuse/kill animals go on to do the same to people. You thought you killed that cat and put it out like trash. You’ll never be able to go anywhere and not have people know who you are…The Internet will be sure of that!

          • Captain Obvious

            Nor does anyone want to contribute to your Young Living business adventures, Ally Mathews. Your name and picture is already all over the internet. You will most certainly see those flames the day you meet your maker.

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