Police investigate Custom Logistics after Problem Solvers report

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Police are investigating Custom Logistics, a storage and moving company in Grand Rapids, following a FOX 17 Problem Solver's report.

For months, it's  been a back-and-forth battle between Diana Krynycky and Custom Logistics manager, John Young. Krynycky said she and her husband, who moved to Alto from Maine, stored their John Deere lawn mower and tractor at the business. However, when delivery day came, those two items never showed up at their new home.

"We went in, in person on June 19 to the warehouse and we talked to John and he told us it was an inside job, a former employee had keys to the facility and they were stolen," Krynycky said.

However, Young denies ever telling her that.

"This business was shared with the other guy--my partner's company and other people had keys. That's all I said. "Young said. "They're scamming."

When asking Young what happened to the items he said, "We have no idea...it never made it into our warehouse."

Documentation shows Young signed for the entire shipment, he claims he didn't sign specifically for the tractor and mower, even though it's listed on the inventory.  Atlas Van Lines Inc., the moving company that brought the Krynycky's household goods to the warehouse, provided FOX 17 with the following statement:

Atlas Van Lines, Inc. (Atlas) delivered the Krynycky’s shipment to a warehouse not associated with Atlas as instructed by its customer.  A representative from the warehouse signed for delivery without noting any exceptions on either Atlas or warehouse paperwork indicating  any loss of or damage to items in the shipment.  No loss and/or damage claim has been filed with Atlas, and it is Atlas’ position that the shipment was delivered in full.

The Problem Solver's investigation first aired on Monday. Since then, numerous emails and phone calls have come into the newsroom from people accusing Custom Logistics of questionable business practices.

FOX 17 also received a tip that lead to a police investigation. An official with the Grand Rapids Police Department said Young was questioned on Tuesday. They said Young would not give them consent to search his property.

With Young denying any responsibility for what happened to the Krynycky's belongings, Problem Solvers reached out to the owner of Custom Logistics, Kevin VanderHyde. He didn't want to comment about the matter.




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