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Morning traffic jams: No fun on 131

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A series of crashes made it impossible to avoid stop-and-go traffic on US-131 Thursday morning.

First, a three-vehicle crash blocked southbound US-131 from around 6:45 to just before 8 a.m. Traffic backed up to I-96 and merged with another jam-up.

That slowdown was caused by a three-vehicle injury crash on southbound US-131 south of West River Drive. One car ended up in the median, while the other two vehicles ended up on the right. Only the center lane was open, and traffic backed up to Pine Island Drive.

Meanwhile, a crash on northbound US-131 blocked two lanes at 44th Street, and soon traffic was backed up to M-6.

With dry weather and good driving conditions, there were no explanations for the rash of crashes, which also affected eastbound I-196 at M-6 with a rollover east of Hudsonville.

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  • James Beiling

    Anyone who commutes on 131 gets what they deserve. It is over-capacity and always full of people driving too fast for conditions and/or using their phones. There is usually a state police presence there, but they don’t bother to act until a crash happens.
    I commute to GR from Cedar Springs every day. I take local roads, not the highways, and on a normal morning it only adds seven minutes, fifteen if the winter driving is really bad. Mornings like today it saves me half an hour.

    • Larry

      If you drive 131 then you deserve it? What the hell kind of response is that? Get the idiots to learn its against the law to “cruise” in the left lane! Yes, that’s right! Left lane for passing only! It’s the law! If you feel you. Need to drive 60 then get off the highway just like you do.

  • Larry

    I was caught in the north bound jam. There’s no “mystery” to it! The reason is there are some people that truly have no right to be driving on the highway! There’s a accident on the southbound side and some northbound drivers think (actually they don’t think-at all) that just because they see flashers on the other side of the highway that they need to slow down! They are idiots! Yes, I truly mean they are idiots only thinking of themselves! When you get in the highway, increase tongue speed of traffic and keep moving with the flow! If you feel traffic is mostly moving faster than you feel safe at then GET OFF the highway!!!!!!

  • Al

    Larry is damn right! There is a big problem with people sitting in the passing lane on 131 and not merging. They do not let people pass them (who the hell knows why). These people are breaking the law. I’ve talked to a Mi. State transportation cop about this and he said that if a person does not merge they are breaking the law and they need to be ticketed. It’s time that the cops start pulling these people over for not merging and purposely slowing the flow of traffic. Also if you are entering onto the highway, it is your responsibility to adjust your speed to that of the traffic you are merging into. Don’t assume because you are trying to get onto the highway that you have the right of way and everybody should merge for you. You have to adjust even if it means slowing down on the entrance ramp. And what the heck is the problem everyday with the northbound 131 lanes near Comstock Park during rush hours? You can travel on southbound 131 and see all is well on the northbound side till you get near Comstock Park. It’s like there was a major accident but there is nothing there except people in the lead holding up traffic flow.

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