Obama sorry golf schedule changed wedding location

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(CNN) — President Barack Obama apologized to a couple after his golf game in Hawaii forced the bride and groom to relocate their wedding Sunday.

According to a report out from Bloomberg, the couple — both captains in the Army — had previously invited Obama to their wedding, knowing that he’d likely return to his family’s vacation spot for the holidays.

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Obama disrupts wedding

The couple, Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr., received an RSVP on Saturday from the President declining the invitation but sending them good wishes.

Later on Saturday they were told they’d have to relocate their wedding venue away from the golf course, which is located on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, because the President was planing to play golf.

“It was emotional, especially for her,” Jamie McCarthy, the groom’s sister, told Bloomberg. “She’s the bride and in less than 24 hours they had to change everything they had planned.”

Obama regularly plays on the course, and anyone planning an event there is told ahead of time that plans may be reshuffled at the last minute when the President in town, according to a manager from the company that handled logistics for the wedding.

Naile Brenna, the manager, said they had alternative options on stand-by, and the couple ended up having their wedding at a “much prettier and much nicer venue” near the home of the base’s commanding officer, which has a view near the 16th hole.

After Bloomberg asked for a response from the administration, the President called the bride. McCarthy said Obama apologized and congratulated the couple, and the phone call “made their day.”

It wasn’t the first time Obama’s plans interfered with a wedding this year. In October, a bride was late to her wedding in Chicago thanks to stalled traffic from the president’s motorcade.

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  • twohawk

    What a jerk. I wonder who came up with the statement “he made their day”..? He knew in advance the plans, according to the invitation, and could not ‘fore’go his? Again, what a jerk.

  • Cathy

    I agree, what a jerk. The President was invited to the wedding, a wedding of 2 military people no less. He not only turns down the invitation, but makes them move their wedding so he can play golf? Really? If he had half a brain, his attendance at that wedding would have been a smart PR move to show his support for the military. This just shows how foolish and narcissistic the President AND his advisors are. How many people actually say: “sorry I can’t come to your wedding because I’m playing golf”? Really, who does that? So rude I can’t believe what I’m reading!