Grand Rapids neighborhood takes extra precautions after stabbing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.–People in one southwest Grand Rapids neighborhood are taking extra precautions Saturday after two people were stabbed during an attempted robbery. It happened late Friday night in the 900 block of Watson Street.

“It was right close,” said Ada Smith. “We had blood on our doorstep and there was blood on the sidewalk. It was very close.”

Ada Smith has lived in her home near Watson Street for five years.

“It’s actually pretty quiet most of the time,” Smith said. “I feel quite safe normally, but I know you can turn the corner and go a little ways down  Watson Street and there’s a lot more going on.”

The events Smith is referring to happened late Friday night when two people attempted to rob this home at 918 Watson Street SW. Police say two suspects broke into the home and pistol whipped the resident. The resident then stabbed both suspects with a knife before they ran from the home.

“We’re all just sitting in the living room watching TV and the cops cam banging on the door asking if we heard anything and we didn’t,” said Jennifer Vanderploeg. “I didn’t see anything going on. Then she told me the neighbor was stabbed. It was kind of freaky.”

According to the city of Grand Rapids more than 800 crimes have occurred all over the city in the past month. Nearly 100 of those happened within just one mile of the scene of the crime Friday. Neighbors say last night’s stabbing will make them think twice about their safety.

“It’s too close for home, I mean it really scared us when the cops showed up last night and said there was a stabbing across the street,” said Vanderploeg. “We always keep our doors locked and that kind of stuff. I try to stay safe.”

“I’ll probably double check everything is locked up because I can be a little lackadaisical because I do feel safe most of the time, but this is like right here,” Smith said.

Police say they will not release the names of the two suspects until they appear in court. They are charged with home invasion and robbery.

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