Authorities say alleged con artist is arrested in Florida

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- Investigators say he's a hustler, preying on women he meets online, and conning several into give him thousands of dollars. Then he just takes off.  Now, after running away before attending a court hearing on larceny charges, police tell us Jeffrey Lucas is back behind bars after being arrested in Florida.

His most recent girlfriend, or victim, who allegedly gave him thousands of dollars has been dating him since October. The Muskegon Prosecutors office has confirmed they were in touch with her an arranging a sting this past week. The plan was for Lucas to come back with her from a trip he had taken to Florida. They were going to meet authorities in Athens, Georgia.

Shannon Glover, his recent girlfriend, says Lucas took an unexpected trip to Florida and didn't come back for weeks.  She got suspicious, and she Googled his name. She says that online search is what prompted her to take action, and help authorities.

A Facebook post from Clare City Police Department that was posted Sunday night, had a lot of women who dated Jeffrey Lucas, breathing a sigh of relief on Sunday..

“It just makes you realize you can`t trust people anymore like you used to be able to,” said Shannon Glover.

Shannon Glover talked to fox 17 via phone on Sunday, because she is driving back from Florida where Lucas was arrested. Glover claims she is Lucas’ most recent love interest, or in her words his `bank account`.

“ We were supposed to be dating and actually getting a place together and that’s basically how he weaseled money out of me,” she said.

Shannon says she knew something was wrong when he had borrowed $2500 from her over the course of their relationship and took a trip to Florida.

“Jeff was going down there to get his aunt’s trucks` that he was going to buy from her,” Glover said,

However, Glover found out that was a lie, and he was down in Florida fleeing authorities and the search for his arrest. Glover searched the internet and found an interview Fox 17 conducted on December 5th where another victim was interview, about being scammed out of money.

Shannon says she immediately contacted the woman, Lizzie Luchies, through Facebook, as well as the Muskegon prosecutors office, and Clare County Police. Then she got in her car to go to Florida to find out where Lucas was located in hopes of bringing him to authorities in Georgia.

She found him and called local police in Florida. She says Lucas left the home before authorities showed up, but hours later she got a message from Clare City Police confirming the news she was waiting for: Lucas had been arrested.

“I mean don`t want anybody whether it`s a man or woman  to be in this situation,” said Glover.

Lucas is in the process of being transported back to Michigan where he will face charges with the Muskegon Prosecutor’s office.

Clare City Police sent us this statement late Sunday night.

"All that we can say as of this time is that we had assistance from many members of the public. He did turn himself in and we have been informed he turned himself in because he was tired of running. No one member of the public can be given specific credit at this time."

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